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June 2nd 2011
Published: July 24th 2011
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Today is our last day traveling through disaster zones.

We took a train, then a taxi into Sendai, Japan from our hotel. The taxi driver drove us into a business complex, located near the ocean in Sendai.

Buildings were demolished to the ground, only a handful of structures survived. Driving through the streets we saw bicycles mangled together, a trumpet laying on top of debris, jeans displaced and a statue that survived the tsunami. The statue formed into a shrine created by locals.

People came to the shrine and left a small porcelain Japanese cup with tea inside it, green tea I believe. Also, two fresh and vibrant bouquets of flowers were placed on the floor of the shrine, a stuffed animals and other items people placed. A bouquet of wilted flowers laid amidst the debris, to the right of the shrine.

Ocean water filled holes in the ground and parts of the road were ripped apart from the earthquake. It was shocking to see water still inland, in places it did not belong. The ocean wrapped itself along part of the street and floated along with rooftops and debris carried with it.

We had originally come to this place to find a church, or at least the location where the church once was. Since the disaster, the pastor of the church has continued his church service, but without the comfort of their walls or furniture. Square blocks and wood pallets make up a few benches for people to sit on. A white cross stands tall behind the pastor's make-shift podium. Despite not having any walls, structure, or furniture, people continue attending mass on Sundays.

We didn't see any people there except the relief, construction and military workers. We saw no civilians walking the grounds except Fukiko, the taxi driver and myself.

After spending days seeing city, after city, damaged, I was searching for a light at the end of the tunnel. I began trying to have fun taking photos and looking at things through a different angle in my camera, capturing the pieces art that was left behind from the waves.

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25th July 2011

I am going to be in Sendai in September, I will make sure to take some time and do what I can.
28th July 2011

Im really amazed at how much damage there still is. I thought, wealthy countries like Japan would get back to at least near normal within months. Your blog is really infomative about the reality.
9th August 2011

Just spreading the word back home helps give people an update! Good luck with your visit :)
17th October 2011
A Garmet Wrapped Around a Tree

what a thing is that
how did a garmet got wrapped around a tree is it because of the waves or wind and it is broken.
17th October 2011
Water in All the Wrong Places

how did it get there?
is it because of the waves that fill up the holes?
17th October 2011
Porcelin Tea Cup

what a nice tea cup and why did they leave it?
17th October 2011
Structures Flattened to the Ground

how did it got flattened
is it because the waves flattened it?
17th October 2011
The Shrine

so that is where it is lefted.
so that is the place where the tea cup in the picture awhile ago is,in the location of the shrine.

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