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Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina December 11th 2013

We have just had the most amazing weekend in Singapore with Hanisha I'm so so glad we added this into our trip I think it's been one of our favourite parts so far!! We landed really early Friday morning and headed straight to Hanisha's apartment which is just unreal!! It's the 40th floor of a building and the view is like something on a postcard you can even see Indonesia and Malaysia from her balcony!! The only mad part being both her and MK can see their office buildings too lol. We got to meet the famous Raphael too, their cat! As most of you know I am scared of cats but me and Raphy hit it off straight away lol he even got on the sofa next to me cuddling me and I wasn't even ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina October 24th 2013

Left San Diego at 4:40PM on Amtrack to Union Station then shuttle to LAX and 17 1/2 flight to Canton, China. 7 hour layover in Guangchou (ie. Canton). 4 hours to Singapore Changi International. Tweet 2 hr's 20 min to union station + 10 min wait for airport express & 3 hours to spare. $38 total. The only way to get from San Diego to LAX. at Changi airport in Singapore grabbed a taxi to Elizabeth's Guesthouse at Newton Circus. Amazing flight over the city. Pilot had to take a south to north approach so got a great view of the narrow Strait that separates the citystate from the Indonesian island of Sumatra -- and the hundreds of big boats going thru and waiting their turn. If it wasn't so hazy I,d consider taking a chopper ... read more
Little India just before Dewali 2013

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina October 20th 2013

Not much to report but thought I'd get some of the pictures off my camera. After Bryan and I returned to Singapore we had a few days to kill. First, we went to the National Museum of Singapore. I'd been there once before but wanted to go again. The museum, I believe, is Singapore's largest but don't quote me on it. The collection is housed in a gorgeous English colonial building. The point in going was to check out the 'Princely Treasures From The House of Liechtenstein' exhibit but sadly it had ended a week before. Fortunately on my previous visit I had seen it so I am able to pass on a small piece of the history I learned. The collection that was on display is part of a larger collection owned by the Princely ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina July 18th 2013

It has been a while that I have travelled and it will be a while till I travel. Therefore, my adventure has been now to discover new tastes in the city. It is a safe bet since I can be brave as I know I can go home and rest in case something goes wrong! So lately, my favourite pass time has been going around Singapore on the internet and discovering new eateries. I tried ‘authentic’ British fish and chips which without vinegar was not tasty. Then went to try Chocolate Souffle (like Chocolate lava cake) for dinner at Max Brenner. The chocolate was indeed good but the vanilla ice cream was a miserly scoop and the whole thing cost equivalent to a three course meal! There was nice dinner of Chicken Dum Biryani at Saffron ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina May 11th 2013

After a restful Saturday morning at Farrah's grandmother's, and a delicious lunch we went with Farrah into town to be tourists. I'd seen 2 tall buildings connected across the top by a big ship, decided it was pretty cool, and asked if we could go there, so we did. To get into the building, you have to cross a bridge supposed to look like DNA. I don't know what the reason behind using DNA as a design, as far as I know Watson and Crick don't have a connection to Singapore and besides, collagen's triple helical structure is much cooler. Rather predictably, we had to pass through a shopping mall to get to the ship bit at the top, which as it turns out, is the Sands Casino. It's owned by the same people who own ... read more
Amelia and Farrah on the DNA Bridge
Amelia and I trying not to look scared
Some of the View

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina May 6th 2013

My final days in India were spent mainly with the dogs, I also experienced a range of different emotions (which will be explained below). The pack of dogs at the hotel continued to follow my every move, they proved great company. I had felt pretty strange (if not a little lonely) after Jen had left. I missed the giggles, companionship and conversation... But overall just missed spending time with Jen. But I felt fortunate to have the dogs at least, who each served as loyal companions :) In the mornings, I continued getting up early and had breakfast on the beach. I watched 40 fisherman (approximately 20 on each side of the net) spend nearly two ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina April 3rd 2013

26/12 We were up at 7 to check out and get a taxi to the airport. We had booked it through the hotel so it was ready for us when we checked out. It took about 45 minutes to get to the airport (which chantelle slept through!). We checked in to the cutest airport in the world! We had to walk through a little shopping area which looked like a village to get to the domestic/ upper class gate (the same thing!). We boarded the place, which was only half full, plenty of space! We got fed on the plane and arrived quickly in Singapore. There were no queues for immigration, so we got straight through, and headed for the taxi rank. It cost $20HK to get to the hotel, which took about 20 minutes. We ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina January 24th 2013

After only a brief 24 hours trip to Singapore, here are a couple of things we saw/did/thought about Singapore: 1) The first thing to hit you is the cleanliness. The city is absolutely spotless but doesnt seem to be militantly enforced, just respected. Karen a.k.a. Mummy Pearson would be in her element here. You can actually be fined $500 dollars for being in possession of chewing gum! 2) Singapore is a very wealthy and affluent city and distinctly un-Asian in comparison to other large South East Asian cities: - People ride on the metro rather than scooters; there are very few motorbikes and scooters and no tuk-tuks. - There is not really any street food on sale anywhere - The public transport is efficient and runs on time - It is actually illegal to be homeless; ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina January 20th 2013

Midnight and I am lying on my back in the dry grass, staring at the sparkling stars above. Earlier today, on the back of a 50 kilometre wind and a scorching forty degree day, a raging bushfire has ripped through The Black Range, out the other side and tore off towards Boorowa. Only by the fantastic work of the Rural Fire Fighters, greatly assisted by Elvis the helicopter, and maybe the grace of God, it was halted short of the town. We have just completed a back burning operation to contain the perimeter of the fire and the range is alight with burning timber glowing in the night air. It is quite a sight and I turn to Barry and enquire if maybe this will be like the lights of Singapore. He laughs and suggests that ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina December 2nd 2012

The thunderstorm was swift. We skipped dinner last night as afternoon tea plus the free cocktails & canapes were sufficient. The Singapore Slings at Raffles made for an interesting end to the evening and early morning! However at 4am the Singapore Marathon started just outside our room! A slow start to this morning was enhanced by the rugby news from England.... read more
Long bar Raffles
Sing Sling

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