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200year-old painting  

A Roadtrip Around Laguna de Bay (Laguna, Philippines) 200year-old painting

St. Christopher with ORIENTAL features rendered by a local artist, Jose Luciano Dans.
A Roadtrip Around Laguna de Bay (Laguna, Philippines)

March 10th 2013
Laguna de Bay. This body of water -- the largest lake in the Philippines -- straddles Metro Manila and the provinces of Laguna and Rizal. From this lake, water flows through the Pasig River which meanders around and across Metro Manila and drains into Manila Bay. It is said that 3,000 years ago, Manila Bay is connected to Laguna Lake but "broke up" as a result of disturbances along a major eart ... read more
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Philippine Flag The Philippine Islands became a Spanish colony during the 16th century; they were ceded to the US in 1898 following the Spanish-American War. In 1935 the Philippines became a self-governing commonwealth. Manuel QUEZON was elected President and was ta... ... read more
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