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Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Petaling Jaya October 27th 2015

Hello everyone!! For the past several weeks I've been posting new travel articles on my website: If you haven't had the chance to check it out yet, please do so! If you've subscribed to my email list here at, you should also be receiving newsletters from my new odyssey site (since I moved all email addresses over). If for some reason you're not, you can subscribe yourself manually on my new site (right-hand column), or leave me a message here and I'll make sure it gets taken care of! It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks for us. To make a long story short, our recent excursion to Thailand landed us some contacts in Bangkok, which in turn has led us to the decision to relocate there...this week! The haze crisis shows no signs ... read more
Comparison - Then and Now

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Petaling Jaya June 23rd 2015

First off, let me apologize for the long delay between blogs. I try to get an update out at least once a week, but sometimes that's easier said than done. This week we've been busy shopping for and getting moved in to our new place, which did not have internet until this morning (also a reason for the delay). But now we are moved in, getting settled, reconnected to the outside world, and ready to share it all with you! Other than a day trip to the nearby Cameron Highlands (which is coming in the next blog), I don't have a whole lot to share in the way of sightseeing. Last week consisted mainly of trips to IKEA, Tesco (like a Walmart), and a variety of shopping malls to purchase the items we'd need for our ... read more
Road Trip!
Jeremy's Favorite Dessert
Middle Eastern Feast

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Petaling Jaya June 8th 2015

And what exactly IS a "candle princess," you're wondering?'s me! Allow me to explain. Candles are made of wax, correct? And what does wax do in the heat? It melts. What do pathetic westerners (such as myself) do in the heat? We also melt. The Malaysians call people like me "puteri lilin," which literally means "wax" or "candle" princess. I'm fairly certain it's the way they make fun of us high-maintenance, I-can't-believe-how-hot-it-is types, but as long as they say it to my face, I'm okay with it. I'll even laugh along with them (as long as they make fun of me first and THEN take me inside where it's air-conditioned). Besides, it's true. I figured since I spent the first 27 years of my life in Florida that I'd have little problem adjusting to the ... read more
Train Station at Batu Tigia
Rooftop Pool
Ara Damansara

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Petaling Jaya August 8th 2013

We enjoying eating, shopping and playing with reasonable price offer.... read more
Artonia cafe
Artonia cafe
coffee with wine

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Petaling Jaya June 27th 2008

La semaien j'etais en tournee promotionnelle ! Semaine epuisante surtout que j'etais responsable de louverture du stand. Mais ce fut une experience enrichissante surtout que j'ai touchee des comissions hehe donc ca ma motiver encore plus. Les derniers jours j'etais le mannequin pour les demonstrations maquillage avec deux artistes dont un qui travaille pour Mac et Shu Uemura (sa sla pete grave). C'etais une tournee "a la chinoise" 7 jours non stop j'etais epuisee mais contente de mon travail =). Last week I got involved into the Road show. It was a very exhausting project also that I was in charge of the opening of the stand. But what an enriching experience! i earned also my first comission =P quite stimulating also =P and the last days I was the model for the make-up show with ... read more
Too much or nothing
Shu uemura style

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Petaling Jaya June 12th 2008

Pour mon premier anniversaire a l'etranger, je n'ai pas pu rever mieux que le feter en Malaisie, avec ma famille, tellement adorable, et qui a tout fait pour que ce prmier anniversaire sans mes soeurs, mes parents, mes amis, soient quand meme un joyeux anniversaire! En plus j'ai eu mon premier gateau vert! =P Merci a tous ceux qui ont pense a mon anniversaire, meme si facebook etait dans le coup =P For my first Bday abroad, I couldnt have dreamt better that ht eone I had in Malaysia with super sweet family who did their best to give me a happy bday though i couldnt celebrate it with my siblings and parents. But anyways, It was such a blessing to be with them ! plus I had my first GREEN cake =P Thank you all ... read more
Jap restaurant
Fondu au chocolat

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Petaling Jaya June 6th 2008

Voici les "meimei" (petites soeurs) les cousines de mes cousins! trop chou mais tres timides aussi These are the two "meimei"s ( little sisters) Sabrina and Selina, my cousins' cousins ! Both cute but hard to take a word from their mouth! finally they talked to me and we played together =) ! We played baby and mummy ( I was the baby ) hehe so cute... read more
Watchu doing?
playing hide and seek hehe

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Petaling Jaya June 6th 2008

Aujourd'hui etait mon dernier jour a PJ SS2, l'une des branche ou j'etais en formation cette semaine afin de mieux maitriser les services de lentreprise. Pour la premiere fois dans ma vie professionnelle malaise, on m'a dit Bonjour, sourie, dit au revoir, fait "coucou".Car en effet en Malaisie, certains collegues ne vous feron aucun signe, "c'est comme ca" =P. Donc je me suis faite 3 nouvelles amies et p-e etait-ce l'une de mes meilleures journees de travail, et p-e est- ce le debut d'une nouvelle amitie.. Today was my last day at PJ SS2, I've been training at this branch this week to get to know better the company services and try to serve some customers. For the very first time of my professional life here, people great me "good morning", give me a smile and ... read more
Viviane manicuring me hehe
Viviane waxing me hehe

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Petaling Jaya May 31st 2008

Aujourd'hui, petite sortie enfin GRANDE sortie ac mes cousins et mon oncle, direction Sunway Lagoon, un grand parc aquatique magnifique ( et aussi le parc d'attraction). Sunway c'est aussi, un shopping mall gigantesque, des hotels 5etoiles, un hopital, uen maison de retraite et tout ce qui fait de Sunway une petite ville a part =P j'adore l'architecture car on se croirait dans un monde vraiment a part, entre egypte et reve =P ! Today we went to Sunway Lagoon resort with uncle and my cousins. AWESOME ! Sunway is mostly to be described as a small town by its own with its gorgeous shopping mall, 5stars- hotels, hospital..whatever you need lah! ( oh im starting to talk Malaysian style LAH!) hehe i love the architecture that reminds me of a dream egyptian city!... read more
Sunway Lagoon
Sunway Rangers

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Petaling Jaya May 31st 2008

Aujourd'hui a ete une mauvaise journee. En me reveillant, (seules my girls know!), ensuite, jai casse ma chaussure (de singapour que j'ADORAIS), mais jeme suis racheter uen autre paire encor eplus glams =P, puis jai casse mon sac =(, jai marche marche sous la pluie sans parapluie pour trouver un taxi, jai couru sur la route pour avoir un taxi et me prendre 12 vents, jai marche 2km et traverser des routes pour arriver a l'Hotel Hilton. J'ai finalement retrouver la belle soeur de ma mere, que je n'avais pas vu depuis 15ans ! Elle est actuellement en Malaisie pour une formation mais est du laos alors evidemment, ca a ete des retrouvailles! Et elle a dit que je SAIS parler LAO =P! Too lazy to translate sorry =P... read more
Breakfast at Hilton PJ
Tata and her friend

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