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Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City April 22nd 2011

It was my first time celebrating my 3rd decade of my life in Cebu. Im thinking of the best place to celebrate with my friends that will surely memorable. I saw this travel magazine of Philippine Airlines during my flight to Manila then they featured Blu Bar of Marco Polo Hotel in Cebu City. The day when I arrived Cebu, I drove away to the hotel to see the panoramic view of the city. I was amazed on how beautiful the place - the bar, the table set up, the lights, and the floating candle like view of the city. Indeed, my birthday celebration captured all the happy memories.... read more
MP 31
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Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City March 1st 2011

...for letting us make our flight! Here's the breakdown: 6 am - pick up on two motorbikes 6:15 am - flat tire on Ronald's motorbike ------- 30 minute waiting time by the side of the road --------- 6:45 am - back on the bikes 7:45 am - arrival at Roxas "bus" terminal to decide to pay: 1,000 for the van to leave right then, 200 each for the van to leave at 8 am with other passengers. We opted for the latter and were picking up people until 8:33 10:45 am - bus terminal in Puerto Princesa to hire a trike to the airport (100 total, 20 more than what we were offered two days ago...) 11:05 am - airport. We run in, I show our itinerary to the woman at the counter and she's says ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City February 23rd 2011

Today we walked to the downtown area of Cebu on a quest to find Pier 4 (they say "pier cuatro"). We had bought our ferry tickets from SuperCat and wanted to see if it was a walkable distance for the morning. The downtown area reminded us of Manila even more than what we'd already seen so we decided to head back to a safer neighborhood. My laundry wasn't ready, but Ronald's was, so we picked that up and then went to buy our plane tickets from Cebu Pacific. Turns out they charge you a fee on the internet and on the phone for their services but in the office they don't. Strange, I thought. Anyways, our trip will be first to the island of Bohol where I can go diving and we can snorkel and enjoy ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City February 22nd 2011

Today we had four things on our agenda: 1. buy a ferry ticket to Bohol 2. find out about SCUBA opportunities here 3. do laundry 4. buy a SIM card for Ronald's 3G We succeeded only in the last two. Laundry was 30 pesos per kilo and she counted out the items and put them in a basket before giving us our receipt (you could pay before or after) with instructions to come back tomorrow at 18:00 to pick them up. We then went to the Robinson's Cybergate mall to find that it was basically full of only restaurants -- there were only 3 places that sold electronics. After playing around for a while, Ronald got the SIM working at one of the shops, the only one that had them available actually. After this we went ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City January 12th 2011

Hello all. As I said above, this will be my last entry since I'm coming to the end of this whirlwind exploration of SE Asia. The Philippines is a lovely country but will definitely have to come back to do it properly, nine days was just not enough. Okay, the internet cafe I'm in continues to lose connectivity so I'll just post the few pics I've uploaded and get back to update in a bit. Take care everyone. Thank you for being interested in my journey and traveling with me :) Love Cheryl... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City November 25th 2010

It was late Wednesday afternoon when we finalize our trip to Cebu. An all expense paid trip which includes a plane ticket, accommodation at Marriot Hotel and a 24hour Cebu City tour-as in everything is free including the "pasalubongs". What else can I say but "Yes! I'll join". I've wanted to visit Cebu City but with no luck, I've been left behind so many times and I even forfeit a flight last year. But seems luck is on my side last November 24 when I got a call telling me that I'll be off to Cebu the following day. I pack my things as fast as I can because I don't want to waste a minute even a second on my 24hour trip. Thinking what will I do in Cebu, Alone? It suddenly hit me that ... read more
Magellan's Cross
Basilica Museum
Marriot Hotel's Lobby

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City September 27th 2010

My main purpose as to why I came back to CEBU CITY is to experience the newest, latest and most visited extreme tourist spot that the Queen City of the South has to offer… And that is SKY EXPERIENCE ADVENTURE, which is the WORLD’S FIRST AND ONLY by CROWNE REGENCY HOTEL & TOWERS, standing 40 stories high making it the tallest hotel tower in the Country, located at the Heart of Cebu City in the Philippines. For only 800 Philippine Pesos, You would experience a whole day package of a 400 feet high SKYWALK EXTREME, which is a walk on a path around the 37th level outer-rim. EDGE COASTER, which is around the 38th level outer-rim. 4D EXPERIENCE, with 3 varieties of movies to choose from. SKY OBSERVATORY, where you can witness the freedom of ... read more
Happy Loner Traveller's Certificate
Happy Loner Traveller at Edge Coaster CEBU, Philippines
Happy Loner Traveller's Edge Coaster Certificate

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City September 24th 2010

While I’m writing this, the first thing that came up from my mind was I’m very thankful that GOD is so great to me. He gave me the chance to see and realize how worthy and valuable my everyday life is… He allowed me to come back with a refined purpose of which I could go in pursuit of… and he enabled me to see the bigger picture of life, that we should not take everyone and everything for granted because all the things in this world has a contribution of what and who are we in the present. It was August 31, 2010 at 1:50 PM when the unexpected had happened. It was my last day at CEBU, so my itinerary for that day is work. I’m a Travel Organizer so my job is ... read more
Happy Loner Traveller's Cebu Accident
Happy Loner Traveller's Cebu Accident
Happy Loner Traveller's Cebu Accident

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City September 19th 2010

I denne uge er vi startet på en ny skole, hvis navn er det længste skolenavn jeg nogensinde har hørt, så sæt kaffen over og find slumretæppet frem, for her kommer det: Mandaue City Comprehensive National High School. Det er den største skole i Mandaue, den by der er smeltet sammen med Cebu City, med næsten 4000 elever og 102 lærere. Jeg er i to klasser i aldersklassen 12-13 år, og i forhold til Cabancanlan virker det til at ressourcerne hos skolen og eleverne er flere på MCCNHS. Her er mere plads, både udenomsplads og i klasseværelserne, selvom det naturligvis stadig ikke er i nærheden af danske forhold. Min praktiklærer, mrs. Ruiz, er en slagkraftig lille dame, der altid før en time finder sit lille spejl frem for at tage sin knaldrøde læbestift på, og i ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City September 16th 2010

Som tidligere nævnt, var vi (10 stk. fra Grillen) i weekenden en lille tur i Moal Boal, en by på den sydlige del af øen. Hold da op hvor var det dejligt at komme en tur ud på landet og til vandet - det er jo trods alt et ørige vi befinder os i, så det var vist også på tide at komme på stranden! Det er et af de mest afslappede steder jeg nogensinde har været. Tobias, Anders og jeg var på mountainbiketur i bjergene, hvor vi skulle finde en grotte med en kilde. Aldrig er jeg gået så sukkerkold som jeg gjorde på det bjerg! Om morgenen havde jeg kun fået et spejlæg og to toast og jeg havde været forkølet dagene forinden, så formen var ikke hvad den burde være. Men dumdristig som ... read more

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