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July 31st 2015
Published: July 31st 2015
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Well after a very long twelve hour flight we made it to Tokyo without incident. The flight was smooth save for the AAL flight staff working our cabin on the plane. More on that later. After disembarking we set out for the exit or baggage claim and wouldn't you know it one must go through quarantine first then immigration. The lines were long but moved pretty quickly. Lots of face masks which sort of gives one pause but you quickly get over it. Flight came in early but the time was quickly absorbed by the quarantine and immigration lines.

As I stood there I noticed I was in a sea of Asian men and my eyes were popping out of my head. Good thing I have dark shades.

Tired and confused became emboldened after I figured out how to get my luggage so I decided to chance it and go in to Tokyo for some sights. A co-worker emailed me step by step instructions on how to get to Asasuka. His direction were down to the letter. I managed to buy a ticket for the Keiser Skyliner. Beautiful speed train OMG. Automatic doors, assigned seats, restroom (tiny), and refreshment car. Just nice. It took 45 min to my transfer to another line, not so nice but clean. The trip in to to city was easy peasy, thanks Gen.

I say we, I met the coolest Malay/Chinese guy on the flight, traveling with his wife and daughter after visiting daughter's away at school in Iowa. We chatted the whole time, save when sleeping. I hope to visit them soon cause I was invited to KOALA LIMPUR.

So I get Asakusa and come out the station to 200 degree humidity..OMG and I am still carrying a 42 lb backpack. Clean city, wide paved streets. I browse bit and try to find food. I start by going to the ATM. Card declined, I try another...card declined. Few people speaking English but not much. finally I decide to pick up the phone and call for help. so I get the woman on the line and she explained to me that I am feeding my card wrong. I withdraw 10000 yen or a about 80 dollars.

I got lost coming back. Wrong train or bad advice. trying to get directions I got frustrated it's rush hour Folks trying to make it home they don't really speak English I got nervous I started asking American looking people on the street how to get back finally I get back to the airport climb the shuttle make it to the hotel. I make it, eat take a walk and now I'm in my room. next time I bring Joe Resis with me he can read speak the language and read it.

Can't wait for day two.

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