Photos from Cebu, Philippines, Asia

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Culasi Beach
Loungers were calling our name
Amazing view from vantage point
Our boat
Almost there
Towards the light
Take-out pizza
Nature's crème brûlée
Chilling out in the shade
Bamboo bridge across the Kawasen River
Lower Kawasen Falls
Typhoon diving
Roberta floating in space
Stranded sea star
Pincushion sea star
Bubba was brave enough to actually come onto our porch.
Mom wants to play
Sunset fishing
And Roberta doing a much better Ursula impersonation
Matt doing his best Ursula Andress impersonation...
Another hawksbill
Colorful reef
Hermit crab trying to hide its colours
The notorious blue-ringed octopus
Banded Sea Krait
Get ready... set.... GO!
Kawasan Falls
Fishermans House
Catch of the day
Fisherman's catch of the day
Kawasan Falls
Kawasan Falls
Kawasan Falls
Kawasan Falls
Kawasan Falls
Kawasan Falls
Kawasan Falls
Walk to Kawasan Falls
Dale on White Beach
White Beach Fisherman
White Beach
White Beach  Resident
Panagsama Restaurants
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