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Asia » Philippines » Vigan December 27th 2014

I hope these photos will just do the talking.... read more

Asia » Philippines » Vigan December 21st 2014

I just came from a two day vacation in my city Vigan where I spend my childhood and junior years .I'd felt that I'm a tourist in my own city.There's a lot of things that have been changed-they tranformed the city into a magnificent city you can't even imagine for.Kudos to our Govt.Officials and Gov.Chavit Singson to these amazing projects they developed and more infrastructure being planned to be develop in the near future.People are still the same,hospitable,as well as being friendly to their own people and also to the foreigners and tourists visiting the city and alot of good traits also that I can be proud of as an Ilokano.As I started touring the city I can tell that the voters of the New Seven Wonders Cities that voted the city definitely didn't hesitate pressing ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Vigan May 27th 2014

From Banaue we travelled to Baguio City. The journey here was in a mini van and took us all around the mountains. It was all bends. Now I suffer a bit with travel sickness and I have to say it was a miracle I was not sick. The bendy roads were bad enough but the people in the van did not help. Firstly the old lady by the window (luckily) spent the whole 5 hour journey with her head out of the window being sick. Then the baby started and then the little girl. There was also a terrible smell that every 15 minutes would rear its ugly head. We blamed the baby. I found the whole experience nauseating but Kev sat there with a smile on his face eating biscuits. When we did stop to ... read more
Spanish Vigan City
Fountain show

Asia » Philippines » Vigan December 26th 2013

We left our surf/beach/friendship paradise and made our way to Vigan, a few hours north. But first we took a jeepney back south to San Fernando, figuring we'd have better luck catching a bus with some room. It was Christmas day after all. And San Fernando was bustling, with a festival atmosphere. Everyone was out with their families in the park and in the markets. It was a festival atmosphere. All of the shops were open, which was good for us, but also a bit of a shock. Christmas is definitely celebrated differently here. It's an outdoor party with family, friends, and the rest of the town. We bought ourselves some water at one of the open shops. In the heat, we'd each been drinking about three litres of water a day just sitting around and ... read more
Rice Fields on the Way to Vigan
Fountain Show
This One Was Really Good

Asia » Philippines » Vigan October 10th 2008

Die Busfahrt in einem bequemen ac Bus von Baguio nach Vigan dauerte fünf Stunden, zunächst hinunter in die Küstenebene, dann entlang der Küste in Richtung Norden. Vigan ist UNESCO Weltkulturerbe und das am besten erhaltene Kolonialstädtchen auf den Philippinen (und wohl das einzige). Das touristische Potential Vigans ist enorm, aber im Vergleich zu anderen asiatischen Kleinoden wie Hoi An oder Luang Prabang sucht man Touristenmassen in Vigan vergebens. Ganz im Gegenteil, die vorherrschende Atmosphäre ist sehr authentisch, ein philippinisches Städtchen, viel schöner als die anderen, aber die Leute gehen hier ganz normal ihren Tätigkeiten nach und als ‘Kano wird man wie anderswo interessiert beäugt. Viele Straßenzüge der kolonialen Altstadt wurden noch nicht restauriert, dennoch ist ein Spaziergang durch die Pflastersteingassen magisch, vor allem nach Einbruch der Dunkelheit,... read more

Asia » Philippines » Vigan September 15th 2008

Now I will write a blog entry about my vacation for those of you who don't care how much it costs to get into the Camp John Hay Butterfly Sanctuary or how many times the bus stops between Baguio and Vigan. Laura, like me last January, arrived around midnight at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. (Aquino is actually a famous Filipino politician who was assassinated on the airport's tarmack in the 80's, which I personally think makes him a bad person to name the airport after.) I was so excited to see her that I had traveled to Manila the afternoon before, and had to find something to occupy me for the 36 hours until I picked her up. The day of her arrival I decided to check out the SM Mall of Asia, the biggest ... read more
Swan boats

Asia » Philippines » Vigan September 14th 2008

I am now going to write the one, and likely only, real travel blog I will ever produce for this site. I am breaking from my traditional style for a couple of reasons: because I am finding even government sponsored tourist information in the Philippines hard to find, incomplete or unreliable, and, consequently, because I had to rely so heavily on information from other travel blogs on this site while planning my vacation to Vigan. My sister, Laura, decided to come from Canada to see me during this last leg of my internship in the Philippines. Her trip was scheduled ages ago for the end of August, beginning of September and I was left to plan a vacation at the height of the rainy season. My first though was Boracay, but Laura wanted to see where ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Vigan April 4th 2008

Here's a list of our expenses during our recent trip to Vigan and neighboring provinces of Ilocos Sur Aircon bus to Vigan: P450 (Farinas) Aircon Deluxe bus to Vigan : P705 (Partas has wide seats that recline to 140 degrees) Best time to travel: 10 PM because it is cooler and there is less traffic Length of trip from Manila to Vigan : 8 hours if you leave at 6AM or 10PM (includes stopovers) Tricycle from Bantay national highway to Vigan: P20 (good for two) Transportation within Vigan: best done by foot because the city is small and compact Free entrance to Baluarte, Pagburnayan, Mira Hills, Hidden Garden Free shot of basi wine inside the antique shops Ordinary empanada: P5 each (if you're scared of street food, there are well-known Manila fast food branches of Jollibee, ... read more
Good Friday Procession
Vigan Cathedral

Asia » Philippines » Vigan December 18th 2007

We'd heard (read) good things about Ilocos from the various guide books, and Apple knew that investment over the years in the area was high cos of the Marcos connections in the area. Heading North the area was more serene that most of the Philippines. We stoppped off at Santa Maria on the way to look at a world heritage listed baroque church designed in the classic earthquake proof style. The church was fantastic, and in most cases - no other tourists. We chatted to some local ladies who confirmed what we knew - that they still love Marcos up here! Then onto Vigan - this place really impressed me - apparently it was spared destruction in WW2 as the japanese retreated just before the US bombers moved in. The design of the city and the ... read more
Vigan Cathedral
Bell Church
Cheeky Monkey and an Orang utan

Asia » Philippines » Vigan July 22nd 2007

One aspect of Filipino transport that makes life difficult for travellers is the general lack of centralised bus stations. Having plenty of bus companies is a good thing, but not when they all depart from different places in the same town. Fortunately both the potential lines for our next destination shared a bus station, so we chugged along to it on a trike - LA Woman in the sidecar with my rucksack, her rucksack balanced precariously on the sidecar's roof, and me balanced even more precariously side-saddle behind the driver. The bus was one of the more comfortable I've had on my travels with Arctic aircon bringing a smile to my lips. Though the road was supposedly a national highway, it was more like Saltburn high street in terms of width and number of lanes. Most ... read more
St Paul's cathedral
Street signs

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