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Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa April 24th 2009

We left Friday early morning for Sri Lanka with a quick hour stop-over in Dubai before the 4 hour flight to Colombo. As soon as we got to Colombo we hired a taxi who drove us the 2 and a half hours to Kandy. With the current civil war going on in the north security at and around the airport is extremely tight with many checkpoints around. The trip to Kandy probably could have been done in about 45 minutes if the roads had been straight but there wasn't a single straight path the whole route. We all commented on the fact that we had never been on such windy roads before in our life. The rainy season was just starting there so the afternoon skies quickly turned black as we made the trip before an ... read more
On the elephant

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa April 13th 2009

Saturday 11th We had a fab morning playing on the beach, which the boys were understandably sorry to leave. We watched Jake carefully and sensibly snorkelling along an inner reef. He came ashore elated with tales of fish, corals and when asked also having seen anemone. We were proud (as so often we are) of his care and delighted in his pleasure. Lunch was a simple vegetable rice after which we headed off on the local bus - actually not overcrowded and a delight. The water safari was wonderful. Within minutes we saw Monitor Lizards and a Jurassic landscape. We were brought a little monkey to hold which felt very odd (liberal thinking modern western morals do not always sit easy here). We also headed to Cinnamon Island where we were fascinated (especially Jake) by being ... read more
With Karu

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa April 13th 2009

We were up far later than we meant to be having slept deep and long until half nine and almost missed breakfast in the hotel. It was a delicious breakfast including pancakes with bananas (so much more banana than at home, should be BANANA!) and PINEAPPLE (by the same criteria) and honey. After we had packed we headed to the station in a taxi to travel to Unawatuna. There we were met by a friendly and solicitous man named Karu of whom we were initially a little suspicious. He guided us to buy our tickets and to a café where we could eat and drink. After we had settled he came back to talk to us about where we were headed and with photo’s and his visitors book, urging us to come to his guest house ... read more
On The Train

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa March 25th 2009

Arrived Hikkaduwa Saturday Morning, Now Wednesday morning got up at 5.30am to go and play Volley ball with some local school kids. We got thrashed by a team of 6 girls all between the ages of 10 and 12. Very embarassing. Spending the afternoon painting a school about 30kms away from Seenigama, where we are now staying. Got a party tonight, one of the Sri Lankan staff is celebrating his 24th Birthday and he has invited all of the volunteers along. I am really looking forward to it as the other 18yr old volunteers are turning out to be really good guys and so it should be a real laugh. On Saturday we saw an Elephant being transported down the coast on the back of a truck. Keep you posted... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa November 20th 2008

Ok- so this update is overdue, and as my father keeps reminding me; I have a mother to worry! Mum and Heather will be sufficiently delighted to know that not only do I now eat with my fingers, but I also drink tap water and take regular bus journeys. Can't be all that bad, I mean I've only been slightly ill, and who would want to bomb Hikkaduwa anyway? If anything it'd make the guidebook entry a little more exciting... So what's been going on? Well apart from working at the Foundation (writing reports, sitting in on classes etc... all good stuff!) I have been on a couple of jaunts. *Wednesday 12th November* Was a Poya Day. Poya Day is the day in the month that there is due to be a full moon in the ... read more
Unawatuna beach

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa November 4th 2008

A lot has been going on since the last update! Got dropped off by Heather, Stuart and Scott Ritchie (Greig was busy) on Saturday morning. The Galle road is the main artery for all traffic to the south, making its way down the west coast, and it was this road that we drove down on. The roads here never cease to amaze (or terrify); The psycotic bus drivers going at insane speeds are bad enough, but I never thought I'd see one overtaking a van, which was overtaking our car, which was overtaking a tri-shaw, which was overtaking a cow who was overtaking a pedestrian. All on a road barley two lanes wide... Anyway, I digress- Seenigama is a village 96km south of Colombo (only a three hour white knuckle ride) and only 15 minutes up ... read more
My ride
Boat on Beach
My house

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa October 16th 2008

At the pre-school for the past couple of weeks they have been practising for their end of term concert. They practice all morning, everyday. Its good to practice, but the concert isn’t until the first week of December! They practice from 9-12 sometimes they stay later, until 2.30pm! That’s an immense amount of practice! The songs are stuck in my head all day, and don’t even know what the words mean as all the song are in Sinhalese, apart from the finale, which is que sera sera. I’m looking forward to the concert, it will be good but I’ve got another 6 weeks of practice to get through yet. I could do the concert by myself, with my eyes shut by that time! Last week at the pre school a coconut fell from a tree ... read more
Anu, a naughty boy from the pre-school!
the Alms Givng Shrine
boiling milk ritual

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa October 6th 2008

Claire arrived on Monday…she was supposed to get here at lunchtime but didn’t arrive until nearly midnight! Her flight was delayed about four times and she was stuck in Kuwait!! On Monday at the pre-school we had an “English Day”. We did some activities typical to an English pre school and made cucumber sandwiches! The little ones didn’t really like them that much! As I circulated the classroom they kept spitting them out and holding them out for me to take with a look of disgust on their faces!! They scoffed the bread though! The older ones and teachers seemed to enjoy them more though; only one or two got rid of their cucumbers! On Tuesday I left Claire in bed as she was knackered - she had not slept for over forty hours! I ... read more
enjoying cucumber sarnies!
me and my SL mum Kumudu
me and claire on opening day

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa September 28th 2008

I had to go to Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital city on Thursday. My tourist visa was nearing the end so I had to go to the Department of Immigration for it renewing. Another ex-pat, Danny, who lives in Hikka too, also had to re-new his so we went together. I met Danny outside Neela’s at 7am and we got the bus to Colombo. It takes about 2.5-3 hours (no timetables here, they just turn up when the please, but then I suppose that isn’t so different form the UK!). You can get two types of buses up to Colombo, The A/C bus or the Express. Danny and I just decided to get the first that arrived. Big mistake!! The A/C bus is pleasant and small and relaxed. The Express is like being on a rollercoaster and ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa September 16th 2008

Well I know it’s been longer than a week since my last update, but I’m so busy with work and exploring I’ve not got round to it!! Here it is though!! I’m learning more and more about the Singhalese people. They are so different to English people! They seem so relaxed about everything, it’s very much a Manana culture - I suppose it has to be in hot countries, or are the Brits just uptight??!! People hardly seem to do any work - and that’s the ones that do have jobs!! When you walk down the street or pass the shops on the bus, people just seem to be sat around on their doorsteps having a good old chin wag!! You can be waiting in the bank for an hour as the person in front is ... read more

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