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Asia » Nepal » Trishuli River March 21st 2014

Day 5 & 6 - Trishuli River Rafting For the next two days we will be paddling down the Trishuli River towards Pokhara, located north-west of Kathmandu. A hearty breakfast and early start today to reach our distination by noon where we exchange our 4WD and driver for a blue rubber raft, paddle and helmet. Travelling on the main road leading to Pokhara is a mixture of narrow sealed tar/ cement, fine powdery dusty cutaways, huge potholes that practically swallow up the vehicle entirely. There are many bike, buses, trucks and tourist vans/cars all trying to leap frog each other to reach their distination early, it is not uncommon to come across many breakdowns, as the road winds down into the valley. Once arriving at the ECO White Water Rafting location it is important to wear ... read more
Here we go
Ready n Waiting

Asia » Nepal » Trishuli River April 18th 2012

We left Pokhara on a comfortable “tourist bus” and headed to the Trisuli River, which is about 3 hours away on the road back to Kathmandu. We met up with our river guide, to go on a whitewater rafting trip. It was a really hot day, and Dennis had been vomiting the night before so we were both looking forward to getting into the cool river after sweating it out for hours. The river is graded as a class 3+, and class 6 during monsoon season. it started off gently enough. I had never been rafting before, but was a little disappointed when the guide assigned Dennis and another young guy with tattoos as the bow oarsman. Soon enough I was thankful that I was not in the front seat when we hit our first class ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Trishuli River October 2nd 2010

So it was finally time to leave Kathmandu, and boy I couldn't wait to breate some fresh air! I finally checked out of the Fuiji hoel, I was only meant to stay 2 nights and I ended up staying 5! The day began early, as I was packed onto a tourist bus that left at 7am. The bus takes the route from Kathmandu to Pokhara and the guide assured me tha the non-English speaking bus driver would know exactly where to dump me on the stretch of road! I didn't feel confident, where was this group that I was supposed to be rafting with! Anyway, much to my surprise, after a funfilled, fist clenching 4 hour drive, the driver beckoned me and spat me onto the road with my huge 20kg backpack. A Nepalise guy found ... read more
Lunch on the beach
White sand with giltter in Nepal
Nepal stands for...

Asia » Nepal » Trishuli River December 20th 2009

After our amazing trekking and on to Chitwan we moved on to the Trishuli River for a bit of sport, whitewater rafting. We were greeted by our wonderful hosts at the Royal Beach Camp, Ram, Mya and Mia. For those of you who don't know, James is not the best in water. Being brought up on a horse and dry land, this was quite a scary concept for him. Still, after our induction to the water and how to fall out of a boat, get back in, help your buddy get back in to the boat, and finally not drown, he was ready to go. Chloe and Laxman came for the first gentle part of the river for 4km. Then it was James and I and the Malaysian four that were doing it with us to ... read more
Doesn't Look Too Big
Just Big Enough for One
The inside with suitcases

Asia » Nepal » Trishuli River October 11th 2008

Got up at 07:00 because we are going white water rafting on the Trisuli river!!!!! First breakfast of course (banana pancakes, yummm) and then towards the starting point upstream of the river. Megan didn't want to go (it's just not her thing) but she went anyway, yeah for Megan ;-)! So the 8 of us (and of course our two Nepalese guides) on the back of a open van off to our adventure of the day. That was an experience on it's own, trying to keep standing during some serious Nepalese driving... At the starting point we got a brief instruction about what to do do on the boat and a short practise on a calm part of the river we really started rafting. There was our raft and also a safety raft. Megan quickly got ... read more
White-water rafting - Day 1 - Lunch
Rafting injuries
Rafting injuries

Asia » Nepal » Trishuli River October 10th 2008

Up in the morning at six for a morning tour through Bhaktapur to see all the offerings and praying of the elderly Nepali people that happens in the early morning, must say that was also very impressive and we got our first Tikkas! (Photos to follow!!). After returning to the home we exchanged email addresses and some information about ourselves. It’s possible we will see our host and his family again in Pokhara as they are going on a holiday there in a few days (his brother studied in Holland for two years, it’s a small world). Both our host families have invited us to stay with them if we return to Nepal - very nice people! We then had a cup of tea with our host family before heading off to Trisuli centre per private ... read more
Jan's tikka
Oldest window in Bhaktapur
Peacock window

Asia » Nepal » Trishuli River September 27th 2007

The wide rushing Trisuli river sparkled in the sunlight. The surrounding grey-green mountains are engulfed in a descending cloud. Nepali women gracefully crossed the river, linked casually by a fragile swinging bridge every few kilometres. Mist creeps silently up the unchanging river like a deathly plague. Rain starts to fall. Their brilliant dresses against the lush mountainous backdrop of green beyond description was nothing less than incredible Its pouring with rain, and the bridge over the Trisuli Tented Camp is needed only by those carrying supplies from their village to another. And to the group of rafters, making their way to the rafts after a hearty breakfast in the Bandare village early this morning. None of the locals are here to see us off, unlike yesterday where half the village showed up. And I wasn't expecting ... read more

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