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Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Bantayan October 24th 2014

I have always liked Bantayan. We were here last year just before Typhoon Yolanda hit the Island and it is great to be back! While the Typhoon destroyed many of the beachfront resorts, most are now back up and running. What I like so much about the Island is the lack of tourists which is strange because the beaches are wonderful. So easy to make friends with the locals and very reassuring to see a few expats that we have known for years still in thier usual places. Staying in our usual long term rental apartment which is probably one of the best deals on the Island. We had been told that the only way to get to Paradise Beach was to rent a banca, but thats not true. After asking around locally and a little ... read more
Local bancas at Marlins Beach
Locals enjoying the beach

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal August 8th 2014

En chemin vers Cebu, je décide de m'arrêter faire quelques plongées à Moalboal, en espérant voir le grand banc de sardines qui sillonne la zone. Après le typhon de l'année dernière, on entend toutes sortes de choses sur ce grand banc de sardines qui habitait originellement autour de l'île de Pescador. Ce qui est incroyable, c'est que le banc est toujours là mais qu'il a bougé de quelques centaines de mètres suite au typhon et qu'il est maintenant juste au bord du récif, a une dizaine de mètres du bord ! Je n'ai jamais de banc de sardines vu donc je ne sais pas trop à quoi m'attendre mais lorsqu'enfin, dans une quinzaine de mètres de fond il passe au dessus de moi, je pers tous mes repères. D'un instant à l'autre tout devient obscure, on ... read more
La mer a Moalboal
Pescador Island
Gros poisson crapaud

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal August 2nd 2014

Our first days were spent exactly as we'd planned: eating, diving, napping, hanging out on the deck or walking along the beach peering into tide pools. The ocean is definitely the draw here. Locals comb the beach at low tide for mussels and other shellfish and men use nets, spears and lines to fish from boats or by standing in the shallows. Dive tourism provides another source of income and the dive shops, though often owned by foreigners, seem to employ many Filipino divemasters and instructors. In an attempt to attract more tourists some people have tried to harness the draw of whale sharks, by hand feeding them from boats. Matt and I have always wanted to see a whale shark in the water, but after researching the operation in Oslob (another town here on Cebu) ... read more
Matt heading down
Lower Kawasen Falls
Chilling out in the shade

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal July 26th 2014

We came to the island of Cebu in the Philippines in pursuit of perfect freediving . Panagsama Beach, just outside of Moalboal, is definitely a tourist town that caters to divers. There seem to be as many scuba shops as there are restaurants, and a few freediving shops as well. We had a very specific wish list: depth close to shore so we wouldn't have to rely on a boat, good visibility, warm water, and calm seas to enhance comfort while breathing up on the surface. And we did get it, well mostof the time. It was raining when we arrived in Manila and I tried not to take it as a portent of what was to come - we'd had our fill of monsoons in Bali. A short flight to the island of Cebu and ... read more
Roberta reading on our beach
Hard and soft corals at low tide
Nemo says hello

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Dalaguete June 29th 2014

Osmeña Peak, Mantalongon, Dalaguete 09° 49.209N; 123° 26.541E June 29-30,2014 1013 MASL On June 29, 2014 we celebrated the birthday Party of our climbing buddy at the highest peak in Cebu City. That was my fourth time to visit the place but I was amazed just like before to see the beautiful place. Our group itinerary is posted below and I will upload photos. Day 1 - June 29, 2014 12:33 PM Cebu South Bus Terminal to Dalaguete 02:58 PM Mantalongon-Dalaguete Junction 03:19 PM Mantalongon Market 06:09 PM O'peak Campsite 07:30 PM Dinner Time 11:04 PM Lights Out Day 2 - June 30, 2014 05:30 AM Rising 05:45 AM O'Peak Summit 06:30 AM Breakfast 09:40 AM Descend 12:50 PM Bound to Cebu 03:35 PM Cebu South Bus Terminal Watch my Video below and select 720p Quality ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu April 23rd 2014

Guide books do unquestionably play an important role for travelers. Even in an age where "independent" backpacker tourists want to be distinguished from the unwashed masses, "off the beaten track" often means that a simple guidebook is consulted on how to find a particular experience - actually leading an arguably free spirit down the path of counter-culture conformity. One particular book (lets call it the LP) is unquestionably the backpackers bible and it has had this role since quite some years. It has been crossing my mind several times that this particular company has an unbelievable amount of power on whether or not tourists visit (or even like and recommend) a particular destination. During my short Easter trip to the Philippines I have experienced this very phenomenon on my own skin and of course need to ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City March 19th 2014

Leaving the heart of Isaan in Udon Thani, it was an extended 10h traffic-jammed bus ride back to the capital, for a quick couple of nights in transit, before I left the Land of Smiles. Yes, it was finally time to say goodbye to my second home country for a fourth time, and say hello to my destination that is the Philippines. I'd already been there last year of course, in the northern region of Luzon, with some fond memories of the spectacular rice terraces of the Cordilleras, and swimming with the whale sharks. This time, I'll be exploring the central Visayas islands, with the country's second largest city of Cebu being my first port-of-call. And after an inconveniently timed red-eye flight, with a 3h layover in Manila, I'd finally arrived. LP said that Cebu is ... read more
Magellan's Cross
Fort San Pedro
Chu Un Temple

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Dalaguete February 19th 2014

Been planning this trip for ages, but the bad weather meant we had to postpone for over a month! With our travel companions Dave and Marj, we rode North from Moalboal to Dumanjug, then took the road across Cebu to Sibonga. Had to ask the locals exactly where the road begins as it isnt that obvious. The road over to Sibonga was an easy ride, paved almost all the way and some great scenery. Then visited the Mama Mary Shrine near Sibonga. Huge place built on the hillside and full of devotees in hope of a miracle. Mass was underway just as we arrived, so lots of peolpe there. Very impressive and beautiful Shrine and well worth a visit. Then we rode South to Dalaguete and rested overnight there. Next morning, with a hangover from too ... read more
Dumanjug Church
Inside the Church
Road to Sibonga

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal January 27th 2014

I said to my self before to explore other countries i must explore first my own land. I believe theirs a lot of beautiful places in the Phils.... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Barili November 15th 2013

From Moalboal we decided on a daytrip to Barili. First stop was Mantayupan Waterfalls just outside of Barili. First tier are three small falls then next is very impressive 90 meter falls. We were the only people there most of the time, so very quiet and relaxed. Next was to a Talapia Farm just outside the Waterfalls where you can try to catch your own fish and the restuarant will then cook them for you. We didnt have much luck catching the fish, so just asked if they could catch them for us! One kilo of grilled Tilapia was 170 peso so good deal! Next was to Sayaw Beach just few km outside of Barili. Not as nice as the beaches around Moalboal, but still nice to go somewhere different..... read more
Lower tier of falls
Walkway to  upper falls
Upper falls, very big!

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