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Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City February 21st 2015

What a morning! It started off okay, got packed up and had a nice breakfast at the restaurant. We sat waiting for our tuk-tuk to turn up. We waited ages and it became evident that he had forgotten about us or had a better offer. It took 45 minutes from where we were staying on Panglao Island to the ferry port, we were on a serious time crunch. The owners of our guesthouse saved the day, they had to go to a flower market near the ferry port, so they offered to take us. We were relieved for about a minute, until we realised we had to wait for the driver and van to turn up. It was stressful, waiting and watching the minutes tick by. The van turned up and we drove to the port, ... read more
Taoist Temple
Taoist Temple
Taoist Temple

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City November 25th 2014

I was wrapping up for my first SOLO travel. I had planned to visit Cebu city. It's 45 minutes away from my homeland, via plane. When I got there, my aunt picked me up at the airport, we drove for almost 30 minutes from Mactan to Cebu City, but you might experience 40 to 50 minutes on the street if there's a heavy traffic. If you'll ride a cab, you'd pay 200 pesos, that's approximately 4.45 USD. Upon arriving to my destination, my aunt left me because she has to go to work, I went to my friend's apartment to spend two nights with her. We dined at the Thai Restaurant around 7:30. We had like, casual conversations because she was my sister's best friend. Then, my sister arrived after two days, I slept at her ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City March 19th 2014

Leaving the heart of Isaan in Udon Thani, it was an extended 10h traffic-jammed bus ride back to the capital, for a quick couple of nights in transit, before I left the Land of Smiles. Yes, it was finally time to say goodbye to my second home country for a fourth time, and say hello to my destination that is the Philippines. I'd already been there last year of course, in the northern region of Luzon, with some fond memories of the spectacular rice terraces of the Cordilleras, and swimming with the whale sharks. This time, I'll be exploring the central Visayas islands, with the country's second largest city of Cebu being my first port-of-call. And after an inconveniently timed red-eye flight, with a 3h layover in Manila, I'd finally arrived. LP said that Cebu is ... read more
Magellan's Cross
Fort San Pedro
Chu Un Temple

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City November 3rd 2013

Mt. Kan-Irag (Sirao Peak) Cebu, Philippines November 2-3, 2013... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City November 3rd 2013

Mt. Kan-Irag (Sirao Peak) Cebu, Philippines November 2-3, 2013... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City October 23rd 2013

Pocherohan and seafood house... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City September 3rd 2013

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City June 27th 2013

I was amazed that the event place went bigger wilder and crazier than ever. The place went bigger just to cater a new set of party people. Before it was just full of La Sallians partying, but now that it became more famous than ever the crowd was full of different types of people from ages 18 to 28 years old. I was shocked with the crowd. I think people from last year’s Sinulog were jealous so most of the people booked a flight. Baseline’s Street party started at 12:30 and ended up till 4 in the morning. The crowd was even wilder than ever, everyone kept putting facepaint on strangers and most of the people was throwing beer and water at the crowd. I’ve seen so many people who got wasted and just passed out ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City May 6th 2013

Budlaan Kabang River. 050513.... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City May 6th 2013

Budlaan Waterfalls 050513... read more

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