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September 9th 2020
Published: September 9th 2020
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My trip to Phrae, Thailand with Mam was amazing. Besides the serene environment and welcoming people, we had time to bond and catch up on old times. From the food, scenarios, cultural heritage to hospitality Phraehas grown in tips and bounds. Below are some of the areas we visited. Pay attention to the detail in Thai culture and heritage.

Wat Phra Non

We visited the Wat Phra Non temple. It is revered due to its mythical connotation of a lying god. Besides the social ideology, the architecture and design of the temple are second to none. Mam was excited as we snapped the day away in traditional Thai colours. What really captivated us was the clusters of art on the building; Sukhothai, Ayutthaya and Chiangsaen. One couldn’t help but wonder how such an ancient building oozed with engineering finesse in the 21st century.

Vongbury House Museum

It was initially a royal household before the last Prince of Phrae turned it into a museum. Built between 1897 and 1907, the museum comprises a 2 storey house, complete with 20 rooms, royal antiques and exquisite teak wood furniture.

Khum Chao Luang Museum

The museum stands tall among all buildings in Phrae. Before conversion, it housed Lord Chao Luang of Phrae. Its design was assimilated from Thais and European architectures to produce a beautiful masterpiece. We loved it since it provided a good background for our photos. Despite being over 115 years old, the residential house turned museum still oozes ambiance and affluence in the 21st century.

We grew up to stories of an underground prison within the house where slaves and other offenders were kept. However, we couldn’t access it, thanks to the museum’s regulations.

Pae Muang Pee

It is a natural habitat, complete with nature walks and a forest park. Mam specifically loved the Pae Muang Pee since it brought serenity and nature to our excursion. Were it not for the limited time we had, we would have extended our stay. The cliffs provided a perfect background for photos.

From our history, the free-standing cliffs were as a result of sandstone erosion. There is also a myth of an older woman who stayed on the cliff when it was still a garden. As we continued with our tour, we saw families relaxing within the park. The serenity was second to none.

Taweesak Furniture Visit

Before calling it a day, we had to visit the Taweesak furniture to check out their teak wood furnitures. Thailand is generally a forested country, with plenty of timber. Teak wood furniture is one of the strongest, thanks to its durability and short supply. The favourable climate enables its growth and development, making Thailand one of the few exporters of Teak timber in the world.

What made the Experience in Phrae Worthwhile?

The food - we sampled traditional delicacies in open-air food vendors to hotels. The taste and experience were second to none. There was never a dull moment with food.

The River Bank - the photos we took explains it all. From the famous Phrae Bridge over the Yom River to swamps, they provided a perfect contrast from the tall buildings and magnificent structures.

Nature Walk - the gardens and green stretches are one of the best nature walk paths in Thailand. The North is always rain-fed, and everywhere is green. It provides a perfect background for nature photos and cool atmosphere for relaxation.

Culture - from the architectural designs, way of living and colour themes, Phrae epitomises Thailand to the core. Traditional Thai food and people crown the experience. Mam was more excited than me as the trip opened her to what she was missing.

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