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Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen July 9th 2018

Retour à Chiang Mai, je commence à bien la connaître cette ville, capitale du nord de la Thaïlande, et pourtant, je suis surpris en permanence par son dynamisme, son expansion, sa capacité d’accueil touristique en recrudescence. Je jette mon dévolu sur l’hôtel Nanya (520 THB (14 €) sur Agoda, 650 THB en direct), piscine et petit déjeuner compris. L’hôtel est situé dans la partie ouest de la vieille ville, les guesthouses y poussent comme des champignons les soirs d’orage, tout près du Wat Phra Singh que nous ne manquons pas d’aller visiter, incontournable. Chiang Mai se parcoure facilement en vélo, c’est tout plat, location 50 THB pour 24 heures. C’est moi qui fait le guide à ma petite thaï (de petite taille comme il se doit), c’est sa première visite dans le nord. Je me débrouille ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen February 24th 2017

Geo: 16.42, 102.83Awake with the alarm at 05:00. Have some breakfast, get our things up together and we are leaving the house still in the dark just before 06:00. With the three of us on the bike and all our bags we are well loaded down this morning so take my time on the dodgy roads.Drop Jai, Fin and bags off at the bus station then go to park the bike up at a relatives house across town. Bus leaves at 07:00 on the dot. Once again we are taking the bus that goes the long way, through Roi Et and Maha Sarakham, before getting to Khon Kaen. It is a nice comfy bus and no-one is ever able to tell us what time a direct bus will be leaving so ...Fin is a bit excited ... read more
I'm off on holiday ...
Enjoying the view out the window !!
That's not all for you !!

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen December 18th 2015

Geo: 16.42, 102.83Another fresh morning with our fellow breakfasters wearing fleeces and puffer jackets. Overhead is a clear blue sky and sunshine but it is not making its presence felt in our courtyard.We have decided to skip the early morning International Bus and spend the morning here in Vientiane. We have to check-out by 12:00 and the afternoon bus is due to leave at 14:45 so the timings work ou quite well.After breakfast we stroll down to the riverside again and walk about 1 mile along to the large King Sissavang Vong statue. Cutting back throug the pleasant park, past the Presidential Palace and That Dum we stop for a final Lao coffee and pastry at the small shop we have been using.Just along the road is a wine shop topped by an enormous wooden barrel ... read more
Goodbye Vientiane
KIng Sisavang Vong
My last Lao coffee for a long time

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen December 14th 2015

Geo: 16.42, 102.83Awake with the alarm at 05:00 and come round slowly with a cup of tea in bed. Whilst I check our documentation for the last time. Leave Khamnadie about 06:00 as it is just starting to get light. As usual I drop Jai off with the bags at the bus station then head across to town to leave the bike and walk back. The big pink bus arrives just before 07:00 and we decide to take the long route on this one rather than wait for another bus to arrive at some time later. Passing through Roi Et, Maha Sarakham, Kosum Phisai we arrive in Khon Kaen just after 10:00. Instead of taking a taxi out to the Laos Consulate we are going to try our luck on the local buses today. I believe ... read more
I have a Laos visa ... but someone isnt happy
The best policemen in Thailand
The best policemen in Thailand

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen November 24th 2015

Geo: 16.42, 102.83As we are not able to go to Laos this week as planned we are taking the day to go to Khon Kaen where there is an immigration office where I can extend my current visa without having to leave the country.Up with the alarm at 05:00 and at 06:00, just as daylight arrives, we are leaving to bike into Phon Thong and drop the bike off. Walk across town to the bus station. I usually drop Jai off at the sttion first with our bags and walk on my own but as we dont have any bags she has to walk as well today.There are no signs of any of the small minibuses this morning so we end up on a normal bus service. This bus goes the long way through Roi Et ... read more
Not an unpleasant experience today ...

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen November 3rd 2015

Geo: 16.42, 102.83Awake with the alarm at 05:00 and have a liesurely cup of tea in bed whilst we come to.Eat breakfast whilst it gets light outside then bike into Phon Thong. Drop Jai off at the bus station then go and take the bike to a relatives house on the other side of town and walk back to bus station just before 07:00 as we planned.There was always a bus just after 07:00 and we are told that one will be in 'soon'. 'oon' a word that can mean so much here. A small minibus for Khon Kaen comes and goes but Jai doesnt like these so we wait for the imminent bus. When it hasnt come by 07:30 I ask about it again to be told it will come 'later'. 07:45 it finally arrives. ... read more
Passport office, City Hall, Khon Kaen
Wat Nongwang, Khon Kaen
Top floor Wat Nongwang

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen January 28th 2015

Geo: 16.42, 102.83I am going to be a little pressed for time when we reach Bangkok so am delighted to find that we lad as forecast at 09:15. I am one of the first off the plane and make my way quickly to immigration. This is usually a nightmare here with long queues at the foreign passport desks and empty Thai passport desks. I had intended trying to blag my way through a Thai desk but surprisingly there is almost no-one here and I walk straight through. Having arrived at the baggage carousel so quickly, however, I now have a 30mins wait for my suitcase to appear and stand looking at my watch as the minutes tick by. I then make a dash across the airport to the taxi area and am soon leaving Suvarnabhumi behind ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen October 29th 2014

Geo: 16.42, 102.83Wake up with the alarm just before 05:00 and finish packing the last few things we will need for just the one night away. With breakfast over we leave Khamnadie about 06:00 and bike into Phon Thong in the half light. I make the mistake of looking directly at the golden orb that is appearing over the trees and then have to ride blind for a few moments until my eyes clear again. We drop the bike off at the house of Jai's sister's Begat late husband's family and take a tuk-tuk across town to the bus station. Luckily there is a Khon Kaen bound bus waiting to leave as we arrive so we are soon on our way.Leave Phon Thong at 6:45 and head west for 129km, according to the road sign. Surprisingly ... read more
Jai thinks I'm a buffalo - Khon Kaen Museum
Just like grans house - Khon Kaen Museum
An exhibit of Jai - Khon Kaen Museum

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen March 7th 2014

The day finally arrived again, when I packed up my stuff after a two-month long stay at my Bangkok apartment, and headed for the provinces once more. This time, I decided to head northeast towards the region known as Isaan, and what many might consider the true heartland of the Thai country, populated by the rural working class and rice farmers. And so some 6h later on the comfortable Nakhonchai Air bus, I was in Khon Kaen. If you scroll way back to some later 2012 blog entries during my first stint here in Thailand, you'll see that in fact this wasn't my first time in Isaan per se. Some 1.5 years ago, I'd headed westwards from the capital towards Korat and subsequently Ubon, en route to the border crossing with Southern Laos. This time though, ... read more
Khon Kaen National Museum
Hot Plate Eggs Breakfast Set
Khon Kaen National Museum

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Khon Kaen October 28th 2013

Geo: 16.42, 102.83Wake up with the alarm at 05:00 and Jai steams the rice whilst I make a cuppa then load up the bike. Only a small bag for clothes etc but a second case is full of books to sell/exchange somewhere.Get to Phon Thong about 6:30 and after checking the house where we leave the bike I drop Jai and bags off at the bus station before returning to leave the bike. Quite often have to walk back across town but this morning am given a ride on the back of a bike which is much appreciated. The Khon Kaen bus is due to leave at 7:10 so only 15mins to wait and surprisingly it is actually on time. The journey can take over 3 hours sometimes so when we are arriving at about 9:00 ... read more
Can never find a policeman when you want one
Wat Nongwang
Wat Nongwang

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