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Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Sendai September 22nd 2017

Friday, 22nd September 2017 Ueno >> Sendai (348.2 km, 86 minutes, 11,190 Yen) Journey from Tokyo to the city of Sendai, some 348km away took a mere 86 minutes thanks to the Hayabusa Shinkansen Express Train. A survival of the March 2011 Tsunami that swept across Japan's Tohoku Coast, Sendai is a bustling city in the Miyagi Prefecture, home to more than one million inhabitants. Since I only had a day in the city, I had to be rather selective with the places that I was going to visit. I first made a brief stop at the AER Observatory located next to the JR station which afforded free views of the city from the 31st Floor. Sendai city is crowded with an endless maze of grey monolithic structures with few shades of green as far as ... read more
Sendai's Skyline
Lunch Affair in Sendai
Matsushima Bay Region

Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Sendai December 3rd 2015

While we've done a lot of travelling in various places in Japan during our visits to see Ross in Tokyo it's all been in a southerly direction from there. So this time we decided to venture north and our first excursion in that direction was to Sendai, one and a half hours away on the Shinkansen. It was a pleasant enough journey through some beautiful mountainous country and not as cold as I was expecting it to be despite the fact that we were north of Tokyo. Arriving in Sendai around lunchtime we found a cafe to have a bite to eat before we booked into a hotel. And it was there, while eating, we experienced a tremor. It only lasted a few seconds or so and none of the other diners seemed to notice but ... read more
Our Shinkansen waits to take us to Sendai
We're about to get on boatd
We've arrived - Sendai Station

Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Sendai September 1st 2015

In the 17th Century there lived a Daimyo with balls of steel, a guy so hard that when he came face to face with the smallpox as a juvenile he plucked his own eyeball out giving him the nickname of the “one-eyed dragon”. That Daimyo’s name was Date Masamune, and as he grew he became more dastardly and baleful, raping and pillaging local lands like any badass Daimyo should. Inevitably becoming a prominent power recognised by the great Tokugawa Ieyasuhimself of whom gifted the local brute further land to prosper by and bestowed him Lord of the Domain. On this land a sleepy little fishing village was to be transformed into one of the most profitable powerhouses in the country, Sendai. Punching in at just over a million inhabitants Sendai is the prefectural capital and largest ... read more
My vessell overlooking Sendai
Mamachari boy

Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Sendai October 21st 2011

On the official 10 year anniversary of 9/11 and the 6 month anniversary of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, I flew into Sendai airport, the airport that shown around the world being almost submerged by the Pacific Ocean. I flew into an area that is still recovering, still surrounded by empty and broken businesses. The first very prominent showing was the fact that the Airport Line still isn't running, a full 6 months after the disaster. After having to take a rather expensive taxi ride into the city, I could still see the destruction even in the dark. Ghost businesses span the distance from the airport to the highway and just over the edge lies the ocean that made them. As I was making my way into downtown every changes came up. E-Beans is still unusable, ... read more

Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Sendai July 29th 2011

(Blogger note: This is a memory blog. I left Japan about a year ago) It was the beginning of the end. After Beijing, all I had much time for was getting everything settled and start on the moving process. Including mailing boxes home, cleaning my apartment, hosting 3 friends and what was suppose to be a trip to Korea. During a typhoon! I had gone down to Narita to meet them and as we were waiting in line to check-in, we discovered that our flight had been cancelled. After more problems and uncertainty, I looked at my friends and said, "Why don't we just go to Sendai and hang out there for the week?" That became our plan of action and we headed into Tokyo for a quick shopping trip before getting the shinkansen, or bullet ... read more
They are so good to me!!
the friends and I with my Japanese teacher

Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Sendai June 2nd 2011

Today is our last day traveling through disaster zones. We took a train, then a taxi into Sendai, Japan from our hotel. The taxi driver drove us into a business complex, located near the ocean in Sendai. Buildings were demolished to the ground, only a handful of structures survived. Driving through the streets we saw bicycles mangled together, a trumpet laying on top of debris, jeans displaced and a statue that survived the tsunami. The statue formed into a shrine created by locals. People came to the shrine and left a small porcelain Japanese cup with tea inside it, green tea I believe. Also, two fresh and vibrant bouquets of flowers were placed on the floor of the shrine, a stuffed animals and other items people placed. A bouquet of wilted flowers laid amidst the debris, ... read more
A Garmet Wrapped Around a Tree
The New Church
Water in All the Wrong Places

Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Sendai March 11th 2011

There is a famous painting by the Japanese artist Hokusai depicting a giant tsunami. What was an image on a woodblock print has become a reality. We received word yesterday afternoon of the catastrophe in Japan. It looks like the worst of the damage occurred in the Sendai area. We were there in October of 2009 and recall the drive in from the port to the city. The topography there is very flat land open to the sea making the area very vulnerable to tidal waves. We are currently docked in Manila, Philippines. These islands were put on tsunami alert and our Captain made an announcement about it. Fortunately for Manila and for us, the tidal wave struck the east coast of these islands and we are on the more protected west coast. We are fine ... read more
Matt and Friends on Maui

Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Sendai May 30th 2010

This morning we were eccstatic to check out of our shit box hotel and spend the rest of the day exploring Sendai. Breakfast was at Starbucks but it turned out to be the worst kind of breakfast ever. Our coffees were about 1/3 empty when we got them and my egg on english muffin turned out to be an egg on english muffin with ketchup. Seriously? Ugh... Nasty. Thankfully Jim didn't mind eating it so we switched sandwiches. Then our seat was taken by another nice couple while we were waiting for our drinks. Epic fail Starbucks but what can you do? Decided to do a little bit of shopping before hitting up the arcade for one last round of games and purikura. There was no DDR today but guitar hero and a shooting game, as ... read more

Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Sendai May 29th 2010

We had the grande plan to wake up early this morning and take a bus to the Akiu Onsen and Akiu Otaki waterfall. The waterfall is supposed to be one of the most scenic in Japan and it was only a 90 minute bus ride so we figured why not? The bus, as it turned out, only went to the waterfall twice a day... And there didn't seem to be any indication as to WHEN the bus would be returning in the direction of Sendai station. So rather than risk taking a 90 minute bus ride to the middle of nowhere, with a chance that we might not be able to get back, we decided to hop off at Akiu Onsen resort area and find ourselves a nice onsen to chill in instead. It was a ... read more

Asia » Japan » Miyagi » Sendai May 28th 2010

Once we got over the shittiness of our box room Sendai was a pretty fun/happening place to hang out - especially if you love shopping! We had tickets to the Cirque du Soleil Corteo show playing in town for Friday and went to the matinee show. It was really fantastic! They really try to bring in the audience and make them part of the performance. The live music and singers were incredible as well. It's so well done you forget that it's live! I think my favourite artists were the chandelier girls who were basically trapeeze artists using chandeliers instead of swings. They were so graceful it was unreal! They made it look like they weighed 2 lbs. Just breath taking. We both really enjoyed the show - money well spent! We ended up making a ... read more
Cirque du Soleil Japan
Strange clam dish

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