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March 4th 2008
Published: December 22nd 2008
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We arrived on Saturday the 1st,dog tired, after a 12 hour flight and no sleep for 20 hours. It pisses me off cause i can't sleep on planes. For those who knew of our struggles to stay take only 20kg each to the UK, so far so good. we are 10kg over wieght but airlines have been kind to us. Anyways we had to get up for a tour at 7am so there was no rest "for the wicked". We did 3 of the 44.000 temples in Bangkok, amazing but like being in Africa and seeing another Elephant or England and seeing another castle, the catch cry soon became another F&%king Budha. In the afternoon we swam in the pool and sleep. The food here is absolutley amazing, it is one of the delights of Thailand, even Bangkok. We had a beautiful evening meal at a little eatery not far from our hotel, The "Indra Regent". Then it was off to pingpong or should I say Patpong for a night of adult entertainment. Now most of you who know me Know I have a one track mind, but folks this was not exciting. If the thoughts of beautiful girls, and they are beautiful, sucking up coke out of their vaginas, shooting pingpong balls into the air or shooting balloons with darts expelled from their parts, made for other pleasurable activities, is (exciting/fun/amusing or sexual, no way. It is entertaing for the 1st 15 minutes but mainly boring and believe me the girls looked more bored than Anita and I. This is not to mention the constant attention trying to extract ever last baht out of your wallet but it had to be done, maybe I just went to the wrong show!!!!!!!!!.

ON Monday (3/3) it was up at 5-30 for a 10 hour tour that included "The Floating Market" and Elephant and cultural Shows. A long but great day. Anita and I really enjoyed the floating market, buying fresh mangos and pineapples from canoes whilst in a canoe, haggling prices on the water is so much more relaxing than standing in a crowded and dirty alleyway in a city market. Later Anita took and elephant ride and had held and kissed a 7kg Python (photos to follow). I wasn't overly impressed with the elephant show (trained animal leave me cold) but the crowd was impressed with the poor male elephant who near the end of the show must of become excited because he displayed a huge elephant erection which means a yard of flesh dangled proudly/embarrasingly between his hind legs. people didn't know whether to laugh, look the other way, pretent they didn't see or shrink with fear. Well we fly to Phuket in about 3 hours and look forward to some peace and quiet (sure) after 3 days in the traffic clogged streets of Bangkok. Look forward to sharing again. TonyandAnita.


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