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September 22nd 2008
Published: September 22nd 2008
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It's been some time since my last entry. I suppose things are starting to become familiar and thus I rarely see the need to take my camera with me. That, and my camera is big so it is sometimes a pain in the ass to carry everywhere I go.

However, you may find the title interesting and you can see the accompanying picture was taken on the subway of all places. If I was going to take a bomb on the subway a sign surely wouldn't prevent it. Also, who is making the bowling ball with candle in it type bombs anyway, perhaps this particular bomb isn't allowed on the subway, who knows?? Anyway, with this entry I wanted to provide those of you who haven't experienced Korea two things: 1) to show you the sights that I see on a daily basis and 2) what it is like to golfing under the lights.

You will notice that many of the buildings in the pictures have ammenities on many floors. Since the population is quite large and the land is quite small Korean people always build with "up" in mind. For example, my school is on the 5th floor in a building, my golf place is on the 3rd floor and my fitness place is also on the 5th floor. I went to a nightclub a couple weeks back that was on the 14th floor, it's really quite bizarre. In Canada, when you are hungry you may go for a drive and have a look for a restaurant when they are all located next to each other in a row. Here, you always see people looking up and reading the signs on the sides of the buildings.

Most of the pics I took here were either next to where I live or where I play golf (indoor golf).

The rest of the pics I took when I went out golfing last night. It was really amazing playing night golf, it's hard to describe. We teed off around 5pm and it was dark by 7pm. Not being used to playing at night was weird because when the sun was going downI had that feeling like it was over, usually you would be kicked off the course at that time. Not today. The lights were really bright and there was no trouble finding balls or seeing your shots. We played for 10 bucks a stroke and I ended up making an extra 100 bucks so it decreased my green fee to like 200 bucks....which is still crazy!! I like playing with a caddie too, it's sweet to have someone hand you your clubs, mark and wash your ball on the green, and recommend clubs for you.

In general, the weather is stil quite hot for the end of September, golfing last night it was still 25+. I am looking forward to coming to Canada for a holiday in December.


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