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Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina April 27th 2012

One can’t go to Singapore and not visit Marina Bay. This area has become one of the most developed areas of the city. With a few blocks you see the Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer, SunTec city, the Esplanade and Raffles place. The area is well thought out and constructed. You would imagine that with all of those main attractions in a small vicinity this area would be impossible to navigate. Not the case at all. Marina Bay has all of the main attractions well placed to keep food traffic, water traffic and vehicle traffic moving. How do I describe Marina Bay and do it justice? The first time I came to Singapore was in 2008. We stayed at the Pan Pacific hotel. A gorgeous hotel that over looks the quay. The Pan Pacific ... read more
Marina Bay Sands- Sun Set
View across Marina Bay

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina March 29th 2012

Today I woke up had breakfast, and decided to start packing because i was going home tomorrow, and after all the shopping in orchid, I needed to see if i was over my allowance. So it took me like 2 hours to pack my bag properly so that everything could fit. Gosh I wish mum was with me right now she could have packed it on half an hour. After the failed attempt to pack my suitcase, I headed down to the lobby and i just sat on one of the lobby couches and began to read a book and I also spent some time on my laptop, because I didn’t really feel like doing anything. At about 12 pm I decided to just catch a taxi to marine bay again, and have a picnic in ... read more
marina bay

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina February 29th 2012

Hi everyone We arrived bright and early in Singapore, we got to our hotel at about 8am so we had plenty of time before check-in. We decided to attempt to use the bus for the first time. We soon found the route and waited for the bus, once the bus had turned up the driver didn't really understand where we wanted to go, plus we did't have any small change so got on the bus for free, result. Once in the main city area we located the hop-on-hop-off bus tour and set-off for a very hot bus ride around the city. Our first stop was the Singapore Flyer, like the London Eye but bigger. From here we got to see parts of the grand prix track, Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Shopping Centre, more on that ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina December 14th 2011

Marina Bay Sands is an Intergrated Resort in Singapore created by Las Vegas Sands. Its location is sitting on reclaimed land overlooking Marina Bay and the downtown. On the other side, the resort faces the Pacific Ocean and bunch of container ships waiting to get into Jurong port. It cost $8 billion dollars to build--$2 billion for the land and $6 billion for the resort. It was designed by three architects: Moshe Safdie (who designed the Habit in Toronto), Arup (who designed the Sydney Opera House), and Parsons Binkerhoft. The Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort consists of three different parts: (1) the resort which is three futuristic buildings with a skygarden ontop that looks like a boat, (2) the building in front that looks like a bunch of waves consists of a Convention Center, Casino and ... read more
Rain Ocles
The Canal
View of Marina Bay Sands from Microsoft

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina December 4th 2011

The Arnold Sports Festival will be held in Singapore in 2013! Check it out! I was a VIP guest of the Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (SFBF) yesterday. This is a new Federation that was formed just last year to bring Singapore back into the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) - which is the highest level of competitive bodybuilding in the world, representing 182 national organizations. Most famously it awards the Mr. Olympia title to the world's best professional bodybuilder, a title won by Arnold Shwarzenegger seven times; Arnold also started the Arnold Sports Festival which after 23 years in Ohio went on the road to Madrid th... read more
Juliette Bergmann
The Guys
The Girls

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina August 14th 2011

Singapore: Lion City. Pleasing on the eyes, perilous to your pocket, appealing to the senses, fiercely emergent, hygienically superior, orderly in arrangement and enviable in most regards... worthy of the moniker, I’d say. Crossing the border into Singapore from Malaysia was easy enough, and the journey from “KL” (as all the expats say) was comfortable on the sleeper train, in fact we both slept better on the train than we had in our previous dorm room and I woke up covered in drool, which is always satisfying. Generally, I’m not easily impressed by big cities but Singapore was immediately pleasing to me. In many ways I felt like I was “home” as the similarities between Seoul (South Korea, where we have previously been living) and Singapore are countless- although the Korean capital has some maturing to ... read more
Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Singapore Sling
Durian-esque Esplanade Theatre

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina July 26th 2011

I arrived in Singapore Sunday evening. To say that going from East Africa to Singapore is a culture shock does not even scratch the surface. I think that was actually the most culture shocked I've ever been in my life. Tanzania was amazing - the people were wonderful, the streets were dirty, the drivers were maniacs & the terrain was beautiful, rugged and/or remote. Like, we spent 3.5 hours driving across dirt one day ('dirt road' is too generous a description for what we were on). The cleanest I felt in my 3 weeks in Africa was backpacking on the mountain (where i went 8 days without showering). Then to arrive in Singapore. The airport was immaculate. And seemingly deserted. I have a new PR for getting through customs - I think from the plane to ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina July 5th 2011

Hi everybody, Thought I would add a small quick blog and say hi...Got back to Singapore this morning from the Perhentian Islands, had the best time ever...!!! My journey there on Wednesday took about 5 hours from the Cameron highlands. Met a scottish girl called Kirsty on the boat and we found some where to stay after wandering around a few places. Was a nice dorm, really cold air con, and the weather has been boiling for the whole time I have been there. I'm totally black and have been asked if I have hispian relatives as nobody thinks i'm english, haha...The Island is so small, really not built up at all and the main bars are just 2 gazebo's on the beach, haha! Anyway, spent the first afternoon on the beach and then got some ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina May 8th 2011

It's been about two months since my last entry. Not that much has really happened, to relieve the cliffhanger of the last one Luke's birthday present was a ukelele. He loved it for a while but now it sits, all orange and lonely on the floor. Currently i'm sitting at home listening to Fat freddy's drop and waiting for lukey to finish work so i can go pick him up. I finished work at six today and had squid and pumpkin arancini for dinner and it was way way too much and i now feel very sick. It's mothers day in Australia today so it was expected to be busy but it was not. It was very tame actually. I love working at the Brisbane now and i feel alot more inclined to go out and ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina October 18th 2010

SINGAPORE AND STUFFED We had a great flight only a few bumps, THe A380 (code name BIG BIRD) was worth the wait you didnt even feel you were on a plane. Alcohol was consumed but only for relaxation purposes. The man in front of us brought his own bottle of Johnny walker and consumed the whole 500ml on the flight. (maybe he was scared of flying too). kids were great, except Isaac who forgot there were other people around him and constantly laughed out loud at what ever he was watching. Isaac thought the aiport was hot while we were waiting to clear customs, I wish I could of taking a photo of his face when the wall of heat hit him as we left airport. Car was there to take us to hotel and only ... read more

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