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Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Tioman Island April 17th 2013

The next part of our journey was meant to be a quick stopover in Kuala Lumpur then a flight back to the Philippines to enjoy a further 3 weeks there. Sadly while we were in KL we received news that Sophie’s grandfather had passed away at the great age of 98 so plans were quickly adjusted in order to fly home for the funeral. This would mean that we would have to forego our time in the Philippines but it will always be there and we can return at a later date to enjoy more of what this country has to offer. We’ve been lucky enough to pass through KL on a number of occasions and of all the cities we have been to this would rate as one of our favourites. It’s such an easy ... read more
Bird Park
Juara Beach - Tioman Island
Petronas Towers

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Tioman Island March 13th 2013

After leaving the jungle we headed for the East Coast of Malaysia to Cherating. Cherating is a beautiful quiet fishing village most notable for serving up fantastic Seafood and attracting surfers during monsoon season. As I had done something to my knee and . . . OOOhhh . . . had a . . bit . . of a bad . . .shoulder!!! (honest) I decided to miss out on doing loop da loops on a surf board and head straight for the seafood! for less than 20 squids! we were served a plate full of crabs in a homemade spicy sauce, a plate full of Tiger Prawns in another homemade spicy sauce and a plate full of deep fried Calamari, washed down with 6 cans of Tiger Beer! not bad (burp) After Cherating we took ... read more
Our shack :)
Say Chays :)
whats this snorkling all about!

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Tioman Island March 27th 2011

We woke up early, around 6.30am for breakfast. After breakfast we set off to the last 2 dives. First dive of the day was Deep dive. The deepest we went was only 24m. I dived up to 22m before, so it didn't give me any different feeling. After the dive, I felt so dizzy, probably because the lack of food I had in the morning. Thus I decided to forgo the second dive, which is a leisure dive. Then we had our last lunch, showered, packed, and set off back to Mersing, and then back to Singapore. ... read more
Jetty, on the way back to Mersing
Jetty, on the way back to Mersing

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Tioman Island March 26th 2011

Woke up at 8am, we had our breakfast straight away (without shower) and set off to the whole-day boat-ride diving experience. It's my first time on a boat for whole day. Surprisingly it wan't very sickening for me, but not for my friend. We had our first dive, Peak Performance Buoyancy, before having our packed lunch. After lunch, we set off for 3 more dives before we went back to resort for dinner, namely Navigation dive, Drift dive, and Night dive. It's my first night dive and it was pretty intimidating from boat to see the dark water. But when all of us are inside (around 11-13 person), it was quite bright underwater due to the torches. And the first night dive experience was AWESOME. Can't wait to bring camera underwater.... read more
Jetty view from restaurant
At the jetty
At the jetty

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Tioman Island March 25th 2011

We left Singapore around 7.30 pm from Gill Divers at Hong Kong Street, Clarke Quay area. Stopped for toilet break around 10pm before reaching Mersing at 12 midnight. From mersing, we took 2 hour boat ride (which was very sickening) to Tioman. Arrived at the resort 2.30am. After room allocation and before-sleep routine, we finally slept around 3am.... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Tioman Island December 14th 2010

After an impressively long night's sleep, we rose to find that Mersing still wasn't Paris, though it was warm, extremely laid back, and turned out to be quite a pleasant little fishing town. First things first: breakfast. Mehraneh was a bit disappointed to discover that breakfast in Asia is often very similar to every other meal of the day; she adapted. After checking out of the hotel, changing money, and walking down to a restaurant near the ferry port, we assumed that we’d be able to effortlessly find transportation to Tioman Island after filling our bellies. Our waiter, however, informed us that it might not be so simple. As we were cleaning our plates, Marina, a Russian woman who we’d end up spending the next few days with wandered by and confirmed this news: the only ... read more
first hour on Tioman Island
Jean Batist & Marina

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Tioman Island October 16th 2010

Hi All, I have spent 8 days on ABC Beach on Tioman Island. It's one of the 10 most beautiful Islands in the world (according to lonely planet and time..). I must say it was one of my favorite spots so far. It was very relaxing and quiet, nice beaches, great Reggae bar and people, with happy hour from 5-7 and beyond.. What else does a person need.. :-) The first few days I completed the open water course in diving and it was great fun. It was a great experience to breathe underwater for a change. I have done 4 dives in total up to 18 meters and I haven't had any problems. I have been snorkeling from time to time but this was a completely different thing.. This will definitely become one of my ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Tioman Island September 8th 2008

Today was the last morning on "The Island" or Tioman as other people call it. Its a great little place to hang out for a couple of days, about 2 hours away by boat from the mainland. After catching a very early morning bus from Singapore we got there just in time to get on the last boat going there. During the boat ride we were entertained by the views as well as by a pair of small twins. Apparently one of them had pushed a stone up his nose, or something like that and needed medical attention which is not available on Tioman. They were very very funny. By chance the father of the twins was also the owner of one of the places we were considering staying, so that is where we went (motivated ... read more

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