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Asia » Japan » Kochi » Geisei September 7th 2019

8-18-2019 Kochi Kochi co 332,000 dan voi 1,100 nguoi/km2 gap 3 VietNam. Vao the chien thu 2 ngay 7-3-1945 luc 6:22PM , 129 may bay My bo 1060 tan bom xuong Kochi lam tieu tan 48% cua thanh pho nay. O day co Kochi castle la main tourist attraction va obiyamachi shopping center. Sunday street market dai 1km. va Harimaya Bashi bridge ma co bai hat Kochi noi ve forbidden love cua Buddhist priest. Katsurahama la famous beach tai day. Tau cap ben luc 8AM. Toi xuong thuyen va di den Kochi Castle dau tien. Di bo khonag 20’ thi den noi. Castle nay duoc xay tren hill v aphai dib o len rat xa. Di bao trong castle phai qua nhieu tang lau de den dinh cua castle. Tu dinh nau du khach co the ... read more

Asia » Japan » Kochi April 18th 2019

Departure from the ship was very prompt and efficient unlike yesterday. We drove up into the mountains and visited one of the 88 Temples which are on a sort of pilgrimage trail. The Godaisan Chikurinji temple has a guest house with a typical Japanese garden. That is- trees rocks, moss, water and a few bushes , very minimalist but made to relax ones mind and allow contemplation. You take off your shoes and observe the garden from the guest house. A short walk from here is the actual temple which we couldn't go into but could peer through the doorway. It had a wooden roof made of tiny pieces of wood all hand placed with no nails and needed frequently replacing. The surrounding area was really peaceful with the odd shrine and also covered Buddhas. If ... read more
Green cherry blossom - very unusual
Garden viewed from inside guest house
covered Buddhas

Asia » Japan » Kochi » Kochi April 20th 2017

Day 8. Kochi to Honmachi. 99km Ave 20.4kph. 760 ascent. Great day again. It was supposed to be a western breakfast so we had a small piece of ham and salad with bread rolls and toast plus two fried eggs cooked over a candle on a cast iron plate resting on a piece of paper. The egg removal was a work of art and consisted of holding two chopsticks apart in one hand and sliding them under the paper the turning it upside down and scraping the egg off and Bingo, two upside down eggs on toast. Off at 9am for our journey SW on Shikoku in cloudy but warm weather. I always enjoy following the coast and today was no exception travelling with lovely people. Not far out of Kochi we saw a large whale ... read more

Asia » Japan » Kochi April 19th 2017

Day 7 Muroto to Kochi. 87k 30 ascent at 20kph Shorts and shirt all day in mid 20's C. Great stuff. We hugged the coast all day and saw scores of tall towers for the population to rush onto in case of tsunami. Shogo, one of our young guides, was the height of fashion this morning with his fancy socks, as shown in the photograph. The coast around Muroto, and all the way to Kochi, is quite rugged with rocks and dashing, rolling waves. we could not understand why it is so quiet and the hotels are relatively empty. We were told that later this month is the 10 day Beach Festival and everyone then goes out and the season starts. We have found ourselves lucky with the blossom ,which we saw a few days ago, ... read more
Temple visit
Coffee break
Tsunami refuge

Asia » Japan » Kochi » Kochi April 18th 2017

Day 6 Hiwasa to Muroto 79km and a few steep climbs. At the dinner last night we had a talk by Kenichi on the Buddhist Kaiku who started the Shikoku Pilgrimage and at the end I was presented with a white Pilgrim smock with ’Thank you Kaiku’ written on the back, in Japanese). What a nice gesture, and I am instructed to wear this all day on my bike. The rain had continued to lash down all night, beating against our widow overlookingi the ocean, which had a gap where it fitted the frame badly and continued to rattle forever. To make matters worse we had the fire alarm go off at quarter to one in the morning. We put on our Yukatas and went into the corridor only for it to stop, so off we ... read more
Lunch. Udon
The green room mate
Cape Muroto

Asia » Japan » Kochi » Kochi October 2nd 2013

Tuesday morning came and I had to pack my bag for the first time this trip. Fortunately I had plenty of room even with the souvenirs I’ve bought so far. I had a moment’s panic when organising my luggage to be forwarded to my hotel in Takamatsu – apparently they had no record of my booking! Turned out to be just a misunderstanding, although I’m not quite sure what the misunderstanding was. But the lady at my Kyoto hotel sorted it out fine. So with my luggage joining me in Takamatsu on Wednesday (hopefully!), all I had to do was board a shinkansen to Okayama, then change to a regular train to head over to the island of Shikoku where I would be spending the next week. The journey was uneventful, although crossing to Shikoku was ... read more
View from the bridge to Shikoku
View from my hotel in Takamatsu
In the Park

Asia » Japan » Kochi July 25th 2013

Geo: 32.9349, 133.737I have been looking forward to the days at sea as much as to the days in port visiting places I have never seen. We were up in time to go to breakfast in the dining room. There was a complete selection of everything you might see on a menu at an American hotel, plus a full Japanese breakfast was offered. Looks like there are a lot of Japanese travelers on the ship. I think they planned well to put people at dinner tables with others who speak the same language. We spent most the day reading and relaxing. I successfully tried out the self-service laundry. Although there are only two washers and two dryers per deck, I did not have to wait long to get my first machine. While I was there I ... read more
Beautiful Blue Ocean
View from our Balcony

Asia » Japan » Kochi June 4th 2013

Today i just layed under the ssun and tanned away by the beach. I snorkled a little. I wish i brought my diving gear. My freind gon brought along some of his freinds and we had a barbaque on the beach. img= read more

Asia » Japan » Kochi May 8th 2012

I just realized that I wrote a blog entry on the rest of our time on Shikoku Island -- and forgot to post it. We're in Tokyo today on the LAST day of our trip -- here's what I forgot: If you’ll find a map of Japan, look in the southwest of the country for an island called Shikoku, longer than it is wide, with no really large cities. We’re spending three weeks traveling from one small city to another, starting with Tokoshima, then traveling down the center of the island through the Oboke gorge to Kochi, then west through Uwajima, with about 60,000 people, to Shikoku’s largest city, Matsuyama. Today, we’re on the train traveling around the northeast corner of the island, right near the sea, so I’m using the time on the train to ... read more
"Typical" Breakfast
14 Bar, Naoshima Island

Asia » Japan » Kochi May 16th 2010

I'm moving my blog to a different site, so if you'd still like to subscribe, please do so here. ... read more

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