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Asia » Philippines » Laguna February 23rd 2014

So i finally got the chance to visit the so called "Floating and fun park restaurant". It was not bad but not as good as i expected from what i have been hearing from others. If you love taking pictures with different statue, well maybe you will enjoy this place. Isdaan Floating restaurant is located at the Calauan Laguna just after BAY. It is very easy to locate since it is just along the highway. What we have done first is to try the food. So from the name itself "Isdaan"- they caters mainly Filipino dishes with sea foods specialty. There are nipa huts all over the area wherein its up to you to find perfect place to dine with. You will just have to click the outlet inside the nipa hut to call for a ... read more
welcome to Isdaan
Sample foods
eating time

Asia » Philippines » Laguna February 15th 2014

It was a sunny day probably a sign for the upcoming summer season. It is my first time to enter splash island and I am not really a water person.But this first time experience was a indeed a blast!. Since it was a team building of LT-LCSR (a group where my employer is an active member) i expected a very challenging activity ahead.I won't tell a story with regards to the activity but instead i will share my insights of the place and Splash Island's attractions. Spash Island is located in San Pedro Laguna,for those who are always passing by the SLEX you will immediately notice the place with big green slides on the side. It usually opens from March till end of summer from 8am-6pm. Inside the facilities you will enjoy different water sports activities.There ... read more
Rio Montosa
Zip Line
Zip Line (Roundtrip)

Asia » Philippines » Laguna » Calamba September 19th 2013

It's been a long time since I visited this page, will start updating this soon...... read more

Asia » Philippines » Laguna » Calamba March 10th 2013

Laguna de Bay. This body of water -- the largest lake in the Philippines -- straddles Metro Manila and the provinces of Laguna and Rizal. From this lake, water flows through the Pasig River which meanders around and across Metro Manila and drains into Manila Bay. It is said that 3,000 years ago, Manila Bay is connected to Laguna Lake but "broke up" as a result of disturbances along a major earthquake fault. The Tallest Statue Honoring A Little Hero He stands only at 4 feet 11 inches but Dr. Jose Rizal stands tall in every Filipino's heart. In honor of our national hero, the tallest statue was erected right in his hometown of Calamba, Laguna. You'd pass it on a roadtrip from Manila passing the Southern Luzon Expressway (SLEX), just 90 minutes driving south from ... read more
The Municicipio
Papier Mâché Sculptures in Paete, Laguna
200year-old painting

Asia » Philippines » Laguna » Villa Escudero January 17th 2013

The day after Pagsanjan falls I'm told were going to have lunch under another waterfall and that I'll get wet like yesterday so i should take a change of clothes again. We all pile into the car and head off; destination Villa Escudero. Villa Escudero was one of the original Spanish plantations in the area and was founded back in the 1800's. Back then the main crop was sugarcane, but this was replaced with coconut plantations in the early 1900's. The estate has remained in the hands of the family and was opened up to the public in the 1980's. Hope I've got the dates approx correct, but I'm sure someone will be more than happy to correct me if they read this and disagree - leave your comments if you do. There's probably 4 main ... read more
This is the house that 'Rose' built
Nice backdrop but. . .
General grounds

Asia » Philippines » Laguna » Pagsanjan » Magdapo Falls January 16th 2013

OK - our last outing was Taal on the 6th and it's now the 17th (it's actually February when I'm writing this). The reason for the delay was not the pulled calf muscle from the Taal Trek - I got that tended to at "Sonya's Secret Pleasures" the next day and within two days was 99% OK. Rather; the delay was simply due to nothing having been planned so we sat around the house doing SFA. It was decided that this trip was to be an adult excursion so this time there was a much smaller entourage in the van and we headed off. The thing about Pagsanjan falls is that they're not really Pagsanjan Falls at all, rather - the boat ride originates in Pagsanjan. The indigenous name for them is/was actually Magdapio falls, but ... read more
The Train
Life on the River #1
Life on the River #2

Asia » Philippines » Laguna » Pagsanjan » Magdapo Falls October 31st 2012

This is another unforgettable vacation spent with friends, Mel, Ninong Ibrahim and Bim. I have been to Pagsanjan Falls previously, always with different sets of friends. But the experience is always as good as the first time I visited the Falls. It was my first time to visit the Hidden Valley.. The experience was truly beyond awesome!! :)... read more
an awesome pose by the Falls!
sitting by the pools of Hidden Valley
the Lovers' Pool :)

Asia » Philippines » Laguna November 17th 2011

I initially attempted to shoot star trails during a recent trip to Caramoan Island, Camarines Sur. Unfortunately, my camera settings were all wrong and I failed miserably and pathetically. So, when our photography mentor, Edwin Martinez, shared his knowledge and new learnings with star trail photography, my friends from CLXI and I wasted no time and immediately went to the Caliraya Lake in Cavinti, Laguna to practice what we’ve learned. Here’s my first ever star trail photo taken from 9:41pm to 10:41pm, a total of 101 shots. The night started out with really clear skies, but somewhere in the middle of the shoot, clouds started coming in and, oh well, messed up my photo. Still, this photo clearly shows, that yes, this time, my camera settings were correct. Click here to continue reading this entry: http:/ ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Laguna » Calamba June 9th 2011

Laguna is a province south of Manila. This Sunday, June 19th, marks the 150th birth anniversary of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Calamba, Laguna is his place of birth. Their ancestral house has been rebuilt through the years and it is only the well that remains of the original structure. To celebrate his 150th birthday, the ancestral house--- now aptly called Rizal Shrine --- is all spruced up for this Sunday's celebration. So with the other Rizal Shrines and Monuments scattered all over the country. I dare not join the festivities this Sunday. Instead, I visited his home province on 2 separate occasions. Once to revisit the Shrine or ancestral house itself, for some history lessons. Another time to bask in the peace, tranquility of Mount Makiling in the nearby town of Los Banos, Laguna. ... read more
Interiors of the Ancestral House
The Indigenous Fan
Laguna de Bay Beckons

Asia » Philippines » Laguna » Majayjay May 28th 2011

Roadtripping using the Mount Banahaw Loop can be tricky. I say this because looking at the map is soooo not the same as driving around it. Mount Banahaw rests between the provinces of Quezon and Laguna south of Manila. Homeward bound from our week's holiday in the Bicol Region, we toyed with the idea of taking an alternative route. This time, we wanted to take a detour based on the Mount Banahaw loop. From the map, it looks easy and uncomplicated enough. What we failed to realize is how those roads from Lucban, Quezon winds around the mountain to cross to the next town which is Majayjay, Laguna. Before the drive though, we first set down our priorities. First off is our lunch. I remember this place in Tayabas, Quezon the last time I passed it ... read more
Floating Rafts
"Kamay ni Hesus" Pilgrimate Site
Majayjay Church

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