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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Akasaka August 17th 2017

Lange nicht geschrieben 16.8. Nach Tokyo mit dem Shinkansen. 17.8. Nationalmuseum in Ueno Nach Narita in ein flugplatznahes Hotel. Vorbei an Ikea und Disneyland. 18.8. Flug nach Hongkong ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Akasaka June 6th 2017

It all starts with a story about two men in a boat… It begins on the morning of March 18, 628 AD when the brothers Hinokuma Hamanari and Takenari caught a small golden statue of the Buddhist bodhisattva Kannon in their nets while fishing in the Sumida River. They tried to drop it back in the river, but it kept coming up so they decided to keep it. When they returned to the village, they showed it to one of the chieftains, Haji no Nakatomo who, being a devout Buddhist, understood what it was, and built a temple to house it. In 645, a famous Buddhist priest named Shokai came to the area. He built – well, he had laborers build – a grand temple to the bodhisattva Kannon. He also decided to hide the statue ... read more
school kids
Kamarimon Gate2
aerial view

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Akasaka July 31st 2015

Well after a very long twelve hour flight we made it to Tokyo without incident. The flight was smooth save for the AAL flight staff working our cabin on the plane. More on that later. After disembarking we set out for the exit or baggage claim and wouldn't you know it one must go through quarantine first then immigration. The lines were long but moved pretty quickly. Lots of face masks which sort of gives one pause but you quickly get over it. Flight came in early but the time was quickly absorbed by the quarantine and immigration lines. As I stood there I noticed I was in a sea of Asian men and my eyes were popping out of my head. Good thing I have dark shades. Tired and confused became emboldened after I figured ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Akasaka February 8th 2015

Our record was 16. It became something of a game after a while. Riding on any of Tokyo's train systems, we would count the number of passengers on the opposite side who were engrossed in their particular device of choice. It's a modern day syndrome of the west, people strolling around with a phone permanently clasped in their palm. Tokyo has taken the concept to a new dimension with locals of all ages sporting devices that have morphed into something appearing to be surgically attached to the hand. Tokyo is a veritable Planet of the Apps. This phenomenon is a metaphor for the techno society that is Tokyo. In the streets, neon is king. The colours, flashing lights and animated, uniformed efficiency made us feel like an extra in an Astro Boy cartoon. This post 21st ... read more
Asakusa biscuit maker
Tradition meets 21st Century
Tokyo from above

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Akasaka March 5th 2014

My next trip finds me to the land of the rising sun, when it wasn't snowing that is! It is very easy to find information on how to travel in Japan so I will just restrict this blog to the highlights. Tokyo Tokyo was everything I hoped it would be, a futuristic, clean, polite and yet the promise of wild nightlife was a pleasant supplement to the order of the place. Over the next 2 days visited I visited various sites outlined in the pics including the Tokyo Metropolitan building which afforded great views and was free! This is Tokyo's City Hall, and with its 243m, it is the 7th tallest building in Japan. Built to resemble a computer chip and also a Gothic cathedral, it makes for one of the best observation decks in Tokyo. ... read more
Imperial Palace
Imperial Palace

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Akasaka November 11th 2011

8.11. Dumaguetesta Manilan kautta Hong Kongiin Lähdin vilkutellen kentälle pankkiautomaatin kautta, koska osa jäi vielä maksamatta Liquidiin. Olin säätänyt siten, että selviän kahdelle ATM nostolla, 10 000 pesoa per nosto eli maksimi. No eka nosto oli sitten 100 pesoa vaikka hakkasin siihen viisi nollaa. Kaksi viimesistä taisi sitten olla desimaaleja. No olin kentällä hyvissä ajoin ja otin vielä kahvin terminaalin ulkona olevassa baarissa. Sisällä kentällä ei ollut yhtään mitään. Kun lento oli alkanut, niin olin tosi huolissani. Mun kädet puutuivat täysin ja ihoa alkoi kihelmöimään ja mua nukuttamaan. Laskeutuessa mun oikea jalka(jossa joku tulehdus) alkoi ihan kunnolla jomottamaan. Ihon kihelmöinti ja unisuus ovat ensimmäiset lievät oireet sukeltajantaudista. Pelästyin ihan kunnolla vaikka kaiken pitäisi olla pinta-aikojen suhteen kunnossa. Kai se on k... read more
HK huone, sitä saa mitä tilaa
Avenue of Stars, HK
HK, Food & Wine festival mainontaa

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Akasaka June 22nd 2011

I ♥ Tokyo. This is the greatest city that mankind could ever envisage. Clean, quiet, beautifully engineered, runs as smooth as a silk kimono, history effortlessly intertwined with modernism. Everything just works. It's as if the Japanese have worked out a way of transferring a Sim City game into real life Cars don't roar on the perfectly constructed roads, they purr. The pedestrian crossings sing a little tune as you cross them. The metro does too when the train is leaving. The streets look like they've just been paved, the parks newly planted. In fact, it's almost as if the whole city was only built yesterday. We often found ourselves surrounded by a skyline of large modern buildings, mostly constructed from sheets of earthquake-proof glass, which does make for a mostly grey view, but it ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Akasaka November 20th 2010

We spent the afternoon wandering around the Asakusa Temple area - really fantastic on a Saturday afternoon! Lots of people and lots of things to see.... read more
Asakusa Area Lollies (Candies)
Asakusa Area Lollies (Candies)
Asakusa Area Lollies (Candies)

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Akasaka August 4th 2010

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Akasaka June 2nd 2010

Mood- Inspired A delay for our first day/s update but we have been adjusting. Well first off we had very low expectations of how our international flight with Jetstar would be, {mainly due to negative feedback from friends past encounters}. However we were pleasantly surprised, staff were nice seats were comfortable. So many half-cast japanese kids on the plane and western partners that were fluent in Japanese. Really inspired to take lessons when i get back. We landed in Narita Tokyo and it was like an episode of The Amazing Race we had a strict curfew to be at the hotel before 9pm check in closed. On the way to the airport shuttle we stopped at the toilets, mind you I had read about the complexities of the Japanese toilet system prior but nothing prepared me ... read more
Vending Machines
Japanese Toilet
Asahi Factory

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