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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta April 4th 2015

I have visited Bali several times since 1998, however this was to be my first visit to what I had started to think of as the "real" Indonesia. With 255 million people and 88% of the population Muslim, it has the largest Muslim population in the world. Yet although it has been an Islamic country for the last 500 years, it also has a strong history of both Hinduism and Buddhism, making it a fascinating country to visit. While obviously Islamic, with most of the women wearing hajibs and with bacon nowhere to be found in the breakfast buffets, the history of Hindu and Buddhism seemed to be integrated into the culture. I liked Yogyakarta. Despite the manic motorcycles and scooters and the cacophony of horns it has a laid back feel to it. The city ... read more
Becak driver takes a break
Graffiti art is everywhere in Yogyakarta
Wedding at the hotel, and these little girls are ready!

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Banyuwangi April 4th 2015

Boy, does Indonesia know how to do volcanoes. There are 127 in the whole archipelago and they form the backbone of Sumatra and Java. You can get tours from almost anywhere to Bromo and Ijen in East Java and although we took local tours once we got close it is not really necessary. We avoided the all in packages from Yogyakarta and were very glad we did. To get to Cemoro Lawang on the edge of the Bromo caldera from Yogyakarta was very straight forward. We took the early train to Surabaya and then a metred taxi to the bus station. We waited all of ten minutes for a bus to Probolinggo. You then have to wait for a shared minibus to fill up to get up the hill to Cemoro Lawang. Unfortunately, there were not ... read more
On the edge of the abyss
The hole to Hell at the base of Bromo
On the edge of the crater

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bogor April 2nd 2015

After a successful Friday filled with stressful Project Proposal Presentations and cheerful drinks with friends, I am packed and ready (and a little bit hung-over) to catch my flight to Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Being so busy preparing my research and running after my visa, I haven’t had the time to realize it was all happening so fast. I feel like I’m just running to yet another appointment… Luckily, I have 12 hours to prepare myself mentally to the complete culture switch I’m going to have. Well… I still have to finish my Research Proposal which we have the hand in on Sunday, but that’s a whole different story I’ll come back to later in this blog… I arrive at the airport on Sunday 29 March at 1pm GMT+7. I easily find my driver who will take ... read more
That stove is hot!
Evening promenade
I always wanted tropical forest as my backyard ;-)

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Legian March 31st 2015

Hi everyone Sending you our very best wishes for a lovely Easter time - hope you get to spend some quality time with your loved ones over the period. Springtime is such a wonderful season - enjoy. Here is a quick update on our travels since leaving Cambodia. We returned to THAILAND on 5 March, arriving into Bangkok, after a mammoth 10 hour coach trip where we literally squeezed in a short visit to Jim Thompson's house (the legendary American adventurer, entrepreneur, art collector and businessman who helped revitalize the Thai silk industry and "disappeared" in 1967 whilst visiting a friend in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia) before heading back down to Koh Lanta. We couldn't resist spending a few more days on this lovely island and enjoying a couple more dives at the excellent Ko ... read more
Bangkok - Khao San Road
Koh Lanta - Emerald Resort, Khong Klong Beach
Koh Lanta - Saladan

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo March 30th 2015

Day four - 1st stop today was going to be Komodo, so after sailing for an hour we had arrived. As soon as we were off the boat we were in komodo national park and deciding to do the long trek - roughly 2 hrs we headed off. 10 minutes into the trek and we saw our first dragon - a female measuring approx 3 metres in length walked straight up to us had a drink in a nearby water hole and led the way for us to follow! After following her for just a couple of minutes she turned off and we carried on. Komodo dragons have been known to attack people ( a Swedish photographer, a young child left on the beach while the parents went swimming and a local picking fruit from the ... read more

Asia » Indonesia March 30th 2015

Gui, Dominique and myself had all booked the same flight back to Bali, so setting my alarm for 05.30 we shared a taxi to the airport. Arriving there a little early to find the airport shut! So we sat outside and waited for the staff to arrive and the doors to open at 7am. Catching a small but very smart plane ( with propellers and everything!) we had a very picturesque low flight seeing many islands on our way back to Bali. The flight only taking an hr and a half the 3 of us shared a taxi into Sanur - a less touristy area of Bali that Gui and Dominique had previously stayed at and recommended. Finding a nice hotel we all got booked in, I headed off to find the beach while the others ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur March 30th 2015

I spent this morning catching up on some personal admin - writing up this blog and booking flights etc for tomorrow. Flying first of all to Kuala Lumpur seemed the less painful ( cheapest and shortest route to point me in the desired direction) and then onto Krabi - south Thailand. Finding also a well recommended hostel in Krabi I was pleased with my lot. Glancing briefly at facebook I saw that the Australian man I had met previously on Gili Air was staying up the road - also in Sanur. I messaged him and headed off to meet him for a catch up - finding him in a sports bar watching the semi final of the cricket - Australia v India! Thankfully it was soon to be half time, so we headed to his hotel ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta March 30th 2015

On the train to Surabaya, East Java March 30,2015 Yogyakarta is very pleasant compact city in Central Java. We have had a very enjoyable five days here. It would have been four but one was a Sunday! So what is special about Sundays? Well first it must be appreciated that Indonesia is a country on the move in many ways. It is the third most populous country in the world after India and China and it had seen substantial economic growth over the last twenty five years. Indonesians are mobile and they appreciate that Yogyakarta is the cultural hub of Java. We have met local tourists from Sumartra, Jakarta and Bali at the city's sights. So, when I went to buy tickets on Saturday for the train to Surabaya in East Java on Sunday morning I ... read more
Traditional Javanese Dancers
The remaining bathing pools at the Water Palace
Dyed chicks for sale at the bird market

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo March 28th 2015

Day 6 Thursday 19 March Day 9 Sunday 22 March Darwin 32c very humid After breakfast we went onto the internet and posted the blog and did some banking. We went ashore and walked up to the centre of town and did some shopping. We walked back down to the foreshore and had a look at the wave pool but decided to use the public swimming area that they have developed down on the foreshore. Gail had a couple of swims while I made some phone calls. We went a bar on the foreshore that offered free internet and had a drink. Unfortunately the free wifi didn't work, but the drinks were good. It started to rain and there was some lightning around. We went up on deck as we sailed out of Darwin and watched ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi March 26th 2015

Day one - Picked up sharp at 08.30 and driven up to the harbour to get my refund and start the trip. I was told that a cabin had become free and taken down to the boat to have a look and to make my decision. The boat, not being that big with 2 cabins close to the toilet or an upper deck with 20 thin mattresses with no room in-between - I chose the cabin! Being driven back to the cafe and meeting point ( there would be 2 boats leaving together each carrying 20 passengers) we all sat and had a drink while they prepared the crews and the boats. We headed off at 12.30, all the others seeming really nice - people from New Zealand, Canada, France, Switzerland as well as others and ... read more

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