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I love to travel and explore different places, cultures and sights.

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 13th 2018

Written by team member Brad McHugh It is always special to be a guest in another culture, and open yourself to new experiences. I try to enter these experiences with curiosity, hopefulness, respect, and positivity even if all foreign travel comes with a level of uncertainty as to what to expect or a basic appreciation for how out of place one can feel. After a week here in Argentina, I have been very happy with how awesome this city and culture are, how warm and inviting the people are, and have learned so much in a short time about their history to better inform in the future.Our team has been awesome and come together well ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 13th 2018

Blog Written by Team Leader Michelle Pavliv Today was different. Rather than build for our Habitat partners, the local affiliate arranged for us to serve and engage the local community in different ways. We began our day at a local ‘soup kitchen’. A neighborhood woman has taken it upon herself to provide lunches for children in the neighborhood who might not have a good meal otherwise. She spends her meager savings on preparing meals for upwards of 20 children each day. Her venue is basic at best. We provided the paint and labor to spruce up the common room in her facility. It is amazing what some fresh paint can do! While some were painting, other team members were serving lunch to the kids. The children ranging in age from 2 to 16, were polite and ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 13th 2018

Written by Leo Pavliv While it hadn't rained overnight, waking up early Saturday morning, the clouds looked ominous and the skies opened up for the first of a number of downpours that day. We were all very disappointed when the call came in, cancelling the build, but the celebration with Juan and Yessica was still on at the local Rugby club building. The usual hour long drive stretched on as the weather continued to not cooperate and we had ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 10th 2018

Day four of building. After an hour long bumpy bus ride from the streets of what could be considered a South American New York City to the dusty dirt roads that intersect the village, we exited the bus into Romina and Lucas's front yard. Before the whole group was off the bus Romina began greeting us with a hug and a kiss and the excitement was clearly visible on Aure's face. Romina and Lucas and their two children Christian and Luquitas were our host family for the day. Aure, our mason and Romina's father, along with Lorena, Romina's sister, and Alex and Isaias, Romina's nephews, were also there welcoming us. While sitting on a bucket in the grassy area behind the current home, Aure beamed and welcomed us to "grandpa's living room" as his two grandsons ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 8th 2018

Hola!We again leveraged our commute to engage in some "reflections". The topic was how did our experiences and perception of Argentina so far meet or not meet our expectations. For the most part we felt that Argentina has an image of being a somewhat wealthy country. Certainly not like the poverty one finds in Malawi or Cambodia where some of us have built in past trips. Yet, there is clearly Argentine poverty when you get outside the city. The morning started with a group game on the football field. I have to admit that I approached it with some trepidation. You know how t... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 6th 2018

written by our team member Steve Worrell. Today was our first full day of construction. We are staying in downtown Buenos Aires and have an hour bus ride to the construction site. Being good Habitat volunteers we didn’t want to waste that hour so we are using it for our daily reflection time. This morning a volunteer from the technology industry led us in an “engineering standup” session. We each had to give a W-T-O; What did you do yesterday, what are you going to do Today and what Obstacles do you have. Very interesting. Our tasks for the day where pretty much as yesterday: dig and move dirt to fill the floor up to the top of the foundation, mix concrete (thanks heavens they have a power mixer), and lay bricks. One new thing today ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 5th 2018

Hola from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Wri kitten by Laura Fadeley-Ogle Today was our first official “work” day and what better way to start it off than with a group reflection to share with one another why we’ve all come together in this beautiful country to help make a difference. After an hour long bus journey with views ranging from the city high rise buildings to the city’s high rising slums, what an honor to have our team orientation at the National office with none ofter than Ana Cutts, the National Director. While learning about the history and culture of Argentina as well the projects, the impact and the overall view of Habitat Argentina, our team got to experience and share the National drink “Mate”. Mate is not just about sipping a drink from a straw. It’s ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 4th 2018

Our First Full day in Buenos Aires written by Emily Hudspeth We woke up this morning to a glorious day in Buenos Aires. The team arrived throughout the day yesterday, and we got to start this morning with a guided tour of the city by bus. We had a fantastic tour guide who started the tour in the center square of the city, where the "pink house" is located. Their "pink house" is the Argentinean equivalent of the United States White House - the Argentinean President lives there. Also on that square, we saw the National Congress, the autonomous Congress of Buenos Aires, the main church in Argentina, and much more. We visited inside the church and saw the monument to the liberator of their country, General San Martin. His tomb is guarded by armed guards ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires October 31st 2018

On Friday we travel to Argentina for another Habitat for Humanity Global Village building trip. There are 17 people on our trip. I have several volunteers who have offered to write blog posts of our service and adventure. Stay tuned.... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Can Tho February 13th 2017

A bonus of Global Village Trips, is the great excuse to extend my travel and visit a nearby area that I may have otherwise not seen. This trip was no exception. Me and two of my teammates decided to extend our trip and do what we nicknamed the “Survey Tour of Vietnam”. There were many options to explore nearby in Southeast Asia. We choose Vietnam because it was doable in the short amount of time we set aside, reasonably priced and we had heard so many good things. I wasn’t disappointed! I traveled with Rick and Delores, fellow board members from Habitat Wake. I had two things that were musts on my Vietnam list; doing a float trip on the Mekong Delta and cruising Ha Long Bay. We used both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi ... read more
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