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Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa January 21st 2017

Aditya Resort is on the coast road just past the village of Hikkaduwa and before Rathgama in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka about 13 km north of Galle. We had booked 5 nights at this all-suites seaside resort as a relaxation vacation after all our touring. When initially planning our family holiday Don and I had thought about spending a few days in the Seychelles or Mauritius after Caroline left Sri Lanka to return to her job. The flight connections seemed more trouble than they were worth, and Jagath promised that we would not be disappointed simply to stay in Sri Lanka and enjoy a rest there. We found he was certainly right! When we woke up and looked out of the window we could see the garden which was a luscious green, then the ... read more
our favourite table by the garden
from our balcony to the sea
only part (!) of our huge bathroom & dressing area

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa November 23rd 2016

Geo: 6.13646, 80.1137... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa December 3rd 2015

Ouf un peu de réseau wifi à Yangon.. c'est pas gagné tous les jours. Je vais pouvoir donner la suite de mon séjour au sri lanka. Dernier post en date il y a 15 jours environ, je venais d'arriver à Ella dans la région des plantations de thé. Entre temps j'en ai vécu pas mal de choses et rencontré des gens ! Avant toute chose je tiens à signaler que je ne suis consommateur d'aucune substance hallucinogène.. A Ella, je décide un matin de faire une balade tranquille, je monte sur un flanc de colline voir un petit temple. En sortant je m'assoie sur un banc du monastère pour mettre mes chaussures et je sens une pluie fine sur ma main, en fait c'est un singe dans l'arbre à côté de moi en train de pisser.. ... read more
demoiselles de Sigiryia
éléphants sauvages
un tukuk, la plupart sont rouges ou verts

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa November 15th 2014

Hikkaduwa is the perfect place to set up camp in South Sri Lanka. Peace and quiet this quaint little town provides affordable accommodation and easy connectivity to the more touristy places around. I would highly recommend you to shop in Hikkaduwa as its amazing prices will come and haunt you later :) Its been more than a decade that Tsunami ravaged this beautiful town and its sweet people. Sheer perseverance and hardwork has restored it to its former glory. As I did last time I will try and break the post in relevant sections so that you can consume as much as you like 1. Websites: a. Wikipedia: For the history and stats buff. I thought this might help if you are doing serious background research. b. Lonely planet:... read more
Hikkaduwa beach
Galle fort
Egg puff

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa September 23rd 2014

Its the start of my third week in Sri Lanka and I'm starting to feel like I actually know whats going on. I am more comfortable with taking the public bus and finding my way around. I also know about 15 words in sinhalese which is useful but I need to learn more because I end up using the same words over and over. This weekend we went to Hikkaduwa beach. It was so nice to chill out and relax after 2 extremely busy weeks! We stayed in a lovely guesthouse that was literally on the beach and the views were amazing! (I will try and attach some photos.) On both nights we went out for a meal and we were all very excited to eat western food! We then went for drinks in a really ... read more
Hikkaduwa Beach
Hikkaduwa Beach

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa April 25th 2014

It was already our last day of Sri Lank field trip :( Early in the morning, I played with my friends at the beach and in the swimming pool as I planned before. Firstly, we walked along the beach. The sea water was really warm than I expected before. We enjoyed walking. While walking, I could see a huge turtle near a sea shore. At first it was so surprised by moving rock, but in fact it was really big turtle. It was interesting that I could see such huge turtle in a knee-deep sea. There are some people recommended us to feed them. But I want to tell you that you should not accept them carelessly, because after they offered you to feed turtles and they required ... read more
2014-04-25 09.33.56
2014-04-25 09.40.43
2014-04-25 09.40.27

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa April 24th 2014

The third day of Sri Lanka was really busy day. We had to get up early because we had to reach very southern area of Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa. In the morning we visited a jewelry factory. We could see lots of different kinds of jewelries and how they were processed o be usual accessories. At there all people were totally fascinated by those jewelries and accessories. Some of students bought necklaces and ear-rings for their parents. Also we visited wax-printing factory, and I could see lots o textures and how they were being printed specifically. They were really colorful and beautiful, so that I bought one for my mom. After then we visited local fancy goods shop of Sri Lanka. I could see lots of different types of goods ... read more
2014-04-24 09.53.43
2014-04-24 09.57.41
2014-04-24 08.56.35

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa August 21st 2013

Heart of Lightness: Up the Madu River to Cinnamon Island. The Madu River empties into the Laccadive Sea about a third of the way north from Galle on the way to Colombo, a little past the touristy town of Hikkaduwa. When we agreed with our guide's suggestion that we get in the boat, we had NO IDEA what awaited us, though with memories of Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" pounded into us in high school, I might have asked a question or two before agreeing. But it was a gorgeous day, we'd had a terrific lunch at the Lighthouse Hotel in Galle and the river trip unfolded one revelation at a time. As Sunetra isn't a swimmer, the first priority was to secure life jackets all around. That done, no sooner had our boat left the dock ... read more
Boy paddles up on his boat
Martha with baby

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa March 3rd 2013

Leaving the over crowded, polluted city of Colombo we headed further south by train to Hikkaduwa. After our bad timing of the trains we ended up with 3 hours wait in Kalutara where we met Henry, the local tour guide/busy body/doctor/traveller/story teller, who had something to say about everything (even when there was nothing) which was interesting, I think..well, the 20% that i could understand. In Hikkaduwa nearly every one is a surfer or looks as though they could be (apart from us, obviously). Where there are surfers, there is cheap beer and where there is beer, there are Scots. Well, Alec to be precise, the 66 year old pensioner we met who had by all accounts pub crawled his way from Fife and picked up some great stories and potential liver failure on the way. ... read more
Hikkaduwa Beach
Galle Fort

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa January 11th 2013

MAYBE YOU WANTING BUY T-SHIRT INSTEAD? If you are going to have a sea change, it may as well be by the sea. Our 8 day Hill Country interlude was backed up by our final Sri Lanka week at Hikkaduwa, meaning one final week of surfing before the rental surfboard turned into a pumpkin. The week's waves were standard Hikkaduwa fodder; something every day and plenty of weaving through the European beginner masses. Lots of fun but the body isn't what it used to be. A pair of joints in particular weren't holding up too well so it was time for some chemical intervention. The sign read "Medical Centre and Pharmacy" but the shelves weren't exactly overstocked nor was there anybody behind the counter. A couple of high voltage "hellos" and in trudged the woman working ... read more
Galle Fort
Down by the beach in Galle
Sarongs in the breeze

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