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Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Yeongheung-do December 1st 2014

Well since I'm going to be travelling for awhile i figure I'll post somewhere that isn't going to remind my friends of social media my i daily antics. So I've decided to start a travelling blog to track my escapades and adventures across Asia. I think more so for myself so I can journal and actually process and remember my trip, feels like i may party too much :P This is my 2nd day in korea and its very cold and windy today, i double booked 2 rooms by accident on airbnb, he let me change the date to tomorrow so i dont lose out on the money. Today im staying with a very nice family near gimpo airport, they have a 3 bedroom apartment which is very cozy, he was nice enough to pick me ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Yeongheung-do March 12th 2014

Had a two night stay in Incheon, which is about an hour from Seoul on the train. Haven't been for few months so quite glad to come again. Still really cold here but Iv experienced it much worse last February when it was -16degrees!!! Not fun! Arrived in the morning and had a little sleep, then I forced myself awake in the early afternoon otherwise I wouldn't sleep at night. Not that it ended up mattering on this trip.... It's one of the worst feelings in the world getting yourself up, so tired. So got up and headed down to the swimming pool at hotel. You need to wear a swimming cap in the pool here which I quite liked to control my hair. I haven't actually been swimming since I was about 12! And man ... read more
Glasgow Commonwealth Games new addition to the swim team?
Master chef
Korean BBQ restaurant

Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Yeongheung-do September 6th 2012

For my last full day in Seoul I decided to visit the city of Incheon. Incheon is South Korea's third largest city and also an important port situated about an hour away from the centre of Seoul by metro. Incheon is also a city of historical significance as, during the Korean war ( yes, here she goes, droning on about the war again), it was the location of what is now considered one of the greatest military manoeuvres in history. By September 1950 the North Korean People's Army had occupied most of the country and had pushed the Allied forces down the a small corner in the south east, around Busan. General MacArthur's plan was to launch an amphibious landing on the heavily defended, geographically and strategically challenging Incheon coast, correctly assuming that landing behind enemy ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Yeongheung-do September 4th 2011

So the idea for Saturday was to go to Muiido island for the first ever South Korea burning man kinda thing. Burning Man is happening in now, and this is supposed to be a little taste of it for all those inclined in South Korea. Long story short, I missed it on Saturday. Why? Because it's on an island and I arrived too late to the ferry. I could kick myself for a litany of reasons why I needn't have missed the boat over and shoud've been partying through the night on the island. Instead, here's a tale of what actually happened instead. I missed a train, completely and utterly my fault. This was my first time taking a train into Seoul from Seocheon (where I live, for all you who don't know/didn't guess). My train ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Yeongheung-do September 22nd 2008

It's been some time since my last entry. I suppose things are starting to become familiar and thus I rarely see the need to take my camera with me. That, and my camera is big so it is sometimes a pain in the ass to carry everywhere I go. However, you may find the title interesting and you can see the accompanying picture was taken on the subway of all places. If I was going to take a bomb on the subway a sign surely wouldn't prevent it. Also, who is making the bowling ball with candle in it type bombs anyway, perhaps this particular bomb isn't allowed on the subway, who knows?? Anyway, with this entry I wanted to provide those of you who haven't experienced Korea two things: 1) to show you the sights ... read more
an electricians nightmare
some advertising at the bus stop

Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Yeongheung-do September 18th 2008

HELLO from South Korea! My flight was fine, after an emotional send off from Claire, i had lots of movies to watch and a spare seat next to me! Met up with John-Lee the guy who organised my job and headed straight for Wonderland school to meet the teachers and sit on on my first class! Megan the teacher im taking over from is great, really helpful and its good to watch her handle the different classes. The school is in a high rise building.. well 4 stories, but well orgenised and each classroom is decorated differently. I will be teaching Korean 5 yr olds which are actually English 4 yr olds (different way of counting age, come out at 1 yr!) and all ages up to 11! You would really be surprised at how much ... read more
fall in korea

Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Yeongheung-do September 11th 2008

"I sought to see the amazing as normal, and the daily as unique, and in that swirling paradox I found the joy of travel." -Mary Poxon --------------------------- “Margaret-teacher, please help explain American Holiday called Easter.” I was currently shadowing Ashley-teacher, a pleasant Korean woman who works at my school, an English emersion school in Incheon City, South Korea. I was supposed to follow around each teacher for one class and observe their different styles of teaching. But I had just gotten off the plane about 12 hours earlier, and needless to say, I was a bit overwhelmed. “Well, Easter is a holiday that celebrates the day that Jesus rose from the dead after he was killed on the cross by the Jews 2,000 years ago.” Their stares were mostly blank, but some were horrified. I decided ... read more

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