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Asia » Laos » South » Champasak December 3rd 2015

Un départ à 5 heure nous offres un lever de soleil extraordinaire un peu plus que les autres jours! 65 kilomètres en remontant le Mékong pour ce matin pour une petite pause repas à Ban Boung et pour ensuite repartir en direction du Wat phu le plus grand temple du Laos datant du 11ème au pied d'une très belle montagne, un temple a faire même si il est bien moins impressionnant que Angkor Wat au Cambodge il a un charme inouï! Par la suite direction Champasak nous avons amélioré notre meilleur score journalier à 85 kilomètres hum hum !... read more

Asia » Laos » South » Champasak September 21st 2015

Hej med jer Efter Siem Reap og en masse templer besluttede vi at tage nordpå, til Laos. Og efter at have fået visum, udfyldt den ene ansøgning efter den anden, seks stempler i passet og lidt bestikkelse ved grænsen, lykkedes det os at slippe igennem til Laos. Vi tog til en lille ø, Don Det, der ligger i et bredt stræde i The Mighty Mekong, der hedder Si Phan Don ("Fire tusind øer") hvor der egentlig ikke er så meget at lave andet end at slappe i en hængekøje. Det skulle da lige være at ryge en pibe med de lokale der synes at stortrives med det. Egentlig meget hyggeligt :) Den ene dag meldte vi os til en "tubing" tur, hvor man bliver sejlet mod strømmen på Mekong, et godt stykke oppe, og så ellers ... read more
Udsigten fra hængekøjen på Don Det
"Tubing" med en kold Beerlao!
På vej til Champasak

Asia » Laos » South » Champasak December 6th 2014

Wat Phu Ein Tagesausflug mit dem Moped nach Champasak zu den Khmer-Ruinen von Wat Phu.... read more
Born to be wild!
Tempel auf dem Weg nach Champasak
Wat Phu

Asia » Laos » South » Champasak January 31st 2013

From Tad Lo we continued on to Champasak. It was a fairly straightforward journey but not really what we had expected. We were able to get a bus from Tad Lo to Pakse easily enough but then we ended up taking a Sorngtaaou (Truck with benches in the back) to Champasak. The tuk-tuk driver in Pakse wouldn't take us to the proper bus station so we paid our 20,000 Kip and made it to Champasak in about 40 minutes. From Tad Lo we continued on to Champasak. It was a fairly straightforward journey but not really what we had expected. We were able to get a bus from Tad Lo to Pakse easily enough but then we ended up taking a Sorngtaaou (Truck with benches in the back) to Champasak. The tuk-tuk driver in Pakse wouldn't ... read more
Path leading to Wat Phu
Stairs to Wat Phu
Wat Phu 2

Asia » Laos » South » Champasak January 4th 2013

We had heard the boat from Don Khong to Champasak was an iffy thing upriver in the dry season, and that some people had bought tickets and then simply been left in the boat to figure out on their own that it wasn't going to leave. Not wanting to soil our image of all Lao people being honest and kind, we opted for the bus, and were even told that the ticket did not include the second boat from the mainland (we had already seen numerous people at ferry crossings getting upset because they were told they had paid for everything, only to meet the boatman who would not budge unless paid). That is a good lesson to learn, by the way, and one to live by if you want to avoid feeling scammed or let ... read more
Sunset from the guesthouse
Champasak home 1
Champasak neighbourhood

Asia » Laos » South » Champasak October 17th 2012

After the five day retreat in the Siphandon islands, it was time to head back northwards, and the next stop was Champasak. A two hour minibus ride and another 20 min boat trip later and I was there, which in fact was just a short ride away from Pakse where I entered Laos from Thailand. Champasak is essentially a quiet, one-street small town, whose unassuming appearance belies the historical significance of the nearby Wat Phu, another Khmer-style temple complex. Wat Phu was built at the foot of the Phu Khao mountain that overlooks Champasak province, and was meant to be spectacular, and to inspire devotees. Well it certainly did its job! The templex complex is sprawling. Fronted by two large lakes, it's a long 800m walk to the magnificent entrance, before a steep and high climb ... read more
Wat Phu
Wat Phu
Wat Phu

Asia » Laos » South » Champasak March 3rd 2012

Jan and I caught a small tourist bus from Pakse to the small town of Ban Nakasang where we hopped on a boat for the short but scenic trip to Don Khon, one of the more touristy of the four thousand islands. We checked out a few of the guesthouses along the riverbank before settling on one with an attached restaurant, hammocks, and a nice view across the water to Don Det. We stayed a total of 5 nights here doing a few small things here and there, but generally spent most of the time just lying in the hammocks or on the comfortable benches in the restaurant. Unfortunately I had bedbugs the first night, changed rooms the next day where I think I brought them with me into the new room. I liked the place ... read more
The impressive Khon Phapheng Falls
Wat Phu Champasak
Looking over the river to Don Det

Asia » Laos » South » Champasak December 29th 2011

5.30am - a noise, music, an alarm clock, a mosquito net above us, jungle sounds outside, where are we? Day 1 at Kingfisher Ecolodge and we are off bird watching at 6am, the suns just coming up but it's already very hot - we have 3 local guides the tallest around 5 feet. Heading out through Khiet Gong village the locals are all up sitting around smoking fires to keep the insects away, sitting under their stilted homes surrounded by Pigs, Chickens, Ducks etc. Just another day of very basic living in Laos. We head out across empty rice paddies, waiting for the second planting of the season. The forested hillside is full of big Rainforest trees, no chainsaws have yet ventured this way. The 3 hour session across first paddies, forest and finally wetland was ... read more

Asia » Laos » South » Champasak December 28th 2011

Another day dawned and we were refeshed from yesterdays travels, no extra mozzie bites overnight and no side effects from the consumed chilli flakes. A couple of jobs to do before heading south, Cash and a long sleeved shirt for Rick from the Market. The ATM's here do work but only allow 1 Million Kip per tarnsaction - sounds a lot but it's around 12,000 to the pound, unfortunately the family in front of us had decided to buy a car (for cash) today and were using both ATM's and several different Credit and Debit cards. After 20 minutes we left with 2 Million Kip on the hip! We visited a nearby monastry for 20 minutes or so and Lee and Rick had a chat with three novice monks. To the market, Shirt for Rick - ... read more
Dawn and Rick in the Pickup

Asia » Laos » South » Champasak March 30th 2011

Wednesday 16th February 2011 With our heavy rucksacks weighing us down we walked to the local bus station (would have got tuk tuk if we’d known how far it was) got in Sawngthaew to Wat Phu Champasak, and had to wait for an hour until we were graced with the presence of 16 other passengers to get going. An hour later we arrived to a mass of people as the annual Buddhist festival was taking place. The museum kindly agreed for us to leave our bags while we visited the ruins... We were slightly annoyed that the ‘foreigner’ ticket cost 10x the local entry fee, and in addition, they wanted us to pay to take in our cameras (but that was never going to happen!). There were elephant, crocodile & Buddha’s foot imprints in some of ... read more
Festival madness
Elephant rock
Incense Anyone?

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