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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ueno August 27th 2017

It's coming to an end. We've started making lists of what we need to do and buy in order to leave the apartment pretty much as we found it. But on reflection, it's such a tiny place that the cleaning surely can't take as much time as we might have expected, and if we do a bit of cleaning and laundry and tidying and shopping each day now, then the final day should be easy, surely...? We brought a list from home of things we wanted to do and see while we were here, and last night we checked to see if we have achieved our goals yet. We found two destinations that we hadn't yet done: a "downtown" museum in Ueno Park; and FujiFilm Square, a museum/exhibition of cameras and photography. They're in the same ... read more
Shinobazu Pond, Ueno Park
Art Supply Shop, Ueno
FujiFilm Square

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ueno June 9th 2017

Those of you who have been following along know of my misadventures in trying to find the Shitamachi Museum. Now, most people who want to visit a museum in a new city usually go to one of the big name museums. I do, too; whenever I visit Chicago, I always go to The Art Institute of Chicago to visit a few of my favorite paintings. But sometimes the small museums are more interesting and memorable. Shitamachi translates literally as “downtown,” but it doesn’t refer to the center of the city. Rather “downtown” refers to the lowlands south east of the Imperial Palace. This was the area where craftsmen and merchants lived. It was also an area where tiny wooden homes and shops were crammed together, making fire a real danger that could wipe out a whole ... read more
living quarters behind shop
craftman's shop

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ueno June 6th 2017

My intention this morning was to go to the Tokyo Teleport Station, just because it sounded intriguing. Could I teleport to Paris? The jungles of Borneo? How about Mars? One of the world’s tallest Ferris wheels is in the area, and I’m a sucker for Ferris wheels, so it sounded like a win all the way around. Add in the Maritime Museum and the Fuji TV Building, and I was in. Fortunately, I checked opening times, because, sadly, some of these attractions were closed on Monday, and today was Monday. So – on to Plan B. Ueno Park is a lovely green spot in this huge city. Home to several museums, memorials to poets and samurais, and a couple of beautiful temples, this was today’s adventure. Add the fact that a market street crammed with shops ... read more
frog fountain
tomb of Shogitai warriors2
Kannondo Temple2

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ueno April 15th 2017

As suggested by Travelling with kids - Tokyo, we'd set aside a day to visit Tokyo Disneyland. (my preferred website is Neither of the kids seemed particularly keen and preferred to see the pandas and monkeys at Ueno Zoo. I honestly didn't influence their decision, but can't hide my glee. would be proud! Ueno Zoo costs $12 entry and Disney was looking like $220 plus themepark lunch and souvenirs. Ueno and Yanaka was awesome and I'm glad my kids prefer to check out real Tokyo. Ueno revolves around Ueno-koen - a sprawling park with about 3km circumference. Within the park is the Zoo and the Tokyo National Museum. The Zoo exceeds expectations and we luckily time our visit for when the two pandas (Shin Shin and Ri Ri) are feeding. You can't help seeing ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ueno May 13th 2016

Bref séjour à Tokyo, mais qui vaut le coup d'être raconté, bien sûr, vu qu'il s'agit de la capitale du Japon et l'une des plus grosse villes du monde (14 millions d'habitants intra muros et 40 millions dans l'aire urbaine, 2000 km2 soit 20 fois Paris en superficie). Je crois que c'est même la plus peuplée au monde. Je suis resté 3 jours, et ai réceptionné lá bas Marie et Brieuc (ma soeur et son copain). 3 jours font donc une durée assez courte pour visiter la plus grande ville du monde. Nous avons voulu mettre l'accent sur les quartiers modernes, puisque la majorité de notre séjour se déroule à Kyoto, où l'on profite davantage des parcs et des temples. Pour cela : cap sur les quartiers de shinjuku, harajuku et shibuya. C'est des choses qu'on ... read more
On dirait presque Venise
Vue de Ginza

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ueno May 23rd 2015

Flight and train to the hostel were fine. I got checked in, but couldn't go to my room until three. I messaged my Japanese friend to come and meet me, since she doesn't live too far away, it didn't take too long for her to turn up. I had asked at reception where the nearest sushi place was and they had pointed it out on the map, and I had gotten them to add the name in Japanese characters as so I could match it to the shop sign. We headed to the sushi place, which was only a five minute walk away. The place we went to was called Magurobito. Since it was after two pm, we got a seat at the conveyor belt straight away. The restaurant was really nice inside. It looked traditional ... read more
Convenience Store Ice Cream

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ueno May 20th 2015

Forewarning, this may not be the most interesting day to read about but I enjoyed the more relaxing day. It stated early with me catching the train from Nara to Kyoto, then the Skinkansen bullet train to Tokyo from there. I had a good three hours to read and relax. Upon my arrival to Tokyo, I trained over to the part of town known as Ueno. It is the museum district and has a huge park. After dropping off my luggage, my goal for the day was shopping for souvenirs. I wandered first to a store called Don Quixote which is a bit like a Japanese mini Walmart. I found the Kracie gummy making sets that Jeff (my old boss) had told me his daughter was obsessed with, so of course I had to pick up ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ueno March 3rd 2015

So Japanese efficiency let us down yesterday. An accident on the bullet train line stopped the trains getting to Nagano so we couldn't get to the snow monkeys! Much tears and tantrumming was only plicated by a trip to the 'happiest place on earth' Disney land! Phil needless to say was not impressed but he endured 'it's a small world' and the parades in order to cheer me up. Today is our last day and so we went to a least see some Japanese macaques in the zoo in Ueno. We said hi to the dwarf slow lorris for you Cath! No the best zoo i've ever been to but Asia isn't that awesome on animal welfare so it was quite good on balance. We fly at midnight tonight so we'll be back in sunny Lancashire ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ueno April 25th 2014

On arrival in Tokyo, we were immediately struck by how helpful and extremely polite everyone was. People were always bowing and smiling and tried their best to help us confused foreigners! As space is at a premium in Tokyo, the hotel room was like a broom cupboard – 14 sqm, literally just enough room for a bed and very little else. It also took some getting used to the heated toilet seat that automatically flushed as you sat down on it but then when we went to other places that didn’t have heated toilet seats we were quite disappointed! Our first priority was to check out the famous cherry blossoms and we headed off on the metro to Shinjuku Gyoen Park which has thousands of trees and thousands of Japanese people taking pictures of them. We ... read more
Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo
Kabukicho District,

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ueno January 24th 2014

I decided today I would head to Tokyo again but this time with a step-by-step plan, which went very nicely actually. I decided the only way to beat my fear of Tokyo would be to face it all again today and get it right. I had planned to see a museum about people's life in Tokyo before the 1930s? earthquake, buy some souvenirs at a typical Thai market in Ueno in the north of Tokyo and attend a tea ceremony, eat a nice meal and then get the Bullet train Narita Express to Narita airport where the owner of the hostel I was going to stay in for the weekend would pick me up. I'd decided I'd spend my last weekend in Japan in the countryside resting and collecting my thoughts together, and rural Narita would ... read more

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