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Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City April 1st 2019

Generally, I need to get away every two months to keep my sanity, especially when I get really busy. So, my friend's wedding in the Philippines was the perfect opportunity. Joselet and I used to be office mates when I first worked in Dubai, and her twin, Joevet, also worked in our company. They were two of my first friends in Dubai and showed me around often. We've kept in contact over the years, even though Joselet moved on to another company. And now - she was getting married! Despite a huge report deadline, and many other things hanging over my head, I still kept to my trip. A much needed trip. I worked in the business class lounge until 1:30 in the morning reviewing reports. Fortunately, when I made my way to the gate, as ... read more
Dubai girls!
Pool at the hotel
Me and the twins

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City January 21st 2018

Ich erreichte Cebu City mit der Fähre aus Bohol. Das Terminal platze aus allen Nähten, da sehr viele Menschen zum Festival wollten. Das Festival nannte sich Sinulog und ich hatte bereits in der letzten Woche Schulkinder dafür üben sehen. Auf der Fähre lief seit Ewigkeiten mal wieder der Fernseher, ein sehr trauriger Film. Ich heulte wie eine Schlosshund und schniefte mit meiner unbekannten Sitznachbarin um die Wette. In Cebu City konnte ich vor Menschen kaum laufen. Mit meinem dicken Rucksack presste ich mich durch die Massen auf den Straßen und umklammerte meine Wertsachen. Weit und breit fuhr kein Jeepny, Taxi oder sonst was. Ich hatte mir mal wieder ein Bett über Couchsurfing organisiert und noch einen weiten Weg aus der Stadt vor mir. Die Menschen um mich herum hielten Puppen in die Luft und schrien laut: ... read more
Mit dem Roller in die Stadt
Die Kostüme waren der Wahnsinn
Nach 8 San Miguel Light war alles blau

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City July 14th 2017

Maravilla Beach Weekend Getaway Maravilla is a small paradise where you can have fun without having to worry about spending too much. It has a very long stretch of beach ideal if you want some quiet time and long walks. To get there, you can start off at the North bus terminal for a 3-hour drive to Tabuelan, Cebu or choose to ride a van via Tuburan in Mandaue City. From Tuburan, you can ride a tricycle or habal-habal to the town of Tabuelan where another habal-habal can take you to Maravilla. Despite of the very little amenities, you can pitch a tent and lie on the soft, powdery-white sand and look at the stars at night. At daylight you can cool off the scourging heat by swimming in the deep blue turquoise water. If you ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City April 20th 2017

18 - 19 avril "This could be Heaven or this could be Hell" Hotel California, Eagles De retour à la capitale, je passe la journée à contempler les aquariums de l'Ocean Park, grand centre thématique sur les fonds marins. Spectacle de phoques savants et danse des méduses phosphorescentes. Ça occupera le temps à Manille cette visite... avant de quitter en avion ( avec Cebu Pacific) pour Cebu City plus au sud. Le trajet séparant le Z Hostel de Manille à l'aéroport prendra 1 heure de mon temps, prit en otage encore une fois par l'éternel trafic philippin. La route aérienne d'ici à Cebu City, elle aussi me volera 1 heure. C'est fou comment le rapport de temps vis-à-vis la distance parcourue est complètement déréglé ici. "Crazy trafic" que m'ont lancés presque tous les chauffeurs de taxi ... read more
Scène de rue, Cebu City
Working in Cebu

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City December 21st 2016

David here... We arrived at the Cebu North bus terminal later than anticipated due to the excessive traffic all around the city. It was so bad that we contemplated tackling the 1 hour walk to our hotel however that would've been stupid in the heat, even though it was early evening. We got off the bus and joined the queue for the white metered taxi's and it was not long until we were near the front. When second in the queue, we were ushered forward by the attendant and given the taxi that had just pulled in. We didn't think much of it at the time but we were behind 2 local women and we wished we had insisted that they took the taxi regardless of what the driver wanted, but we weren't that on the ... read more
Cebu City - Barbeque food at Yaksi
Cebu City - How to end the night, with 2 litres of beer
Cebu City - Iglesia ni cristo

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City September 24th 2016

Sunday. A day of rest. But not when you're on a tight travel schedule. After a brief pit stop at the breakfast buffet (the highlights being cucumber lemonade and pumpkin pasta), Dean had us outside amongst the sights and smells of the city to go to the English mass at a nearby church! A taxi driver told us that the church was a short walk away. So off we went, obediently following the directions: straight through the first traffic lights and a right turn at the second set of lights. That plan was a spectacular fail. Hot, sweaty and bedraggled we found ourselves back at the hotel after jumping out of a cab that wanted to drive us around the city for a day. Our third attempt at finding a driver to take us succeeded. I ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City September 24th 2016

Another hearty breakfast buffet selection containing such items as chicken ham and bread pudding filled us up ready to take the day on. Cesar picked us up in the posh Kadasig jeepney and took us to HQ where gifts of food and bracelets were immediately bestowed on us. A little awkward, considering they're the charity and we should be the ones giving. We did drop off a couple of bags of supplies donated by Dean's school but realised we'd left the bag of goodies we bought for the kinder at the hotel. We have never lost something on holiday before but we don't usually carry so much. Although we did leave two bags there, we gained what seemed like a week's worth of food. Mangoes, water, some lychee type of fruit, bananas and half a large ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City September 23rd 2016

A 12:10am flight from Tullamarine to KL began this year's adventure. The pilot did the usual greeting then says something about turbulence and four hours. Was that turbulence for four hours? Turbulence in four hours? Eleanor didn't care, she had already contorted herself into a somewhat awkward looking sleeping position. The comfort pack, entertainment pack and meal arrive within minutes of each other and the cabin crew have also left behind chilly Melbourne and its pesky heating needs and switched to tropical mode; adjusting the air conditioner to what feels like the same temperature I just left in the carpark! And then the lights go off and we're expected to sleep for the next six hours or so. I'm basically awake for the entire duration waiting for the turbulence. Just a few little bumps but it ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City July 14th 2016

One of the major reason of my annual vacation in the Philippines is because of the 10 months old Cebu air ticket which I booked 2 months after I arrived here in Oman (Promo rate as usual- I'm a sucker of airfare promos- haha). Good thing I was able to invite some of my previous closest workmates to tag along. So #Cebusquads are all set to invade the Queen City of the South! The only downfall of this trip is the Flight schedule that I booked for my friends. Originally we planned to merge Cebu-Bohol tour but the timings of our flight won't permit us. So squeezing everything out of 3 nights and 2 days were our travel goal. Day 1 Arrived at Cebu: 11:30 AM Rode a shuttle bus going to SM Cebu to grab ... read more
Rooms for dessert
Crown Regency Hotel
Skywalk Experience

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City June 26th 2016

We flew into Cebu's tiny, one tarmac strip of an airport around 530pm. After collecting our bags we stood outside, in 90 degree heat, in the taxi line. Which was a nice change of pace. Usually we have to brave the swarm of drivers crowding us, shouting "TAXI! Where you go? TAXI! TRIKE!" However the line was moving awfully slow. We met another American, Ryan from San Francisco, and decided to share a taxi to our hostel Tropical Budget, located in the neighbourhood of Cebu City. Our 11km drive ended up taking over an hour due to the ridiculous amount of traffic going over the Marcelo Fernan Bridge. Across the bridge is where the children came out to press their sad dirty faces against the windows of our cab. Those devastating frowns ripped my heart to ... read more

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