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Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Insadong September 5th 2012

Come to Korea... and speak Mandarin. I met and was adopted by my three new Taiwanese housemates at around midnight last night (when I was shattered but still wide awake, thank you jetlag!) and, on their invitation, we spent the day together today. In case I am accused of overinflating my (non-existent) skills in Mandarin, let me say that all three speak excellent English and pretty good Korean, so I am learning a lot! Our first stop was the traditional village in Bukchon, just a few subway stops north of the Meong-Dong district where we are staying (which is full of little shops and restaurants that will bear further exploration later). Bukchon is famous for its Hanok houses - traditional Korean houses made of wood. Since many of the Hanok are modelled after the architecture in ... read more
Buchon Hanok Village
Buchon Hanok Village
Buchon Hanok Village

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Insadong June 11th 2012

started: heading out of Seoul 12 June on train 1034, a 16.05 depart Saemaeulho (express, not superfast KTX) train to Cheosan, as a bit of a stab as to where to go to which is more or less interesting. It also needs some detail which I get from the Lonely Planet (LP) E guide I have to the province of Chungcheongdam-do. So we will see what happens. Ticket was cheap, only $8. So backwards now. 11 June: I decided I would belatedly check out in more detail Insadong which is otherwise probably the most foreign touristed area with Itaewon (and I was less than impressed with all that). I had walked thru it before only being half aware where I was. Went there via the Chongyecheon stream as per pix. This time decided to make an ... read more
Chonggyecheon stream & Sutton Hotel
Chonggyechon bridge
Sanchon plate 1

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Insadong April 29th 2012

We were greeted in Seoul by a plethora of English signs and western amenities. There were 7-11’s and Dunkin’ Donuts everywhere! It’s hard to believe it’s only a 50 minute flight from Dalian! Incheon airport is the best airport in the world. Literally. Furthermore, the transportation system in Korea is phenomenal – so efficient, organized and vast. Getting to our hostel (Phil House) was easy. On our first day in Seoul we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace in the middle of the city. Upon exiting the metro station we were offered a free English speaking tour guide. Its a great deal for both the tourists and the guide. We had no idea where anything was or what it was and she, Helen (14 years old), wanted to practice her English. Gyeongbokgung translates into ‘Palace Greatly Blessed by ... read more
Helen, our 14 year old guide
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Hanok Village

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Insadong January 8th 2012

Jogyesa Buddhist Temple is located near Anguk Station, off line #3 in the central Insadong area. Here the temple is surrounded by practicing monks and shops which sell everything a monk might need; hats, clothes, winter gloves, incense, burners, bracelets, indoor shoes, socks, Buddha statues, calendars, prayer beads, musical instruments and more. Every shop has something to offer the "well to do being" who visits the temple. There is even a store on the grounds for a variety of other "monk essentials." However this is not why we came to Jogyesa Temple. This is one of the most accessible temples in Seoul besides Bongeunsa Temple on the south end of the city. There are over forty temples throughout South Korea which Lonely Planet introduces within their pages. Inside Seoul proper there are only four temples but ... read more
Buddha History Paintings
Golden Buddha
Bell and Gong Tower

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Insadong October 26th 2011

> Starving! We sat down at a restaurant for a good 15 minutes before we realized there were no servers. It turns out you have to order your food from a machine in the the middle of the dining room.The machine prints out a receipt, you hand it to the kitchen staff, and 10 minutes later your food is ready for pick up. No server, no extra cash needed for tips. Works for me! ... read more
I love it when you can see a picture of your food
Yakitori noodles are the winner!
Am I doing this right?

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Insadong October 21st 2011

> What a perfect way to end the night.... read more
What a great place for a date
Public Art--plastic bottle greenhouse
Public Art--plastic bottle greenhouse

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Insadong October 19th 2011

> I woke up at 5:30 a.m. this morning. What to do...My aunt dropped me off at a nearby shopping mall called Coex. For those who are familiar with Los Angeles, Coex is much like going to The Grove, only all of the stores are underground. There's a movie theater, food court, department store, and even an aquarium. ... read more
Gardens in front of Coex Mall
Coex Shopping Mall
Photo 6

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Insadong October 18th 2011

> I'm staying at my aunt's ("eemoh" in Korean) apartment in YangJaeDong--a suburb in Seoul, Korea. She is an amazing cook. This is the meal she prepared for me upon my arrival from the Incheon International airport. The large stone bowl in the middle is Korean Bean Paste soup. It's our version of Japanese Miso soup. Let's go clockwise, starting from 6 o'clock, up and around the large bowl of soup. - A bowl of multigrain rice with red beans ("hangawi"). It's a lot healthier than eating white rice. - Spicy raw crab legs with hot green chilis ("gaejang"). Packs a lot of flavor! It's sort of like ceviche, but with soft shell crab. - Spicy pickled squid with sesame seeds ("ojinguh jut"). I must admit I've never really been a fan of ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Insadong May 25th 2011

Two hundred and fifty-four people gathered into the basement performance hall on Sunday morning, February the 13th at Jogyesa Order Administrative Building to hear Mingyur Rinopche speak about Tergar meditation. This form of meditation helps calm the mind, open the heart and develop insight. From the first smiling word spoken by Mingyur, his being radiated happiness to all those in attendance. Each word chosen to communicate with came from a well of knowledge and wisdom. Every gesture and movement captured the audience’s attention with genuine kindness behind every thought presented. Over the next two hours during the talk he imparted the joys of meditation, techniques to improve meditation and the benefits of meditation. Over the first twenty minutes he spoke about the two most important things “body” and “mind.” Beginning with “body” he spoke about posture. ... read more
Autographing books
Mingyur with Jogye Monks
Tiebtan Ritual

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Insadong May 14th 2011

Unhyeongung Palace from Hapjeong station takes about forty-minutes on the green #2 line to Euljiro-sam-ga, then transfer to the orange #3 line traveling to Anguk station. Once at Anguk, go out exit number four, the palace entrance is two hundred yards down the sidewalk on the left. An entrance fee to Unhyeongung Palace is 700 won per adult including an informative pamphlet or less. Audio tour guide headsets are available in four languages, Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese, upon request at the ticket office. Born in 1852, Emperor Gojang took over the throne at age twelve until he reached adulthood his father, Heungseon Daewongun, acted as his regent. At fifteen-years old, he married his sixteen-year old bride, Empress Myeongseong. During the Joeson Dynasty, royal weddings were an extravagant event with several rounds of ceremonies such as ... read more

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