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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan December 23rd 2014

Ubud and Gili Trawangan - Tuesday, December 23, 2014 Both Curtis and Jen were done with haggling and deciding on transportation options so we had the hotel arrange it for us. They expertly scheduled our shuttle to the dock and the speedboat to our next destination where we would spend Christmas - the largest of the Gili Islands, Gili Trawangan. The tickets included the return fare from Gili Trawangan and shuttle to Seminyak on Bali and cost 2.4M IDR. The price seems steep at first, but after calculating how much we would pay if we haggled each fare individually, we would probably save about $20 USD. While using the service, it was surprising to see how many other tourists utilized the same option. The Gili Islands are about a two hour speedboat ride north east of ... read more
Like the sign says: Turtle Conservation
Another sea turtle conservation sign

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud December 22nd 2014

Ubud, Bali - Saturday, 20 December, 2014 After a not so quick ferry ride (we actually got passed by a boat that left after us) we are finally leaving the island of Java and on our way to relaxing Bali. Getting off the ferry we needed to find transportation to get to the other side of the island. After some searching we found the bus station and haggled a price for tickets. Eventually we agreed on 60K IDR each for an air conditioned bus. This seemed a little expensive but we were willing to pay for the added comfort considering the last ride. The trip took approximately five hours. What we have learned about Indonesian pubic buses is that there is one driver and one guy that sells tickets. The ticket dude on this trip was ... read more
Infinity pool at the resort
Dinner in Ubud
Missed it!

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta December 21st 2014

Yogyakarta (Prambanan) - Tuesday, 16 December, 2014 Our second day in Yogyakarta begins our day trips to Java island's most popular natural and archaeological destinations. Prambanan is an ancient Hindu complex of Hindu temples built around 8 - 10 CE (AD) and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We arranged a driver from our hotel for 400,000 IDR for a sunset tour. Park admission was not included and was 225,000 IDR ($20 USD) each person. Every monument in this country seems to be 225,000 IDR for foreigners, which seems a little steep. Our driver picked us up around 3pm at about the hottest part of the day, 95 F. He took us to Candi Sambisari (pronounced sandy sambi-sorry), one of the outer-lying temples, first. It appeared there were no foreign tourists about, only local school children. ... read more
Us at the Sultan's Palace

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Lovina December 19th 2014

Hello to all our bloggers, After five days of being in Bali, we have finally stettled into traveling mode. Arriving in Denparsar and spending only two days in Kuta very nice but not for us It is hard to be a traveler and not a tourist, not purchasing the trinkets and the wears of the very talented Balineese people. But as we live by the rule if you buy it you have to carry it,and someone's put a brick in my back pack. We traveled on to Ubud which is North of Kuta for those who haven't travel to Ubud. Well how I would best describe it would be little yuppie hippie yoga spa arty layback place We loved it. Cafes and resturaunts line the streets with mixture of spas and assortment of little shops.Set in ... read more
Niks home stay in Ubud
Rice paddie walk 12klm  ubud
Restaurant in Ubud

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta December 15th 2014

Jakarta - Friday, 12 December, 2014 After the long and uneventful flights to the country, we arrived at our hotel, Artotel, just before 2 a.m. The hotel is, as its name implies, arty. Not a single wall (interior nor exterior) was spared decoration. The lobby is decorated with a large purple and silver Christmas tree and the ambient speakers blare modern American-pop versions of holiday favorites. Our room has a large flat-screen TV and cable with all our American channels, all of them. A special reserved channel advertises the Artotel while playing an instrumental version of "On The Bus Mall" by The Decemberists. On another station, the Travel Channel is doing a show on the most haunted places on earth, this time featuring Portland's Shanghai Tunnels. Being so early in the morning, we went to bed. ... read more
Jen at National Monument
Cavalcade of Rickshaws
Jen at Istiqlal Mosque

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta December 12th 2014

After being dropped off at PDX at a time no one should be awake (thank you so much Jeremy); two layovers in San Francisco and Narita, Japan; five quality airplane meals; one crazy, unmetered taxi ride (we know, that could have been a mistake but it was actually like riding in a race car, and that's never bad) - we have finally made it to our hotel. Today we plan on exploring Jakarta and figuring out what Indonesian food entails. We will be here for the next three days trying to get our eyes used to the sunshine, the time change, and this somewhat refreshing humidity. Since not much has happened, the purpose of this entry to once again acquaint ourselves with how to use this site and to ensure the notifications work. If they don't ... read more

Asia » Indonesia December 10th 2014

From Kuala Lumpur, the next destination was Indonesia - the big unknown. Flying to Jakarta I was bracing for the worst (i.e. Manila-Style experience), given all the horror stories from people. Luckily it was misty during approach, so couldn't see much of Jakarta from the plane. Once on the ground, the airport was strangely quiet and well organised. Even on the way to the hotel there was hardly any traffic on the streets and nothing to see from the world-famous Jakarta traffic jams. All very strange. Turned out it was some military celebration day. So anyways, time to explore Jakarta. First adventure was a mall in walking distance from the hotel. Weird, people just looked (a bit surprised - maybe because they haven't seen many foreigners or because they can't believe that these foreigners are walking) ... read more

Asia » Indonesia November 26th 2014

Donnerstag, 20.11.14 Auch heute war ein Tag mit Filme anschauen. Ich arbeitete zwar auch lange am Computer, doch die Motivation war nicht sehr gross. Abends ging ich nur kurz hinaus, um etwas einzukaufen, damit ich mir etwas kochen konnte. Als Faezah und Azra auch Zuhause waren, schwatzten wir wieder ohne Punkt und Komma, das ist überhaupt nicht typisch für mich, aber mit den Beiden wird es nie langweilig. Freitag, 21.11.14 Heute war ich noch träger als die letzten Tage, je mehr ich wohl schlafe, umso müder bin ich. Denn heute konnte ich einem Nickerchen nicht widerstehen. Immerhin konnte ich heute endlich all meine Blogs erledigen und die Daten wieder einigermassen in Ordnung bringen, das Durcheinander war einfach zu gross. Abends hatte ich Azra und Faezah zu einem Schweizer-Essen eingeladen. Azra kaufte netterweise alles für mich im ... read more
Kuala Lumpur

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan November 24th 2014

It's been a busy time at the school I teach at in Java, so blog posting means I've just had a trip! I started at Senggigi Beach, which is a strip of Lombok's coast about 2 hours from Mataram international airport (3 hours for us, as I wanted a breakfast stop too) and cost me about 240,000rp to travel to by private car from the airport. Senggigi Beach is a nice start to Lombok; pretty scenery, friendly people, and good amenities. I stayed at a hotel (I forget the name) for one night for 300,000rp and booked a very cheap public boat to Gili Trawangan for the next morning for 75,000rp. After exploring the beach itself, I was met with the main disillusionment I always face when visiting a beach in Indonesia; litter. It's not a ... read more

Asia » Indonesia November 23rd 2014

Java Taking the night flight bound for KL was a great idea, as hard as it is to get to sleep on planes sometimes, you at least feel like you’re not missing out on anything. We landed in KL at around 4am and had about five hours to wait until the next flight into Jogjakarta, and lucky for us the new KL airport was up and running with loads of shops to choose food from and plenty of carpet to join the hundreds of other weary travelers (I’m not kidding) for an in between flight kip. Looping our arms through our bags and falling asleep in airports is not new to Sam and I, we have done it plenty of times in the past – especially backpacking on a budget when it saves you a nights ... read more
Prambanan Hindu Temple
Prambanan Hindu Temple
Prambanan Hindu Temple

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