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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Durbar Square October 7th 2018

Today we started out easy with a good breakfast (included in the price). We had fruits, eggs, coffee, potato and something else I can't remember and headed out around 11, with the guide from the previous day, Jay. Also present were Jarod (USA), who travels the world and teaches (mostly) English in S/SE Asia and Maynard from Minnesota, who chose to see the world after retiring, also hoping to escape the American bubble. So on we went to Bakhtapur, Durbar square, and the temples. In continuation of yesterdays education, I learned about some hindu gods and their transports. Each of the 33 million gods has their own unique transportation, which can be anything. I have some trouble reconciling the fact that there's only a couple of thousand words that can be used for that. I guess ... read more
Gate to the hindu temple
Above the entrance
Pagoda temple, thousands of years old

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Durbar Square September 24th 2016

Chaos, crowds and humidity greeted me as I stepped off the plane in Nepal and landed at its main airport, Tribhuvan. After a two week stint in Naples, Italy, I was ready for something a little different and I was not disappointed. Nepal is worlds apart from the relative comfort of the West and when I first stepped foot in the capital city, Kathmandu, I was greeted with a symphony of colour, sound, smoke and magic. My senses were almost overwhelmed from inhaling the dust from the roads and the traffic, intermingled with the strong smell of incense, burning fumes and the tropical heat. Coming from the cold, grey skies of London, Nepal is like nothing I have ever experienced before. When my airport pickup failed to materialise, I was immediately surrounded by a rabble of ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Durbar Square November 29th 2015

Kathmandu, Nepal - 29 November 2015 Our flight from Varanasi was 2 hours late leaving for New Delhi so we arrived at 10.00pm. Our new driver was there to pick us up. He took us straight to our hotel where we were going to sleep overnight and then catch another plane in the morning to Kathmandu. Everything went to plan. On arriving in Kathmandu at 12.30pm we were picked up and taken to the beautiful Hotel Shanker, an old palace which has been heavily restored. We had to buy our visa ($40 AUD each) at the airport. After checking in we visited the Swyambhu Nath & Kathmandu Durbar. This was our opportunity to see some of the devastation left by the earthquake in April this year. There were many historic buildings completely destroyed. Our driver lost ... read more
On the way to Monkey Temple Kathmandu (9)
Durbar Square & surrounds in Kathmandu - red = totally destroyed in earthquake
Durbar Square & surrounds in Kathmandu - site where buffalo sacrificed

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Durbar Square April 21st 2015

Pat and I walked through Dubar Square, we had to pay to get in because we weren't Nepali. We got a super smart guide who I dubbed "asian-Alex" because he also dresses like a "sk8erboi gangster" and is a history nerd, but he calls himself Mr. D. Here is what I learnt: 1) Hanuman D'hoka is the name for Dubar Square where the statue of the Hunuman (God of Monkey - God of power and a hero) stands . The square belongs to cows and pigeons and is there to clean sin. 2) You go to jail for 20 years if you kill a cow 3) The word God supposedly means Generator, Operator, Destruction, which is a Hindu concept for Brahma the creator, Vishnu the Preserver, and Shiva the Destroyer. 4) In Taleju Temple there is ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Durbar Square October 1st 2013

Having said goodbye to India from Delhi’s surprisingly clean and modern airport, we were just a short hour and twenty minutes from our next destination, Nepal. Kathmandu was to be our first stop as it is for pretty much everyone who comes here, and we were looking forward to the challenge of a new country. Hearing that Kathmandu was a busy and hectic city, Donna and I were undeterred. After all, for the past 2 and a half months or so we had been living in a place where busy and hectic are personified. This therefore should be a breeze! As we left the airport with our pre-paid taxi, subtle differences were already starting to show between here and India. The air was cooler, the architecture was different, and the traditional Saris of India were replaced ... read more
Cafe de Patan
A few cables...
hanging out

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Durbar Square June 30th 2013

Today, Elysia was back volunteering at the hospital, and Mike spent the morning wandering a bit through Thamel and worked on the blog at a cool little coffee shop called Pumpernickel. It's a place full of ex-pats, so it is neat to hear a bunch of different accents.Elysia wasn't at the hospital in the afternoon so together we walked down to the Durbar Square in Kathmandu. We explored the various temples without a guide and paid a visit to the Palace Museum. It's kind of a neat museum, but seems to be heavily slanted in a pro monarchy fashion; much of the commentary felt like reading propaganda.After the museum, we paid a visit to the Kumari (or Living Goddess). This is a girl who is selected from the Shakya ethnic group to become the Living Goddess. ... read more
Mural Painted by the Volunteers
Mural Painted by the Volunteers
Mike in front of a small temple in Kathmandu as the rain starts to fall

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Durbar Square June 28th 2013

Our first impression of Kathmandu, not nearly as brown or hot as India. At an altitude of 4500 ft, the air is noticeably cooler, thinner and less hazy than Delhi. Trash still litters the roads, but not nearly to the same extent as in India. Clothing styles are decidedly more western than in India as well, although there are still a considerable amount of women in the local garb. Kathmandu is a city of 4 million people, relatively small by India standards, with the vast majority recently settling here. Our guide in Kathmandu, Kasey(sp), was another master’s degree educated, anthropology trained local. He shared a wealth of knowledge about the culture, the politics and the history of Nepal. I wish I could remember more. Leo and I came here with just a bit more than a ... read more
Kathmandu Durbar Square
Palace of the Living Godess
Alter in Durbar Square

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Durbar Square June 21st 2013

Elysia: My body couldn't stand to lie in bed a moment longer, and I was feeling a bit better (not perfect though), but I decided to get out and went shopping in Thamel with Katie. I didn't want to take my chances going to the hospital in case I felt sick and had to make my long, hot and bumpy way back by taxi again. So off we went shopping. Katie was looking for some souvenirs and we were also searching for some nice jewellery. It's hard to know what kind of quality you're buying. Because its off season here, the stores are not getting as many customers, so it's easy to get a good bargain out of them. We looked for necklaces in a few stores but finally found a store that looked like it ... read more
That's a Lot of Arms
Durbar Square
Pigeons!  And a Cow!

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Durbar Square March 30th 2013

It was a long journey to Thamel from Pharpin. At 11.00 am it was blazing hot despite the temperature to be 13 degrees centigrade. I was looking out from the taxi window, hoping to take photographs of the Hindus celebrating Holi festival. Kids and adults splashed water bags onto each other, rubbing color powders on faces as a symbol of being blessed. White shirts became colored, even the bald headed do get same results. Young and old and no matter who you are, you will be rubbed on faces with colors, being hug and sometimes cheek to cheek. Every time I see one on the streets, I could not get a good shot of pictures; my taxi driver just rammed his Maruti taxi like F1. My mind said “Oh it’s just a small group who plays ... read more
Holi Festival -Durbar Square
Holi Festival -Durbar Square
Holi Festival -Durbar Square

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Durbar Square April 23rd 2012

I can't believe it, the blog that I published about my volunteer experience in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia entitled, Orang Asli Children of Cameron Highlands, Malaysia was nominated at the Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Conference and Awards this May. Well, if you have a minute, please click on this link and then look for my blog address ( which at this time is on the 2nd page, Your vote is very much appreciated. But I really want the organization, REACH, to get some kind of recognization especially for allowing me to lend my skills and help the Orang Asli children. Thank you very much.... read more

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