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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Canggu November 15th 2022

The rich and powerful have descended with much fanfare on beautiful Bali for the G20 summit, which is being hosted by Indonesia for the year 2022. Perhaps it's just a coincidence, as your humble travel correspondent has embarked on a five week adventure to this wonderful part of the world at the same time. Mind you, the massive carbon emitting convoys I bear witness to on the streets every day as the elites shuttle from the G20 venue to their five star accommodation in Nusa Dua is something to behold, and doing wonders for local traffic conditions at the same time! I'm sure it comes about at the conclusion of another exhausting day emitting copious carbon from their lying mouths, as the elites insist on pontificating in a superior tone about what they have in store ... read more
Gorgeous Nusa Penida
Beauty of nature
Tropical fish

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur October 18th 2022

Well, we left our beloved Gili Air Sunday and are back in Sanur. The night before we left was filled with live music on the beach, our favorite beer, Bintang and much care for this place we have grown to love even more. We said goodbye to some of our new friends who are hopeful we will return. It was hard to leave this place of peace and our way of being here. We will be back soon and look forward to sharing this place with others. Once back on the Island of Bali, we were quickly reminded of the sounds of traffic and business of life. I think I have finally got the traffic rules (said with a laugh) down. There are lines on the road to separate the 2 flows of traffic, similar to ... read more
Last Bintang on Gili, large and small just because
Akaya Bali hotel.
upstairs common area. very cool place to chill

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok October 14th 2022

Things are amazing on Gili Air. We have had a bit of rain in the afternoons with amazing rolling thunder! We have met a few locals and are having dinner with an expat from South Africa tomorrow. We are trying to learn the Indonesian language and it seems to be appreciated. People are amazing, food is amazing, vibe is amazing. We have gone snorkelling a few times, took a cooking class and continue to chill. Really appreciating getting to know more about Gili Air and the people. The motto here is ‘slowly slowly’ and moving through the days like this is so freeing. We have so much stress around us at home. Things are pressured with full calendars, and I am seeing how much of life I am missing by being so fully booked. Hoping to ... read more
one way to get around the island
one way to get around the island
he goes by Johnny Credit

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air October 8th 2022

We have decided to stay on Gili Air for another week because we love being able to stop and breathe in the beauty. We have gotten to know a few of the locals and found an amazing and well known warung (restaurant) off the main streets here and it is amazing food! Local and fresh made to order. And cheap. We are living our days with the question, ‘what shall we do next’. Not what’s the plan. Just one moment at a time. We have watched 2 thunderstorms over Lombok. One in the evening and one midday. It is quite something. We sat under our grass hut on the beach having a snack and beverage and watched the storm clouds move over Lombok. It was such an intriguing thing to see. There was a ring of ... read more
View of Lombok as storm moves in
Gili Air Shore

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air October 3rd 2022

Gili Air – water (Air) Island (Gili) We love this little island! We were tempted to explore Gili T and Gili Meno, but once we landed, we finally found the sweet pace of nothing. The hardest decision is what to eat and should we watch the sunset? There are no vehicles, just horse and carriage or bike. The people here are friendly and lovely and really do have that island feel. Lots of smiles and easy going attitude. To point where one of the cashiers was napping on the floor of the store using napkins as a pillow. And no one cares. The work gets done and people just get to be people. It is noticeable here, and in Bali as well, that rules are from we can tell, take of yourself and each other. If ... read more
Morning Coffee at Turtle Hotel
Nathan taking in his world
Biking the island

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud September 30th 2022

The Lempuyang Temple. (East Bali on Mt. Lempuyang) This place really is a marvel. It is one of six main temples in Bali and massive. Tourists are only allowed to be in the gathering areas, and the wait to have your picture in the infamous gateway was about 4 hours, and this was a slow day. I appreciated the beauty of this gateway, but not the tourism and social media atmosphere. We turned our attention to the stairs up to the inner prayer part of the temple, which we were not allowed to enter. It has 3 doors. 1 is for entering, the other for exit. The doors in the middle are only open during main/big ceremonies to let the spirits or Gods come in and out, but public do not use this access point. From ... read more

Asia » Indonesia September 28th 2022

Sanur Night Market. All I can say is amazing!! Well, that’s not all I can say, but it’s a good intro. Loved this experience. Authentic, busy but not crazy, and the food was incredible. And cheap. We enjoyed a large portion of satay, peanut sauce, rice, amazing fried chicken, Bintang, water, 10 pieces of a variety of deserts freshly made, and some version of grilled toast with Nutella and vanilla, and I kid you not, it came to the grand total of $10 Canadian dollars. Total. For both of us. There were a lot of locals and some tourists, and tables you just sit at with anyone who may be there. Friendly people helping us understand what sauces were on the table to enhance the flavour and smiling at our tourist way of being, in a ... read more
The finished Nutella/Vanilla product
one of the menus
This is how Satay is made

Asia » Indonesia » Bali May 29th 2022

OMG cannot believe a month is coming up, this trip has been one of chillaxing, recharging and indulging in the wonderful food that Bali has to offer. Lots of long walks checking out all our old haunts, strolls on the beaches, lots of pool time and deciding where our next dinner is going to be! The weather has been superb, around 30 each day, just one afternoon of heavy rain so just the perfect environment to relax and recharge the batteries, a good healing time after having lost both my parents in the last few months, just the getaway that was needed to get up and go on our big trip in July to the USA and Europe. EVERYONE here has done it extremely hard through COVID, of course no Centrelink in Indonesia so everyone has ... read more
Basil Kitchen
Little Darren

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Seminyak May 12th 2022

Well a whole week in Bali! Absolute bliss and we have survived! Lots of stories of phones and bag snatching going on but as always we are very vigilant. Let me start with the procedure to get out of Aus, if you are organised it is not difficult, we decided to go to the airport 2 days before travel, Sunday night and get our PCR test with histopath set up at each airport, very easy and quick got swabbed, said it may take 90minutes for result, ours back in 30 with stamped certificate, $79 each, then home to relax. If this is required ongoing I would suggest country people go to airport and stayover night before. Nothing worse than stressing re PCR especially if you have early morning flight. We had a very easy check in, ... read more
Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance
Vaccination Certificates

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bandung February 15th 2022

Indonesia, located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, has the highest number of active volcanoes in the world. Of the total 147 volcanoes, Indonesia has 129 active volcanoes. It’s a shame if I, being Indonesian, had not climbed any volcano. When a friend of mine asked me to come along trekking to Mt Papandayan, Garut, West Java, early last year, I’d thought she was joking. Did she just ask me to go to a mountain? I had never camped in my life, let alone climbed any mountain. Luck must have been on my side as the initial plans got postponed due to nationwide lock down. Thankfully, Indonesia, being a big country, could not control the blocking of the roads completely that I had the opportunity to train myself by going to many waterfalls until the lockdown ... read more
Second leg of the journey heading towards the top
Dead Forest
The trail heading towards camp area

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