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Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina September 24th 2015

We managed to have a small lay in today. Something we have not managed to do since Saturday when we were in Dubai. We have tickets for the Singapore Flyer for today, so heading off on the metro in that direction. As the F1 races only finished here on Sunday, they still have a lot of the path closures in place, so our proposed route is not quite the route we ended up taking, but at least we were always going in the right direction and not around in circles. The flyer journey was excellent, but the views were not too good due to the Haze from the current fire issues in Indonesia. We could see most things, but when we tried to take photos of them, the haze got in the way, but this did ... read more
Wrapped up Raffles statute
Raffles Hotel
Deepavali celebrations

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina September 22nd 2015

We had planned to have breakfast in Marina Bay Sands, but looks like this was destined not to happen. We had to leave the hotel before 9.00am to stand a reasonable chance of enjoying this. But when we got up at 7.00am and looked out of the window, it was raining really heavily. This did not stop till about 8.30am. We really do love tropical rain. We then decided we would head to Marina Bay Sands anyway and perhaps catch a coffee in their sky restaurant. Unfortunately, we got the metro stops confused and ended up a couple of miles away. We were unable to work out how to get back using the metro, so decided to walk instead. This took us through the gardens by the bay which was really interesting. We eventually arrived at ... read more
Another big mall with another map
Tree statues glow in the dark
Singapore Flyer

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina January 16th 2015

Absolutely fantastic! We love it here. Singapore is a busy modern city but with a real sense of charm and sophistication. First impression, it's going to be expensive but we were pleasantly surprised, however talking to the locals it is becoming more so. There is so much to see and do here it was difficult to decide where to start as we only had 4 days before we were on the move again. The first evening we jumped into a taxi and went down to Clark Quay for a visit and dinner; very lively with lots of bars and restaurants. The following morning we went on the Singapore Flyer which is similar to the London eye only 30 metres higher, (I think they are proud of that). The views across Singapore were amazing, especially looking down ... read more
Gardens in the Bay
Traditional Singapore

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina November 26th 2014

Right, time to finish off my journey around the world, I do believe we last talked as I was readying myself to leave the delights of French Polynesia (tip – if you are ever ashamed to eat Spam, not that anyone should be, just claim it as a French Polynesian delicacy, makes it sound posh). This is the last blog of the trip, taking in three countries but as I’ve blogged Australia before it is only going to get a brief mention. My next stop was to visit a country I had never been to before, mainly brushing off my lack of a visit there to people with ‘Why would I want to go? It’s just like Wales but bigger’, guaranteed to wind up any of natives of the country in question (also works with Scotland ... read more
Some famous films were shot here apparently
Head for heights?
Aukland harbour

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina September 22nd 2014

From 19th until 21st September there was a Formula 1 event in Singapore. Of course there was the race on the 21st and the qualifying the day before. But there was a lot more going on here in Singapore and I enjoyed the Saturday afternoon on the event. You already know how the qualifying went and that eventually Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) won the race, closely followed by Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo (both Red Bull Racing-Renault). You also know that Jenson Button, Adrian Sutil, Esteban Gutierrez, and Nico Rosberg could not finish the race because of technical issues. For Nico Rosberg this was particularly bad because he had been in the overall lead so far. Team Mercedes won, followed by Team Red Bull Racing-Renault and Team Williams-Mercedes. The official results are here. Anyway, you know all ... read more
Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Qualifying
Formula One Practice Race
Formula One Race Officials

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina August 10th 2014

The 9th of August is National Day in Singapore. Modern Singapore was founded by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819 as a trading post for the East India Company. That is why so many objects and roads are named “Raffles”. Our office is at Raffles Place, but when we tell a taxi driver where to go we usually say 6 Battery Road which is just across the road from our office building. When you tell him to go to Raffles Place he will usually not know because of the many streets, squares, and buildings named after Sir Stamford Raffles. Singapore declared independence from the United Kingdom in 1963, 49 years ago. When Singaporeans celebrate National Day, this is what they celebrate. Singapore has become one of the Asian Tigers since, with a rapidly growing economy and many ... read more
National Day II
National Day III

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina March 15th 2014

Every morning and early afternoons, the office areas of Singapore business district are full of smartly dressed, high heeled women moving about their business with a designer bag and something else dangling from their manicured fingers! They queue up for minutes to buy this drink. This drink stands tall in transparent plastic glasses with a sealed lid and a big straw. When I initially arrived in Singapore, I used to laugh at such a tea. Tea should be Indian- hot and with spices if so desired. What is this cold tea? One evening, my colleague took me to a shop called "Each a Cup" and ordered a caramel milk tea with no ice and pearls. It was yummy. It was full of milk with a hint of caramel and pearls sinking in the end. Pearls are ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina February 9th 2014

Being a tourist in my own country was one of the resolution I have made for 2014. I think many people would be wondering why, and some might even think that I am either having too much free time or I have nothing better to do with my life. Actually, it is neither. On my last trip to Philippines, after getting to know some very interesting international friends, I was asked to introduce Singapore and to recommend places for them to explore. It was then that I realised that I do not really know my beloved Singapore very well. Other than the fact that I know how to get my way around Singapore, I know very little about the interesting and fun places to explore. It was then I realised how workaholic I had been. Even ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina December 28th 2013

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina December 19th 2013

We flew Scoot out of the Gold Coast. The flight was brought forward a couple hours without any real notice and the seats we had paid extra to book were not what we ended up with but the flight was fine and on landing in Singapore customs and immigration were efficient and problem free. We went straight to the transport counter (just before the taxi rank) and organised a van for 5 of us plus luggage (SGD60). Our first impression of Singapore was how clean and neat and organised everything appears. The Marina Bay Sands porters and check-in were friendly and the door guy was suitably embarrassed when he greeted Nic as Ma'am-Sir (in his defence he approached from behind so saw the luscious locks before the manly mo). As we waited around 10 minutes for ... read more
Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands

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