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Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Naha September 5th 2021

It was good to see Becka back doing tours in Okinawa. A knowledgable guide and explaining how Okinawa consists of 160 large and small islands including 47 inhabited islands. During the Pacific War, Okinawa was the site of the only land battle in Japan that involved civilians. After the war, Okinawa was placed under the administration of the United States. In 1972, Okinawa was returned to Japanese administration. We were in the port village of Tomari. We saw memorial stones relating to A Karate Master - The Origins of Karate can be traced back to Okinawa Island. A Kabuki story, & Commodore Perry. All well explained by Becka. As we walked towards the port area we passed a local school where Becka & James teach Karate and we saw the flower gardens that are tended by ... read more

Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Naha May 11th 2019

Excursion to Southern part of Okinawa At the end of 16 April, Ms Akamine asked us to come to Akamine station at 9 o’clock the next day. We got up and had breakfast early in the morning and headed for Akamine station by monorail. Unlike the previous day, it was brightly sunshining; Ms Akamine regretted planning to go to the beach the previous day. She brought someone who is currently a taxi driver and knows roads very well. After leaving Naha city, the driver headed for southwards direction. We were told that our first destination would be Peace Memorial Park. I’d heard that Okinawa had an extremely fierce battle at the end of the Second World War and an awful lot of civilians lost their lives in the most desperate and unimaginable circumstances. As soon as ... read more
View from the observatory
Peace Memorial Park's Museum

Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Naha January 25th 2018

Thursday, 25th January 2018 I planned some activities in Ishigaki city this morning before catching my flight back to Naha the same evening. It was a long walk from my hotel to the Yaeyama Peace Memorial Museum as I braved through the morning cool temperatures. On my way, I passed by a large park where the World Peace Bell is located. The Peace Memorial Museum is not a large building and this is often overlooked by visitors travelling to Ishigaki. Basically, it recounted the tragic fate of many Ishigaki city residents as they were forced out of their homes during the Second World War. Many succumbed to malaria disease which was rampant throughout the island. As part two of my museum hopping activities, I also dropped by at the Yaeyama Museum for a brief visit before ... read more
Ishigaki City Yaeyama Museum
Welcome to Naha

Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Naha October 26th 2016

Wednesday, 26th October 2016 It's day #6 of my trip today and my penultimate day in Okinawa before flying back to Taipei tomorrow. I'm still determined to idle around in Naha city today, doing some eating, some shopping and chit-chatting with the friendly locals. I could sense their smile when they realised that I was from Singapore. At least, they had nice memories of the place where I came from. Words like "clean", "safe" and "hot" were used to describe my country. In the afternoon, there was a colourful street parade along the International Street with teams mainly from the US walking through the 1.6km boulevard. I was informed that they were here to take part in the 6th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival. While I did not know the exact significance of this festival, it seemed that ... read more
My priceless shot for the day

Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Naha October 25th 2016

Tuesday, 25th October 2016 I woke up feeling really refreshed this morning from my comfortable futon. The weather in Naha was rather warm for late October with clear blue skies greeting me. I didn't have an itinerary to follow for my short stay here. Even though I haven't been to the northern half of the island where the touristy Aquarium and the Pineapple Park are located, I haven't have the intention to visit them during this trip either. Instead, I was perfectly happy to remain in Naha city today to spend sometime having an idyllic lunch at the Afternoon Tea Café. I visited the outlet within Ryubo Departmental Store which was next to my hotel. The environment was rather relaxed and inviting even though it was already teeming with people when I visited at 11.30am. I ... read more
Pasta meal @ Afternoon Tea
Breakfast - self catering style
Naha Monorail Station

Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Naha October 24th 2016

Monday 24th October 2016 I managed to squeeze in a 4D3N Okinawa excursion in the midst of my Taiwan trip. I've done Okinawa in January 2013 and it is always good to be back to a familiar place with some new experiences to take away. The flight time from Taipei to Okinawa is a mere 70 minutes via Eva Airways. After a quick meal service onboard, my near-empty plane landed safely at Naha Airport. I took the 1625 hours flight and it was evening by the time I reached my destination. My hotel (Okinawa Kariyushi Lch Izumizaki Kenchomae Hotel) is a pleasant monorail ride from the airport station, located at the start of the mile-long Kokusai Dori (International Street). It is right next to the Ryubo Departmental Store that is home to a couple of nice ... read more
Ramen dinner
Lofty ambitions, Okinawa
Supermarket spree for the night

Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Naha November 22nd 2015

Hello world, Well today we did do something a bit more than sloth on the beach. When we arrived (2 days ago now) we had caught the public bus (the 120 to be exact) from the airport to our accommodation in Chatan, when riding the bus we saw a busy and what appeared to be the main street of Naha, Brad then decided that we must go back and have a through investigation of everything that it had to offer. So with the weather a little overcast and a strong wind it was no use laying on the beach today. So firstly we put on our running gear and went for a jog further down the promenade, which we had seen so many people running on and waddled a little ourselves the day prior. Now Brad ... read more

Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Naha March 20th 2015

A contemporary Okinawan traditional wedding is a beautiful fusion of many cultures. The bride and groom wore three outfits, the MC presented the whole ceremony in faultless English and Japanese and family and colleagues all performed for the beaming couple. Hikari and Masa began the party in Ryuku kingdom royal costumes, performing an Okinawan dance, accompanied by the brides' father and friends on sanshin. Hikari read a moving letter of thanks to her parents and to end the wedding all the guests were called to dance with the bride and groom. It was a perfect wedding.... read more
Lighting the memorial candle
Traditional Wedding Dance
Work colleagues performance

Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Naha February 17th 2013

Okinawa World is a theme park in the south of Okinawa Island, about an hour by bus from Naha. Main attractions there: 1) craft village where you can see how they blow glass and even try it yourself and make some souvenir. But nothing else to do there. 2) snake museum - on the whole nothing interesting, mongoose was nice and cute but the snakes are kept in very poor conditions. Funny that during the snake show they address to cobra as cobura-san 3) the CAVE. It'a really worth seing. A beautiful underground river is flowing all along the cave passage. Echoing sound of waterfalls and water dripping from the ceiling make the place mysterious, especially when there are no people around. The... read more
underground river

Asia » Japan » Okinawa » Naha January 24th 2013

Thursday, 24th January 2013 I decided to devote my final day in Okinawa within the confines of Naha City since I had covered the main places of interests that I've allowed for in my travel plans over the past few days. Starting from my hotel in the morning, I took a walk towards the direction of Naha Bus Station passing by the massive Prefectural Government Building. From there, the Kokusaidori Street was another 5 minutes walk. The Kokusai Street was lined with colourful souvenir shops on both sides and there was even one with a replicate facade of the Shuri Castle. Along the same street sits the Mitsukoshi Departmental store as well as the OPA Mall with a branch of Tower Records. There were numerous steak houses along the street as well as a huge store ... read more
Calbee House, Naha
Many of the supermarkets operate 24 hrs these days
Colorful souvenir stores

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