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Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar July 13th 2006

Only pictures today...I'm too lazy to write anything. =)... read more
oo la la!
and in case you were wondering
archery at Naadam

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar July 13th 2006

Well it's now time to play catch up with the travel blog and will be copying most of the following entries directly from my diary...i mean journal. July 13th An uneventfull day in UB with time spent hanging around the nadaan festival, one travel tip is when attempting to find out where to purchase tickets for the end parade they took it that I had lost my tickets and let me in for free, another 3000 toutoks spared. The end of the day consisted of ironing out our plans to travel the gobi and relaxing. July14th The day begins with a frantic chase through the city attempting to find a place for retrieving cash for the trip deposit. An eventual western union proved succes even though once we talked to the main organizer he said he ... read more
Budhism plus shamanism
Our tax collectors ride
First night, edge of gobi

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar July 12th 2006

On the way to the Mongolian Capital of Ulan Batoor (which I'm told is named after the mongolian equivalent of a laso on the end of a stick) we stop in a small town to pick up some extra pasengers. As I write this I hear my next door train compartment neighbor singing a bad rendishon of the beatles let it be. After finally arriving in UB I am amazed to find that my hastily sent email was recieved and the friendly counterpart of UB guesthouse was meeting me with a big sign, my name spelt properly for once. Things get better and better as after I get the last free bed in what appears to be the bustling city the manager gives me a free ticket to the nadaan festivities. After traveling on foot to ... read more
a long climb
Beutiful UB

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar July 11th 2006

Well we made it into Mongolia, even with all the dried food Neen had stockpiled (the customs officials were a lot more interested in checking Mongols returning home than foreigners entering). Our hosts were there to meet us at the airport near midnight on Saturday and after a short drive in the rain in a van with no seatbelts and no headlights either for that matter, we arrived at our guesthouse (if ever you visit Ulaanbaatar, stay at Khongor Guesthouse). Our host Degi more than made up for any character the soviet style building lacks. There are some great restaurants in the city and Neen remains a vegetarian, but that will no doubt shortly change! Ulaanbaatar is a relatively modern city, complete with its share of problems associated with high density living, and in common with ... read more
Soviet style architecture
Nina in Sukhbaator Square
A typical sight in Ulaanbaatar - traditional ger in front of 'modern' office building

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar July 10th 2006

Finally...I'm in Ulaan Bataar!!! Land of togrogs, smiling faces, beautiful weather, and mutton galore. Except for the mutton bit, UB is everything that I'd hoped it to be. =) After another 2 nights on the train and a grueling 8-hour border stop, we arrived in the city this morning and spent the entire day being "super tourists". We saw a monastery, a former palace, a Mongolian dance/song performance, and most importantly...we tried the local mutton specialties. I did not like mutton before I came to Mongolia, and the fatty/tendon-y bit I ate today has not convinced me otherwise. Lauren, on the other hand, seems to really be enjoying the local cuisine! The Gandantegchinlen monastery was absolutely gorgeous -- a giant golden Buddha dominating the central temple, beautiful hand-painted wall scrolls, silver prayer wheels around elaborate stupas, ... read more
me and my mutton kebab
my bed is up top
Gandantegchinlen Khiid

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar July 3rd 2006

We pulled into Ulaan Baatar, fondly known as UB at 8:00 and walked a couple of kilometres to Zaya's Guesthouse, where we were told to leave our bags and come back at 13:00. We left our packs and went out to find somewhere for breakfast. We found a Mongolian fast-food eaterie close to the hostel, where I had sausage stir-fry which actually wasn't too bad. We spent the next few hours checking out a number of tour operators trying to find a reasonable price for a tour to the Gobi desert and eventually stumbled accross the Golden Gobi Guesthouse, who if we book through them, can also offer us a bed for the Naadam Festival which starts when we return. Beds for this period are scarce and already mostly booked out, so this effectively sealed the ... read more

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar July 2nd 2006

I was reading Frank Skinner's hilarious autobiography recently and one of the comments on the back stated "This book is so much better than you have any right to expect." Unreservedly, I would apply these sentiments to our time in Mongolia. Mongolia ferfuxake. I'm from Glasgow. What would any Glaswegian in the right mind be doing in Mongolia? I think as a curious 10 year old I may have come across it on a globe and back then it seemed as far away as Pluto. Perhaps even further given the class project we were doing on the solar system at the time. But here I was, 15 years later, stepping off a train in Ulaan Bataar toon centre as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Our departure from Beijing had been fairly ... read more
The lads in charge of the Mongolian BBQ
Arriving at the ger camp
Giddy up horsey

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar June 26th 2006

This might be a long one... Shanghai turned out to be a lot of fun. The moderness of it all was totally at odds with Yunnan before it and Beijing afterwards. The skylines were the main attraction, particularly at night. Although watching the boats on the bund was also a compelling. From Shanghai we took a very comfortable train overnight to Beijing. Carrie immediately felt at home and transported us swifly to the youth hostel where we based ourselves for a week while we waited for our Mongolian visas. Beijing was very interesting and provided lots of good touristy and non tourist activities. We visited the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Hutongs (Old style family compound housing). However, I think the slightly obscure highlight for both of us was parading past throught the mausoleum ... read more
Us and our trusty van
Lake Khovsgol
Yaks on the move

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar June 3rd 2006

Saturday 0015 Departs Singapore Changi Airport on CA970. 0615 Arrives in Beijing. Transit. 0850 Departs Beijing on CA901. (+1h) 1225 Arrives in Ulaanbaatar (UB). Here we are, on our second trip to Mongolia one year later. This time we were lucky to reach Ulaanbaatar on schedule. No more flight delay like last year. Muno and Puujee, our Mongolian guides, are already at the airport to receive us. So is Nyaama, who is going to be our driver for the next 15+ days. After checking into UB Hotel, which is the same one we stayed last year, Puujee brought us for lunch at the SilkRoad Restaurant. We have heard about the restaurant from PJ, and it is also a "Lonely Planet" recommended restaurant. We had western food, Tendori chicken, etc. Food was quite ok. After lunch, Puujee ... read more
Interesting Figurines
Winter Palace
Bogd Khaan Palace

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar May 21st 2006

No need to spend much time in Listvyanka, is the Lonely Planets take on this tiny remote Siberian Village on the shores of Lake Baikal. Not a very comforting read when you have just booked three nights stay there and the weather is closing in. Unnerved, we set off from Irkutsk and bolted up in our small rented apartment. We were staying there with our latest acquaintance, Lars from Denmark - an extremely worldly wise young man from Jutland. We took in Hovercraft rides across the lake, short hikes to observation towers and plenty of smoked fish suppers in our short stay. All that mixed with the local Baik Vodka resulted in a really relaxing weekend. With that, our Russian adventure had come to an end and we were back on the train heading for Mongolia. ... read more
A quick browse through the local paper.
On the road

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