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Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City October 24th 2012

No wifi in Melakka. Or, at least there is wifi in Malakka if you go to the hotel cafe and pay for it. I can wait, I reckon. The train had been somewhat primitive and then we discovered we were the only people on the tour with a large van and a large Indian man whose name has still to be discovered. It was the old story, driving for ages, and then rush rush rush when we got somewhere. Our little plaintive demands for a stop for water, lunch and an ATM (we still only had Singapore dollars) were swept aside with difficulties of the one way road system i.e. too difficult to stop seeing as there were no parks. It was, Brian and Mary, like the 'view the Munich Games Venue' when we were on ... read more
Cyclo all lit up at night
Baba and Nonya House

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka October 12th 2012

After two weeks spent in the Gili Islands, we arrived back in Bali to a place called Sanur on the south east coast, where we had planned to spend a couple of nights before flying to Singapore. Vinny was not feeling very well however, so when we got there, he had to cancel his plans to do a free diving course and spent the two days in bed. I felt great, completely over the food poisoning for the first time in two weeks! It was shortlived however, as the following morning, the 14th of February, I woke up with a terrible headache and felt awful. We had to drag ourselves to the airport that evening and took the short flight to Singapore where we went to check into our hostel, only to discover that it was ... read more
Melaka streets
Typical buildings in Melaka

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City August 21st 2012

I took the bus from KL to Meleka which was straightforward and only took a few hours, you then just transfer onto the local bus 17 to go into the centre of town. Melaka was an interesting little town, packed full of culture from all the colonial periods and was a really good break between the big cities of KL and Singapore, it kind of reminded me of the Brighton in comparison to London as it is a small, metropolitan town with a some markets and riverside cafes. The history of the town is fascinating and has Portugese, Japanese, British and Chinese remanents and went through 6 countries during the colonial period. The town was based around a central red square left from the Portugese era and then you can just potter around the town for ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City August 10th 2012

This is a photo I took two weeks ago when traveling through Malaysia. Young Muslim kid, loves Ronald. I found this to be a particularly creepy American influence. I see a future of Islam and childhood obesity. The reason I was in there for the photo because it was the only place I could find unsweetened coffee. Also, the air conditioning. Very hot outside.... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City August 10th 2012

Only have a few mins. They like to limitfree wifi to 20 mins around here and I just wasted most of that booking hotels. Made the trip from KL to Melaka (malacca). About two hours by bus. KL has a huge new sparkling bus terminal which made things nice and paiNfree. Malacca is about 600years old. Founded by locals then taken by the Portuguese then he Dutch and finally the English before finally part of Malaysia after independence. The centre is a UNESCO site. Not a whole lot to do. Sme nice ruins at st Paul's church with 400 year old headstones. Chinatown with allies shops was pretty cool. Walked to the mall for an ACbreak andstopped by the 'beach' to have a look across the strait to Indonesia. The beach iscurrently under construction lol was ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City July 20th 2012

We arrived on Peninsular Malaysia and started our trip up north with Kuala Lumpur again! We were happy to be reunited with this city as we did feel at easy and a bit like at home. It is the city feeling, we guess! We arrived in KL after 3 h delayed at the airport from Kota Kinabalu. We stayed at Submarine guesthouse - Hostel recommended by a Dutch family we met at Sepilok. Located nearby the Central market so very central and near Chinatown. On the next day we did a day-trip to Melaka: only 2 hours by bus. Melaka is a very artistic place, very colourful and historical. Founded by a Hindu prince, protected by the Chinese then dominated by the Portuguese and then the Dutch and finally ceded to the British in 1795. There ... read more
Hindu Temple
Massive statue

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City July 16th 2012

Its time for a change. A new blogger, Lynnes having a rest so read on if you are having trouble sleeping. This blog will be by way of a daily diary covering a week so in Malaysia. THURSDAY We awake to a travel day, as today we leave Bali bound for Malaysia. Checking out at midday from the Quest our oasis in Kuta we travel to Denpassar Airport. You should allow at least an hours travel time by taxi to the airport a distance from Kuta of only 5 or 6 km. The traffic in and around south Bali is horrendous but we are lucky today the journey only taking 45 minutes. There are large billboards all around the airport showing pictures of how the new airport is going to look and if these diagrams are ... read more
Ancas room day view.
another view from Ancasa Express
KL Chinatown

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Pulau Besar June 27th 2012

Bree booked our departure flight for the 93rdday of our allocated 90 day visa... What's that saying about being up some sort of creek without a paddle? Today we head to the world heritage city of Melaka as our time in South East Asia is rapidly coming to an end. A comfortable bus ride took us back over the border and into the town to find our first 2 nights’ accommodation. The area we stayed was out of the way to say the least and we actually spent the 2 days pretty much room bound researching America and finalising different details, knowing we would be staying in town for the other 2 nights of our stay. Marks aunt and uncle have very close friends in Melaka (David & Eric) who we were put in touch ... read more
Home Art
Cruising Melaka River

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City June 19th 2012

Het eerste wat ons direct opviel in Melaka was 'amai zoveel toeristen'. Ok, onze reisgids is al enkele jaren oud en het was ook weekend. Vele Singaporesen komen in het weekend daar op 'vakantie' om te relaxen en even weg te zijn uit het businesscentrum. Groot gelijk! We kwamen aan in Melaka bushalte en niemand kon ons helpen welke bus we moesten nemen richting het centrum en onze bestemming. Het enige antwoord was 'neem een taxi'. Ok , dan namen we inderdaad een taxi. Gelukkig was het een vaste prijs en niet te duur. We waren ook ongelofelijk moe van de rit. Apa Kaba was onze guesthouse. In het begin dachten we een beetje van 'oh my god, waar zijn we nu terecht gekomen'? Het zag er ver uit van het centrum en van alle bezienswaardigheden. ... read more
traditional wedding pics/traditionele trouwfoto's met touristen
Famous Chinatown/beroemd Chinatown
it was just a shop...nothing else/gewoon een shop en niks anders

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City June 6th 2012

W koncu sie wyspalismy! Nasze organizmy zaczynaja sie powoli przestawaiac do nowego czasu. Co prawda pokoik 3mx2m do ktorego wchodzi tylko lozko pietrowe i mala szafeczka ale czyste i mile. Dodatkowa zaleta hostelu jest fakt ze lezy nad samym kanalem w chinskiej dzielnicy. Wieczorem mozna usiasc i ochlanac dzieki orzezwiajacej bryzie. Okolica zupelnie nie przypomina Malezji. Przywodzi na mysl raczej poludnie Europy. Jedyna roznica sa ponowe szyldy z chinskimi znakami. Malaka od wiekow byla waznym arabskim portem laczacym wschod z „dalekim wschodem”. Juz w XVI wieku przybyli tu Portugalczycy. Potem kolejno Holendrzy i Anglicy. Kazdy narod odcisnal swoje pietno na architekturze, zwyczajach i kuchni tego rejonu. W miescie mozna zobaczyc plakaty przedstawiajace ciemnych skosnookich Malajow w tradycyjnych portugalskich strojach ludowych. W centrum mozna podziwiac kociol katolicki ... read more
Ten sam tatuaz
Swiecace taksowki w Melace
Swiecace taksowki w Melace

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