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James, Tara & Chloe

Asia » Hong Kong June 13th 2010

What would a visit to Hong Kong be without Disney? Chloe was in heaven! We went with Leini, Albie and Margo for the most magical step into a world for children (and adults revisiting their youth!) Some of the rides made us turn a lovely shade of green, but wow what an adventure. ... read more
Chloe's itching to get in!
Tara and James
Leini is just too excited!

Asia » Hong Kong May 30th 2010

Out of Vietnam and into the modern Hong Kong. Our great friends Blake, Leini, Albie, and Margo put us up in their wonderful house for a week of fun! This part of our blog is dedicated to the Ireland family who were so hospitable to us.... read more
Fantastic architecture
The old style ferry's
Arriving on Hong Kong Island

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast May 12th 2010

The capital of the north. Ha Noi has a much more old style feeling to it than Saigon in the south. This is probably due to the war and not being bombed as much. One of our main stops was to Van Mieu or Temple of Literature which was established by King Ly Thanh Tong and it just took six years to graduate itself to a university in Hanoi in Vietnam. The temple was a measure to commemorate Confucius and his 72 disciples. Later during the Mongol invasions, the civil service examination pattern of the university was modified so that even commoners could be served. Here there are stone statues of turtles which are carved with the pupils names who graduated from the university. Another highlight, especially for Chloe, was the water puppet show. It is ... read more
Accident ahead,
The Litterary Museum
Dragon of Flowers

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Quang Ninh » Halong Bay May 12th 2010

Ha Long Bay is a magical place, especially for a stonemason... The facts: Ha Long Bay which literally means "Descending Dragon Bay" has thousands of inlets which are formed of limestone which has gone through 500 million years of formation in different conditions and environments. The evolution of the karsts in this bay has taken 20 million years under the impact of the tropical wet climate. The geo-diversity of the environment in the area has created biodiversity, including a tropical evergreen bio system, oceanic and sea shore bio system. We spent 2 nights and 3 days on The Marguerite boat which took us to caves, kayaking, and one small beach amongst the most amazing rock formations. It is a quiet, majestic place full of peace and tranquilly, except for the hundreds of other boats who are ... read more
It really is unbelievable
Jima's heaven
The Marguerite

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Quảng Nam » Hoi An May 12th 2010

Hoi An has to be the most stunning, unspoiled part of Vietnam. It is situated on the Thu Bon River. The heart of the city is still the Old Town, full of winding lanes and Chinese-styled shophouses, which is very atmospheric in the evening when the sun sets. The city is largely preserved as it was, which is unusual in Vietnam, and renovation has proceeded slowly and carefully - it's mercifully absent of towering concrete blocks. The main thoroughfare in the Old Town is Tran Phu. Just south of the Old Town, across the Thu Bon River, are the islands of An Hoi, and Cam Nam to the east. We rented bicycles and cycled around the islands which gave us a true insite to Vietnamese life. We took an excursion to My Son, the UNESCO World ... read more
Typical Shophouse
Fishing Boats
What a smile

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Khanh Hoa » Nha Trang May 12th 2010

Finally back to the warmth. We arrived tired and weary from our 8 hour bus journey from Da Lat in the Central Highlands. Headed for the beach which was wonderful. We spent a couple of days in Nha Trang. We went to the renowned spa treatment - a mud and hot spring bath, which Chloe took great delight in getting both Daddy and Mummy covered in mud. We went on a boat trip which took us to an Aquarium on a small island, followed by parasailing (no insurance needed in Vietnam which meant that Chloe could do it, which she took great delight), her first proper snorkel, and finally lunch and karaoke on the boat! A visit to the best brewery in Vietnam was a must. Our life on the coast culminated in the most wonderful ... read more
Huts on the beach
Lunch - Fresh as it comes
Beach Massage

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat May 12th 2010

We left Saigon for the Central Highlands. Winding our way up through the mountains on our periless trip taking us to Da Lat. Da Lat is the Vietnamese's honeymoon capital. In our case it was a big disaster, it was cold, damp and had torrential rain. Tara caught an awful cold and spent most of the few days there wrapped up. The rain was relentless so we gave up and headed for the coast. All the photo's we have are on the road from the bus, it really was too wet to do anything while in Da Lat! We slowly watch the clouds disappear as we head down the mountains. Oh, to see the sun and sea again! ... read more
Grey Clouds
We'll be coming down the mountian

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City May 12th 2010

After the quiet of Thailand we soon arrived in the chaos of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Vietnam has 80 million citizens and 40 million bicycles - when you travel through the streets of any large city you notice this fact! The streets are mad, crazy and you have to shut your eyes and hope for the best when crossing the road. We spent a few days in Saigon, the most wonderful experience enhanced by one of Tara's long but not lost friends; Bart, his wife Hanh and their daughter Pickle. They treated us to wonderful meals and introduced us to a side of Vietnam we probably would not have seen if they hadn't pointed us in the right direction. Bart - this part of the blog is dedicated to you and your wonderful family. Dining ... read more
Vietnamese Road
My long but never lost friend, Bart
Hanh and Pickle

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai February 1st 2010

Our next stop travelling further north was to be Pai. This tiny town was one of our highlights of the trip. A lovely, sleepy, hippy town with the most relaxed feel to it. It was amazing that we ever got there considering that the three of us went on a 100cc moped, up mountains from Chiang Mai, 140km and 762 curves to get there....and back! We went with Jorg and Natalia who had a better bike than we did and one less passenger. In and around Pai, we visited the hotwater springs, not just once but twice as it was so amazing. We went to the Pai Canyon which looked over the town and the surrounding mountains. The Waterfalls were cold and refreshing after the heat of the day. The night market took over the town ... read more
Our Moped
View half way there
A welcome break

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 20th 2010

We left the crowded city of Bangkok for the mountains of Northern Thailand. Our first stop being Chiang Mai, staying in the Old City, which used to be surrounded by a medieval style wall built 700 years ago to defend against Burmese invaders. It was a lovely city, calm and relaxing after Bangkok. Here we met up with Jorg and Natalia, our friends from Germany who we originally met in Goa, many months ago! We rented a moped to get us around and Jorg showed us lots of wonderful places. These were to include, the zoo, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (one of the north's most sacred temples, and a beautiful lake where we had lunch, a foot fish spa, and hours on our moped. Just to make life a bit more interesting it was here ... read more
The Wall
Wall around the old city
Sitting on the Wall

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