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Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Bako National Park January 11th 2015

Divided into 3 countries, Borneo is something of a cult tourist hit. It's not so much the urban attractions, although there are obviously cities on this island, but rather the alternative that lures those tourists in. Welcome to the jungle. Borneo's jungle comes in 50 shades of green (there has to be a sequel book in there somewhere) that is clamorous and alive enough to evoke, perhaps falsely, a sense of immortality. We chose Kuching as our landing point partly because the city seemed exotic in its own right and partly because it is on the doorstep of forest that houses 2 tropical rainforest wildlife dignitaries. Borneo is Orangutang and Proboscis Monkey country and we had our eyes on a sitting with both. Turns out Kuching is a charming town with a languid riverside setting and ... read more
Bako NP
Bako NP

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Bako National Park February 3rd 2014

Another early start. Boat ride and landing on the beach to do some trekking in Bako National Park to hopefully see more monkeys including the proboscis monkey, which is indigenous to Borneo, and other wildlife. If the OUs were awesome yesterday this was doubly awesome and probably the best day of the trip so far, unbelievable! Trekking in the rain forest at 30+ degrees C was challenging but so rewarding, seeing so much wild life in the natural environment – wild pigs, a venomous viper snake, a flying lemur and some close encounters with proboscis, silver leaf and macaque monkeys, what a day. The quick dip in the South China Sea was a well needed break before heading back and a well earned Tiger beer! Our time in Borneo was coming to an end but with ... read more
Beach landing
Flying lemur

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Bako National Park September 20th 2013

Sarah and I had decided we wanted to go to Bako National Park together for some trek time. After visiting the orangutans yesterday, we were supposed to go and enquire about booking accommodation to stay there but the office was closed. So in the morning, we went with fingers crossed there was space for us. Joined by Jimmy from New Zealand, we managed to grab the last chalet with 3 beds. Lucky for us! We all had to get some last minute things before catching the local bus, including a towel, mozzie spray and the use of an ATM. Sarah and I lost Jimmy in the mall, so we thought rather than searching for him, we would meet him at the bus stop. Logical thought right? However, only having 5 minutes to go and catch the ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Bako National Park July 15th 2013

This morning we finally got on our way to Bako National Park (pronounced Back-oh). Elysia's eye wasn't really feeling any better, but sitting in the hotel room wouldn't help it so we decided to go to the park anyways. Our guide picked us up at the hotel at 8:30 and took us to the boat dock at the edge of Bako. Although the park is connected to the mainland of Borneo, it is only accessible by boat. So, we took a small runabout type boat for a 15-minute ride through the South China Sea to the dock at Bako. At the park, we were greeted by wildlife immediately. The first thing we saw were Silver Langurs, a type of monkey, playing and eating in the trees near the beach. One of them had a very little ... read more
On Our Way!
Little Village Where We Got On The Boat To Bako
En Route To Bako Via The South China Sea

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Bako National Park June 10th 2013

We were all looking forward to visiting Sarawak and we were certainly not disappointed. In only just under two weeks we recorded a number of 'firsts' including sightings of (semi-wild) orang-utans, proboscis monkeys, the huge Rafflesia and a host of other creatures from stick insects to millipedes with fluorescent tails! We trekked through some fantastic rainforest and coastal scrub forest, and explored an enormous cave system, all within the relatively small south-west corner of Sarawak. How we would have loved to have spent a few months exploring the rest of the State ! Our first impressions of Kuching city were that, for a capital city, it was pleasantly compact and unhurried, lacking the usual crowds, traffic and skyscrapers and shopping malls. The city meets quite abruptly with forest at its fringes and in fact at least ... read more
Bako National Park
Santubong Peninsula
Rafflesia at Gunung Gading

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Bako National Park April 6th 2013

When planning our time in Borneo, one of the places we said we must visit was Bako National Park, as we had heard the wildlife there was sublime, not to mention the various jungle-like trails throughout the park, and we were looking forward to a bit of an adventure again. Once we had booked our accomodation for the park in Kuching at the National Park and Wildlife office (you have to do this before you go if you want to stay there the night), we bought some snacks and got our stuff together in preparation for an early start the next day. Bako is Sarawak's oldest and premier national park, and contains a wide range of vegetation, almost every type found in Borneo. The bus ride from Kuching was easy and by 9am we were at ... read more
Boat ride to the park entrance
Pit viper!
Leaving Bako - what a great place

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Bako National Park February 5th 2013

I had the misfortune to visit Bako on a rainy day. As in, it rained all day. I left Kuching on the second bus and arrived an hour later. After buying a poncho to keep dry, three other people and I were herded into a boat. Of course, we somehow were assigned the boat with no cover. We were told to choose a return time, and hoping for better weather later in the day, we opted for 4pm. You can't change your boat time and you can't change your boating group. We weathered the icy speed boat ride with our heads down. Upon arrival at the dock, we made a beeline for the cafeteria to get tea and warm up. Finally, around noon, the rains seemed to be letting up, so we set out for one ... read more
Proboscis Monkey!
Awww...  a Bornean Bearded Pig
Someone's enjoying the rain (water)

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Bako National Park July 1st 2012

Vanaf Ho Chi Minh eerst naar Kuala Lumpur gevlogen om vervolgens door te vliegen naar Kuching. De tweede vlucht hadden we toch wel wat luchtzakken dus dat was lachen, veel vrouw in het vliegtuig gillen. Voor de rest prima vluchten! Aangekomen in Kuching een top guesthouse gevonden, Tree House, perfecte locatie, goedkoop en ze hadden een keuken waar je kon koken! Eerste keer sinds vijf maanden een maaltijd zelf bereid! En wat was het......... pannenkoeken!! Heerlijk, genoten. Deze dagen Kuching bekeken en toen naar Bako Nationaal park gegaan. Ik had daar 1 overnachting. Vanaf Kuching gaat er gewoon een lokale bus naar het park. Bako is een eiland dus laatste stukje ga je met een boot. Ik kwam om 10.00 's ochtend aan in Bako en je moest opgegeven welke hike je ging lopen. (Je kan ... read more
Photo 26
Photo 27
Photo 28

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Bako National Park April 25th 2012

There are very few places on Earth that are free of the heavy hand of human life, we are able to infiltrate even the most wild of places. Bako National Park is one of the places that has managed to resist the expansion of civilisation. If you become lucky enough to land on its wild shores you may find a roof over your head and may even find a cafeteria but do not expect comfort and don’t bother bringing your soap. Unreachable by land the only way in is via boat. This has enabled wildlife to rule and it is hard not to respect this fact when you arrive. Wildlife remains wild and unlike other National Parks they will dictate what you see, when you see it and how comfortable they want your stay to be ... read more
Wagler's Pit Viper
Hermit Crab
Bornean Bearded Pig

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Bako National Park April 21st 2012

Bako National Park is widely lauded as a haven for wildlife, where even the most amateur of naturalist can come up close and personal with the unique flora and fauna. Situated north of Kuching in the Malaysia occupied region of the island of Borneo, the tropical rainforest of Bako is nestled away, reachable only by boat. The shy and oft elusive Proboscis Monkey is one of Bako’s most illustrious residents and we had been advised that the best chance of an encounter was by taking the undulating Paku Trail. We set off laden with water, camera, binoculars and a large slice of hope along the trail which meanders around the cliff face. The rainforest that enveloped us was both wild and unforgiving. Towering trees were laced together with vines to create a matted assault course for ... read more
Proboscis Monkey's of Bako

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