Photos from Bako National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia, Asia

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Mum and baby again
One of the troupe crossing the beach
Silver Leaf family
Iconic "Cobra Head" stack of the Bako
Limestone stack
Now we wish we had worn our hiking boots!
Back to the jungle
Well known spot for large crocodile sitings
Once across this river, our trek began
"I'm OK, snuffling around the cafe kitchen. I'm a protected species!"
Green Bornean  Viper
"Glad I didn't wear the hiking boots!"
Arrival at the National Park beach
Fishing nets around the bay
Plenty of Crocs around here!
Setting off
Bako Terminal on the river estuary
"What's up?"
"Mmmm. Yum yum yum!"
"Hmm. They look tasty young leaves!"
....and naughty! Escaped from mum a few times!
"Yes, she does look cute, but she's a lot of hard work!"
....and again!....but she really is cute!
Proboscis down to the beach for dinner
Bako NP
Sliver leaf monkey
Silver leaf
Mum and baby
Flying lemur
Deserved dip
Beach landing
Watch Out For Naughty Monkeys!!!
Not A Hard Hike, But Not One Of The Easiest Ones Either
The Steep Hike Down
Posing In Front Of The View
View From The Top
Walking Along The Slippery Boardwalk
Long-Tailed Macaque On The Prowl
Awkward Photo
Good Photo Of Its Nose
You Can See The Length Of Its Nose With The Side Profile
Such An Interesting Face- Proboscis
Proboscis Monkey
It Almost Looks Like The Proboscis Monkey Is Going To Pee On Your Head
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