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Asia » Japan » Kanagawa » Hakone July 11th 2018

We woke up early to a warm, humid day in Gora. We had a lovely shower and an onsen, which was nice and relaxing for stiffening muscles. We ate our traditional Japanese breakfast and then went out for the day. We wandered around the streets and alleys of Gora. It is a very green and leafy area, though not as expensive or prestigious as Hakone by the lake. We went up to the lookout, via a hotel lift, which ascended diagonally up the hill. It was bizarre to watch through the glass. It was extremely hot in the sun and fans and air-conditioning blew full steam ahead. We went into stores and tried different specialities and bought a few treats to share. There are so many unusual regional desserts and sweet foods to try here, though ... read more
Breakfast in our ryokan
Our front door step, tucked into the side on a steep mountain
The steep walk up the hill toward the cable cars

Asia » Japan » Kanagawa » Hakone May 14th 2018

The rain has cleared overnight and we wake to blue skies and only a few scattered clouds. We’re desperate to get a good view of Mount Fuji after yesterday’s thick cloud and pouring rain, so we get back on the Hakone Ropeway and head up again towards the Owakudani Valley. As we head higher we can see the lower slopes of Mount Fuji, but the only clouds in the sky seem to be very determined to gather around its peak. We decide to get off the ropeway halfway up at Ubako where we were told there is a Mount Fuji viewing point. It’s not obvious exactly where this is, but we find a sign to a trail through the forest to a viewing point, so we assume that this must be it. We pass a sign ... read more
Lake Ashi
Lake Ashi
Pirate ship, Lake Ashi

Asia » Japan » Kanagawa » Hakone May 13th 2018

I wake in a cold sweat. I don’t know whether we’re supposed to wear our traditional gowns and kimonos to breakfast, and it’s a bit early in the day to be relying on alcohol to ease our embarrassment if we get it wrong. Issy says that she doesn’t want to come to breakfast, and I suspect this has got a lot more to do with not wanting to embarrass herself by wearing the wrong thing than lack of hunger. My suspicions are confirmed when she asks me if I could please bring her back something to eat. Only about half the people in the dining room are wearing the traditional dress, so I don’t feel quite so much like an alien as I did last night. We can scarcely see the lake from our balcony through ... read more
Traditional Japanese dress, Pola Museum of Art
Hakone Venetian Glass Museum
Hakone Venetian Glass Museum

Asia » Japan » Kanagawa » Hakone May 12th 2018

We leave Tokyo and head for Hakone which is in the mountains to the south of the capital. The train trip gives us a good appreciation of exactly how vast and densely populated the Tokyo-Yokohama metropolis really is. Although our Shinkansen bullet train is very fast, it still seems to spend a very long time going through continuous suburbia. This also gives us a bit of a taste of how the majority of ordinary Japanese people must live. If the strip along the train line is anything to go by, it looks like most of them live in small apartments or very small houses. I'm not sure how representative this is. If travelling along a train line was the basis for assessment of how a community lives, a visitor to Melbourne could be forgiven for thinking ... read more
Tori gate, Lake Ashi
Pirate ship, Lake Ashi
Lake Ashi from our balcony.

Asia » Japan » Kanagawa » Hakone December 26th 2016

A very long day! I was up not long after 5 am to get ready for our day trip to Hakone. Since my flight was leaving at around 2 am, I had decided just to take my stuff with me as we would be going to Hakone via Shinjuku and it would be too much effort to return to the Asakusa area to collect my bag. I'm glad I was only traveling with hand luggage. It was pretty cold as I walked down to Ueno station. The streets were really quiet. I met my friend at Ueno station and we took the train to Shinjuku. Shinjuku station was busy as always. We headed to the ticket office and bought the Hakone Freepass, this covered all our transport for the trip, so we didn't have to worry ... read more
Hakone Ropeway
Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji

Asia » Japan » Kanagawa » Hakone September 25th 2016

From Hiroshima to Hakone with decorated wooden spoons And so we left Hiroshima today. After you've done the atomic dome, the museum and peace park it's easy to forget the American atrocity that happened here. And that's not a bad thing because the people have made a city to be be proud of from the ashes of death and destruction. They want to be able to move on whilst honouring all those slaughtered: and they do, with pride and dignity. And that's all part of being Japanese. And there's definitely nothing wrong with that. After two days of lie-ins it was time for Claire to get me up early. When you consider a lie-in on our holidays is 8.30am..... So, we were up at 5.30 and waiting by the tram stop 35 minutes later ready for ... read more

Asia » Japan » Kanagawa » Hakone September 25th 2016

Last night when sussing how to get to our next stop, I did wonder why on earth were we going to this place Hakone? It is the longest journey that we are doing in one day this holiday and ends with a local line trip to what seems to be nowhere. But checking on my guidebook it does look awesome - hot springs, boiling walks through sulphur jets and hopefully views of Mount Fuji. Checking on Google Maps, there was a train leaving at 7am and so we got up at 5.30am to find out at the station that the train left at 8.06am. Oh. After a a few hours and on the second train, I spotted a mountain rather larger than the rest - was it Mount Fuji? I guess it was, it had to ... read more
Mount Fuji
iMount Fuji

Asia » Japan » Kanagawa » Hakone July 8th 2016

Notre défi repérage se poursuit. Nous sommes à nouveau impressionnées par le sens légendaire de l'organisation japonaise. En gare de Tokyo, après avoir réussi un autre tour de force, celui de repérer notre train shinkansen (tgv japonais) pour Odawara à temps pour le départ, nous avons le temps d'observer les brigades du ménage qui se postent devant chaque porte avant l'arrivée du train. Elles s'y engouffrent d'un trait, bien chorégraphiées, et en ressortent en 10 minutes laissant chaque voiture d'une propreté impeccable. Une vraie chaîne de montage! Organisation et efficacité ajustées au quart de tour qui font la marque d'excellence des japonais. La propreté est d'ailleurs omniprésente absolument partout. Ici, aucun graffiti, aucun papier ou détritus visible, tout est immaculé. On balaie même les trottoirs... On aurait des trucs à apprendre peut-être!... Nous sommes maintenant en ... read more
Éruption de gaz au sommet
Jardins de l'hôtel
Les hortensias bleus poussent partout!

Asia » Japan » Kanagawa » Hakone April 6th 2016

Hello again So my stay in Hakone was very nice. It is the best hostel I have stayed in so far and the people are very friendly. I have met quite a few people and made new friends with them. I went to kamakura from here and hiked the most difficult hiking path in Japan which used to be one of the main highways for trade. It was an amazing experience because there were no people on the path and it was very misty. This gave the surrounding forest a very unique atmosphere as you can imagine. I have seen mount fuji from the lake today and that was breathtaking. I will leave for Takayama tomorrow which is situated in the Japanese alps. So far the mountains of Japan are amazing and I have been told ... read more

Asia » Japan » Kanagawa » Hakone September 26th 2015

Bez jaj. Niestety zamknięcie rejonu Owakudani, tymczasowo zatrzymało linię produkcyjną czarnych, dobroczynnych, jaj. W sklepach można nabyć tylko nieudane podróby nazywane ''smoked eggs''. Ech, nie przedłużymy życia sobie ani bliskim. Dodatkowo w naszym Hakone Tent nie zwolnił się żaden privat room i dzisiejszą noc będziemy musieli spędzić osobno w jednopłciowych dorm roomach. Oczy Basi mówią jedno: ''Nie bardzo mi się to podoba...''. Jednak dzisiejszy dzień wcale nie był aż tak nieudany, choć zaczął się dość niefortunnie. Wciąż nie możemy się przyzwyczaić do japońskiego, lewostronnego ruchu i to była podstawowa przyczyna naszej porannej pomyłki autobusowej. Wsiedliśmy do właściwego pojazdu ale jadącego w przeciwnym kierunku niż nasz cel, czyli Jezioro Ashi. Jeśli dodam do tego, że śniadanie mieliśmy jeść właśnie nad jeziorem to oczywista staje się przyczyna niskiego poziomu glukozy i... read more
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