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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Nonthaburi December 12th 2011

Geo: 13.8456, 100.524 Traveling alone has its challenges, but the hardest is feeling isolated. Staying connected by emails, Skype, and phone calls makes this less of a problem, but two of those three require an internet connection, in my experience so far not ever a given here in Thailand. For my first two weeks here I did not have an internet connection where I was staying, so that made life much more difficult. When I moved here internet was promised; it was part of why the rent was higher than other places. However, at best it is not reliable. You have to keep trying, and hope there will be a connection, and hope that it continues, or hope that it comes back; certainly do not try to connect when it is dark outside because of the ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Nonthaburi March 25th 2011

On the Teacher’s Lounge bulletin board at my new school, Phraharuthai Nonthaburi (Sacred Heart Nonthaburi), English Program Director Sonny had written a notation asking if any teacher was interested in playing the role of the Bookseller in the school’s upcoming production of “Beauty and the Beast.” After confirming that it was a small part, requiring only a few moments onstage at the beginning of the performance, I decided to go for it. The show would run for one night only and a full house was expected. Over the next few weeks rehearsals were held, and I gradually became aware that this was to be a large-scale production, with well over 100 students involved, and would also include additional dance and song routines to commence after Beauty finished; the full stage time ran about three hours! In ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Nonthaburi January 1st 2011

Saturday, 1st January 2011 Our first day of 2011 was spent cruising through the waters of Bangkok along the meandering Chao Phraya River. After a hearty local breakfast this morning, we made our way to the Central Pier situated next to Saphan Taksin BTS Station to begin our upriver journey to Nonthaburi (Pier #30). This was the furthest point we could get to on the Chao Phraya River Express Boats. The fare was a mere 14 baht for the 75 minutes journey from downtown Bangkok. Upon boarding the boat, we wasted no time in finding a “fengshui” seat next to the captain where it commanded an unobstructed view of the river. Enroute, we passed through a couple of tourist sites in Bangkok including the imposing Wat Arun Temple Complex and Chinatown. Disembarking on the city of ... read more
Chao Phraya River Boat
Wat Arun, the landmark of Bangkok
Nonthaburi Township

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Nonthaburi December 29th 2010

(note: Originally intended to present these blogs in chronological order but...blahblahblah...eventually the blogs will become more “time-orderly.” Also, regarding video quality, "it is what it is." mea culpa) I currently teach English at Sacred Heart Nonthaburi, a Catholic school in northern Bangkok and, as usual, started my work day with a motorcycle taxi ride to work -- copy/paste following link to see video: On Friday a Christmas festival was held on school grounds. Although Thailand is largely a Buddhist country and does not recognize Christmas per se as a holiday season, our school certainly does. Many smaller events preceded the Friday festival (which was open to all the students and their families) -- class activities conducted on the big stage; group lessons in learning and singing of Christmas carols, beginning basic... read more
Ferris wheel
front entrance to Champs Elysee Condos
Motorcycle taxi driver hangout

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Nonthaburi September 22nd 2008

Kanchanaburi So I was at dinner with some of my friends and we got to talking about how we could use some time away from school. When you live where you work, it becomes very important to get away once in awhile. I hadn't left school at all yet, I teach Joy Club (special Saturday class) on the weekends so that kept me here most of the time. This time though, I decided I needed to get away. We settled on Kanchanaburi because it's close, cheap, and beautiful. I wound up being the only guy on the trip, haha. Anyways, we took the bus for close to three hours for about 120 baht I think (less than five dollars!) and stayed at a guest house for about 300 a night, or about 10 usd. Our destination ... read more
Photo 1
Photo 2
At the guest house

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Nonthaburi September 17th 2008

Well I've been in Nonthaburi, Thailand for over three months now! I saw that my friend Matt had started one of these and I just had to copy him. It's a little hard to believe that all that time has passed already. I found out about Global English School through a friend of mine I went to college with. His parents run the school and they come down to my college every year so I was able to interview with them directly. I came here under the pretense that I would be teaching kindergarten 2 (4 and 5 year olds). That was true, but I found out after I got here that I would also would be teaching grade 9 history and grade 10 p.e., surprise! Kindergarten has been pretty fun so far, I have ... read more
Stairs in my house
Movie posters
Photo 3

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Nonthaburi September 5th 2008

We have been teaching English in Nonthaburi for just over three weeks but our stint of employment is now coming to an end. It certainly has been one hell of an experience both good and bad. We organized our teaching post when we were last in Bangkok mainly to experience a different side of Thailand and traveling but also to earn a little cash. Neither of us have any school teaching experience but were intrigued by an advert in Rambuttri village offering paid work for native English speakers. After a few emails and a very formal interview we were deemed worthy of employment. It was that easy, all we really needed to do was be able to speak English. Having a degree was a bonus but for our employer not entirely necessary even though Thai law ... read more
Helen with Prew & Prow
Hard work!

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Nonthaburi March 4th 2008

We arrived on Saturday the 1st,dog tired, after a 12 hour flight and no sleep for 20 hours. It pisses me off cause i can't sleep on planes. For those who knew of our struggles to stay take only 20kg each to the UK, so far so good. we are 10kg over wieght but airlines have been kind to us. Anyways we had to get up for a tour at 7am so there was no rest "for the wicked". We did 3 of the 44.000 temples in Bangkok, amazing but like being in Africa and seeing another Elephant or England and seeing another castle, the catch cry soon became another F&%king Budha. In the afternoon we swam in the pool and sleep. The food here is absolutley amazing, it is one of the delights of Thailand, ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Nonthaburi February 22nd 2008

This will be the last and final blog. Sad. Friday, Feb 22 Today was spent lazying around the condo. We walked next door for the best pork satay and noodle soup in town. These noodles may be the food that I will miss most besides Mango and sticky coconut rice. After we returned from lunch, Stu swam and read while I got my nails (hands and feet) done at the clubhouse. $8. In case you haven't noticed, prices here are good. Mom came back from the hairdresser after that and we taxied our way to the closest subway station to head downtown. Next stop foot massage. $8 also. I think I fell asleep with my mouth open. The guy on the other side of Stu was snoring loudly so I didn't feel too bad. Our final ... read more
Uncle Lek

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Nonthaburi February 8th 2008

We arrived at BKK International around 12:30am. Mom was waiting with my aunt, uncle, cousins, and her friend. We got back to the condo and finally made it to bed around 2:30am. We awoke to a breakfast of coffee, puff pastries filled with tuna and pork, and potato balls kind of like tater tots. Stu started his morning with a massage while Jason and I ran down to the pool. We had lunch next door at a little noodle shop as well as having some pork satays. Total tab for 4 people...$6. Quite a difference from Japan. We took a taxi boat down the Chao Praya (main BKK river) south towards downtown as we're up on the burbs. The taxi dropped us and we trekked across the street to the Grand Palace. The king no longer ... read more
Food for Five
Tuk Tuk
Floating Market

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