Photos from Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan, Asia

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Tjukiji Fish Market
Slippery little sucker.
14 million people on a rainy day means plenty of umbrellas.
Still Smiling
Morning shadows
Colourful fish carts
View of distant Mt Fuji
Clouds of fire
45th floor view
Metro art
Would that I had seven lives to give for my country!
Tokyo dusk with distant Fuji
The setting sun
Tokyo Municipal Government Building
Last of the red leaves
It's also the land of the setting sun
View over Shinjuku
Arriving in the Golden Gai district
Don't forget to take the one at the front of the queue
on the way to Shinto Heaven
taking a cue from New Yorkers
Street art japanese style
suess oder
Tokyo tower
Holy Incense
Mickey D's
Dried turtle and snake?
pretty drunk by now
getting holy water from the dragon
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