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Jenna C-lo

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary June 12th 2016

On Thursday the drive from Regina into Alberta would probably have been bored had I not picked up 2 hitchhikers, Jade and Oliver from Montreal of all places! Actually every traveller I have encountered was from Montreal heading to BC for the summer, I guess it is just a thing we do. Everyone called me crazy for doing that but here is my reasoning, a) they were a very young looking couple, 18, one of which was a girl (I would rather pick up two people than one because what are the chances that two people are murderous sociopaths); b) they had large backpacks with tents and sleeping bags so they clearly aren’t going to steal my stuff because they can’t run very far; and c) I obviously asked them what their travel plans were and ... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Regina June 9th 2016

Wednesday I left for Saskatchewan to head to Regina. The prairies are very flat but very cute, not a boring drive like one would think! I would however recommend bringing some good music or podcasts along because it is a long ways away if you have no stops planned in between (from Winnipeg to Regina I stopped at Spruce Woods Provincial Park to see the Spirit Sands, a good way to divide up the drive). So I had heard that storms in the prairies are very beautiful because of the flat lands you can see thunder and lightning from miles away. Of course when I saw a dark dark cloud ahead on the highway I thought, this should be cool. Well it wasn’t. As I drove along the highway I had no choice but to enter ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Winnipeg June 8th 2016

Monday June 6th I graduated! Yay! But that is not why I hopped on a plane several hours after my graduation. Everyone thinks I am on some post-grad journey of self discovery or trying to run away to peace and quiet after a brutal last year from hell. The truth is, now that I am free I am finally free to do what I was born to do, which is to travel. Also my boss at the restaurant needed me in July to fill in for everyone, and I eventually have to do the adult thing and look for jobs in my field so leaving in the middle of the summer made no sense. Plus it is Ramadan AND F1 weekend which means everyone who usually goes to the resto is either not eating supper this ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas May 5th 2015

My flight is set to land at 9:15pm in Montreal. I've been flying since 7:35am Kathmandu time, so for like a whole 24 hours. Pat is probably already in London. Sunday, Day 9: We took a bus from Arugaut to Kathmandu. Sandy and Nir left without sying bye because Pat and I were paying the hotel charges. The Russians who were in Dobhan also walked out and we saw them a bit along them way. In Arugaut they rented a jeep and had no room for us so Pat and I took the next bus but I did not feel safe doing that because of the one that flipped over the cliff on our way here. That was before the earthquake so what would the roads be like after!? I made a bunch of phone calls ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas April 30th 2015

It's been 4 days since I've written. Now it is 11am, nothing much, Pat's waiting at what we have all dubbed "the airport" aka. the cornfield downstairs in case of a helicopter. I am waiting for the Canadian Embassy to call be back. Monday Day 3: Valeria, Isabelle, and myself spent the day calling Marie's brother, insurance, hiking company, friend in KTM, and whoever else we could. A helicopter finally came and took the kid and the other injured people then came back for Marie. Everyone tried to jump on the helicopter as if the injured did not matter, I guess it is everyone for themselves at this point. Us 3 girls kissed Marie goodbye and were crying when she left, there's something special about women helping women. I will miss her and our little french ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas April 26th 2015

During lunch yesterday there was an earthquake as I was two bites into my food, talking to Pat, and trying to write in my journal... laughing, happy, confident, and carefree. I couldn't wait to reach camp to text Lori and Alex that my mood had done a complete 180 degree since the previous night when I had messaged them sick and ready to give up. That moment at lunch was 22 hours ago and now I am still in Dobhan 12 feet from that exact lunch place, keep woman, Marie from France, company until her helicopter gets here because she cannot move due to her right leg that that is cut from the knee to foot... or maybe knee to hip... open. She was travelling back to KTM alone and was trapped under a boulder and ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas April 25th 2015

This morning I ate a samosa and some muslix with apple it was all so fresh and delicious! The most I ate in a while. I held my own for the past 2.5 hours. We stopped at a town with a hot spring then will continue for an hour for lunch. I saw some monkeys chilling on a rock today and some sacred cows grazing on grass. Bought Tankur a new water bottle since he dropped his carrying my stuff. I have a pain in my chest but it only hurts a little, hopefully it is muscle and not my lungs. overall my spirits ar hight today. Made it to lunch! Took us 4 hours like Thankur said it would. Pat made a comment about me picking up the pace but as long as we do ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas April 24th 2015

Woke up at 4:00am to a roaster lol. But I threw up a bit :( I will probably be fine tonight though. On the trek today I saw a pretty waterfall, it was thin and gracefully fell into the river. I do not even know why I am writing this because it can't do justice to this magnificent place. I also crossed this badass dangerous rock and made it out alive. We stopped in a shop on the way here because I am feeling sick so Thankur gave me stomach meds. I am travelling with two men so knowing me I will not be the first one to admit when I am feeling weak. This will be the worst day of my trip hopefully because I got to a point where I could not even stand, ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas April 23rd 2015

I feel so rested today, slept for like 9.5 hours and woke up at 5:30am. It is now 7:00am, I am on a $16 budget a day so that is stressing me out a little. I went int Arughat's village to get a hat and hiking socks, the people are quiet here, My diary yesterday did not do that bus ride justice, every turn seemed to get more beautiful than the last and now that we are starting the real trek, it will only get better. There is no electricity here and apparently only few places along the way have some, even fewer with cell reception. Apparently tourists are mad that proper roads and electricity are being built because it ruins their "authentic experience", I think it is great, everyone here is very hard working and ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas April 22nd 2015

Yesterday on our way to Monkey Temple I got hit in the head pretty hard by a metal thing that was in my way as I was moving out of the way of a car driver who was about to run over my foot. It started to bled a little, normally I do not care but it was the first time I ever bled from the head and I was in a foreign land, sometimes insurances scam you with loop holes which means I may have had to incur so many hospital bills, I didn't even know where a hospital was, or what if I passed out or worse died and my dad found out I lied about being alone! All that was going through my head for a tiny scrape that shed a tiny drop ... read more

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