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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta October 19th 2014

Daily life continues to putter along. I have loved riding my motorbike and it’s been holding out well, but I already had to fix a flat tire, get a tune up, and fix my lights. One of my friends here communicates to the mechanic on my behalf in these situations which has been super helpful! My volleyball team has continued to do very well. Before entering the championship games, we were undefeated and remained that way by earning first place in the league! I’m so proud of the girls and what they have accomplished – they have come a LONG way since we started working together a year ago. The season is not done yet as we have another major tournament coming up in about three weeks time. As a PE department we also hosted our ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Surabaya October 19th 2014

The steady stream of visitors continues! I had two dear friends from high school join me in Indonesia. They explored Thailand first for two weeks before seeing me. We had a great time catching up and seeing another part of Indonesia together. One of my Indo friends joined us on our adventure, making a group of four. Day One · Jakarta – Surabaya – Ijen Crater My friends flew in late Saturday night and this past Monday morning we caught an early flight to Surabaya, East Java . From there we were picked up by our tour group and drove 7-8 hours to our hotel. Day Two · Ijen Crater – Mt. Bromo We started our hour drive to Ijen Crater at 4:00am and once we arrived we started our trek. Ijen Crater is famous for ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Krakatau October 18th 2014

The following weekend I went on another weekend trip. This trip was spontaneous and planned for me. Someone else had a friend visiting and planned a trip to Krakatau Island, just off the cost of West Java . The invite was extended to anyone who wanted to go….in the end there were eight people. Saturday morning we were picked up at our apartments at 5:00am. We drove 2 hours to the coast where we stopped at a restaurant to have breakfast. After breakfast we loaded onto a speedboat with all our gear and enjoyed a 1.5-2 hour ride to the Islands. We snorkeled at a neighboring island and had lunch on the beach before boating a short distance to Krakatau. Our crew set up camp for us at the base of the active volcano and after ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan October 18th 2014

Saturday 11th - we got picked up by a little speedboat and taken to the dock of the Park Tourist office and dropped straight onto our new boat for the next 2 days. It was narrow & wooden with 2 floors, the upper for us with a bed already laid out and a small table to the rear with a few chairs. Beneath was where the driver and assistant engineer (boatboy) and the cook hung out to do their work. While Mr Yono went to get our park permits we walked down the street of uninspiring Kumai to get some money from the ATM. It was a typical dusty road with hazardous paving and lined with small shops. What was different were large featureless block buildings- like apartment buildings where they forgot to put the windows ... read more
Entering the park Tanjung Putting
Proboscus monkey
family picture

Asia » Indonesia » Bali October 17th 2014

Bali 2014. We arrived in Bali about 30 mins earlier than the expected 8.00pm, but the crowds in the new terminal made the wait to get through customs take a lot longer than we had hoped. Things have certainly become more modernized since 2012, with many more new buildings going up everywhere. The taxi driver who took us to the hotel was very tired and it looked as if he was having micro sleeps as he was driving which scared the pants off us for the first time. We are well aware of the chaotic traffic in Bali but to have a driver nod off a couple of times during the drive is daunting to say the least. Hotel Vila Lumbung was a very nice resort. We had a budget room at the back of the ... read more
Puri Candikuning
Temple at Lake Bratan
Twin Lakes Lookout

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud October 17th 2014

Om Swasti Astu, I've been in Bali for a week and a half now. I've settled into my new place here in Ubud. It is a family homestay and the Balinese family here are very nice. The place is peaceful and I have a beautiful view of the valley. The climate is perfect and there is a gentle breeze always running through my room. The room is a open air traditional bungalow, so geckos, mosquitos, etc. all come in but the mosquitos are not too bad since it's usually a bit windy. There is a nice pool here to swim. Every day, I hear the roosters crowing, dogs barking in the middle of the night, people chanting and praying...there is a Balinese family temple next to my room and I hear children chanting in the evening. ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » North Maluku » Ternate October 17th 2014

Continuing our tour around Ternate, with Linda who had joined us after a late flight and a marathon trek from Kansas, we were leaving Fort Oranje when Sofie tripped over a metal stake sticking out of the fortress wall taking a horrible heavy fall. A fall that would have put most of us in hospital saw us make a quick stop for ice and bandaids at the Apoteki before Sofie insisted on continuing on. As a diver about set out on an exploratory trip this could have been catastrophic, but Sofie is made of tough stuff. In a fairly large but unassuming house lived Alfred Russel Wallace, the father of bio geography. Wallace's contributions to Geography and Biology equal that of Darwin. Wallace developed the theory of evolution through natural selection and identified the line separating ... read more
2014-09-21 09.42.45
Wallaces chairs
Cloves drying in the sun roadside

Asia » Indonesia » North Maluku » Ternate October 16th 2014

August 23 2014 Another early rise, 6am, and we're off to Ternate harbour. Hah, I had no idea what I was in for, having to climb over each boat tied up to get to ours. Luckily Alex is a gentleman and relieved me of my baggage, but still I think my unladylike scramble was a source of amusement to many. Just as well I managed to pack in Karen's teeny suitcase. Rob was spun out at the boat's petrol tanks, lol, large plastic containers; I tried to block the fiery images from my mind when the guys were changing "tanks" with cigarettes in their mouths. As we neared Sofifi Rob started laughing; I soon saw the reason why. We had to climb a ladder from the boat up to the wharf. I'm pretty sure the two ... read more
Kao Airport Japanese bunker
Japanese Bunker
Machine-gun emplacement.

Asia » Indonesia October 15th 2014

Donnerstag, 09.10.14 Bereits vor 06.00 Uhr verliess ich das Haus. Ich hätte mir besser noch mehr Schlaf gegönnt, denn heute morgen wollte mich einfach niemand mitnehmen. Erst gegen 08.00 Uhr klappte es. Sukri war sogar so nett und legte in Tamborasi einen kurzen Halt ein, damit wir uns einen schönen Ort mit einem Fluss direkt am Meer anschauen konnten. In Kolaka fuhr er mich zudem an die Hauptstrasse, um nach Kendari zu kommen. Hier wurde ich von Erni mitgenommen, eine Seltenheit, dass eine Frau stoppt. Wir hatten eine lustige Fahrt. Sie bot mir an, bei ihrer Familie zu übernachten. Zudem bot sie mir ihre Hilfe an für meine Visaverlängerung. Nach etwas mehr als drei Stunden kamen wir in Kendari an. Sie organisierte ihren Onkel Haeruni, um uns auf die Botschaft zu begleiten. Bei der Einreisebehörde kamen ... read more
zwischen Kolaka und Kendari

Asia » Indonesia » North Maluku » Ternate October 12th 2014

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain. I was curled up on the captains bunk on the Duyfken on night watch trolling scuba forums when I saw the trip advertised. Long Tales, Tall Shadows, diving the North Mulukas, Raja Ampat and exploratory diving further afield to waters yet unsullied by the growing procession of Liveaboards. I read closer, a dream dive trip starting with an optional land tour to Ternate and its tiny sister Tidore. Ternate, the heart of the Wallacea line, home base of the father of biogeography, Alfred Russell Wallace. The wind whistled through the ... read more
Tidore and Makian islands
2014-09-21 08.26.31
2014-09-21 08.27.27

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