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December 20th 2009
Published: December 23rd 2009
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After our amazing trekking and on to Chitwan we moved on to the Trishuli River for a bit of sport, whitewater rafting. We were greeted by our wonderful hosts at the Royal Beach Camp, Ram, Mya and Mia.

For those of you who don't know, James is not the best in water. Being brought up on a horse and dry land, this was quite a scary concept for him. Still, after our induction to the water and how to fall out of a boat, get back in, help your buddy get back in to the boat, and finally not drown, he was ready to go. Chloe and Laxman came for the first gentle part of the river for 4km. Then it was James and I and the Malaysian four that were doing it with us to go down the river tackling the next 13km. Chloe loved it and was most upset that she couldn't go on with us.

James is now hooked, he loved it and we are hoping to find more white-water rafting.

Unfortunately we don't have any photos of us actually on the river in our boat as we didn't have our camera (due to stupidity).
Doesn't Look Too BigDoesn't Look Too BigDoesn't Look Too Big

but believe me it was
We do however have wonderful pictures of the Royal Beach Camp where we stayed and the river itself.

Additional photos below
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Just Big Enough for OneJust Big Enough for One
Just Big Enough for One

we did get three in a bed in this!
The inside with suitcasesThe inside with suitcases
The inside with suitcases

can't get anymore in..

24th December 2009

Fun rafting!
So glad to hear that you all are safe and having such a good time! The rafting sounds wonderful! So glad to hear that James is into it now...you'll have to come to VA and do some rafting with us! Miss you, love you ton! xo

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