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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Jimbaran October 11th 2019

Left Melbourne on the 5pm flight to Bali with Jetstar, had a cheap upgrade to business and it was a perfect flight getting in at around 9.15pm. Took a Grab to Jimbaran and were there in no time to Del Cielo Villas sitting high up on the hills of Jimbaran...perfect spot for a cold beer after our flight. In all the years we have been coming to Bali this is our first time in stay that is....have been to restaurants here. I think it has been perfect for a week just to do nothing but relax and do a few walks. Though there are a lot of high end hotels here and their restaurants are rather xxxxy we found plenty of lovely places to eat at reasonable prices.....but not where near the quality or choice ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java September 30th 2019

Pari Island: 9-17-2019 Pari island, Thousand Island Hom nay toi thuc day som de den Marina truoc 7AM de di ra dao Pari ma toi muon di va toi da muon ve hom qua de den dao nay. Rat nhieu nguoi cho de len speed boat. Di mat khoang 2 tieng thi den noi. Den noi toi len bo va an tuong dau tien la dao nay ray hoang vu it nguoi o va dan lang o day lai cang chat phat hon. Co nhieu can nha ho lam phong de cho du khach o goi la Homestay. Toi di thang ra bai bien Virgin Beach va noi day rat tho mong. Dao Pari dep va yen lang vi dao co nhieu bai bien ma toi thich nhu o Maldives. Nuoc rat can, trong va khong ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java September 30th 2019

Bandung: 9-15-2019 Bandung, Indonesia. Hom nay toi se di den Bandung mot thanh pho cach Jakarta khoang 150km ve huong Nam. Toi muon di den day vi o day vi cach Bandung co ngon nui lua ten la Tangkuban Parahu ma lich su co rat nhieu tran phun luc lon Tangkuban Parahu: La vung nui lua cach Bantung 30km. Nui lua nay erupted nam: 1826, 1829, 1842, 1846, 1896, 1910, 1926, 1929, 1952, 1957, 1961, 1965, 1967, 1969, 1983, 2013, and 2019. Du khach co the leo len mieng nui lua crater de thay hot springs va boiling Mud va co the buy eggs luot . O day co Death Valley vi co hoi doc tu long dat, Lan nui lua phun gan day nhat la ngay 7-26-2019 cuong do 5.2. Gan day nhat nui lua ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta September 30th 2019

Jakarta: 9-13-2019 Jakarta Indinesia rong 1,904,569km2 lon gap 6 lan Vietnam voi so dan la 261 trieu gap 3 lan Vietnam nhu vay dan Indonesia song thua thot hon Vietnam va so dan dong 4th the gioi. 87% tong so dan so theo dao Hoi, 1.7% the dao Hindu va .7% theo dao Phat. La world largest island voi hon 17,000 dao. Nuoc nay co hon 700 ngon ngu va hon 300 dan toc thieu so. Indonesia bi Netherland chiem dong ngay 20-3 -1602. Co luc bi ANh va Phap chiem dong trong thoi gian ngan. Sau do bi Nhat xam lang ngay 9-3-1942 sau khi Nhat chiem Viet Nam. Den 17-8-1945 Indonesia duoc doc lap. 9-12-2019 Thousand islands: Thousand Islands chi rong 8.7 km2 va khoang 23,000 song tren 11 islands ma thoi va nam ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta September 23rd 2019

1. A short 4-day trip to Bali in Sep 19. 2. Me and my friend took plane from Kuala Lumpur with departure time 30mins apart, but i arrived 4 hours later..haha 3. Booked 2 full days tour via Klook. Costing us RM700+ which seemed to be reasonable. 4. we stayed at Vasanti Kuta, nice boutique hotel in famous Kuta area. Driving from airport to hotel takes only 10mins in moderate traffics. 5. the night went with not much activity as i was really tired. after dinner i went straight to sleep :) 6. The next morning, our driver picked us at 6am. He drove us to Sanur beach where we took speed boat to Nusa Penida Island. The journey took 1.5hrs. lucky weather was great. 7. the first site was called Angle Billabong. as i'm not ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali August 22nd 2019

I just got back from a healthy trip to Bali, and I can already tell that there is an activity for each soul. Bali is a favourite destination for millions of people around the globe, and it is easy to see why. From its unending list of exotic sunsets, terraced rice fields, captivating spiritual energy, and idyllic beaches. Simply put, there is so much to experience and see on this magical island. We were flying from Bangkok in Thailand to Bali, and our seven days healthy trip was a success. So, I thought of sharing a little something about it with you. I believe my experience will help you to also plan your adventure to this magnificent paradise by putting together a list of my favourite spots. Day 1 - Pura Tirta Empul We landed in ... read more
Playing with Monkeys
Random Shot in Town

Asia » Indonesia » Timor August 5th 2019

A lot of the people reading this blog know we love islands. We love island life and island time. We adopt the often simple living that comes with islands and we easily make ourselves at home in a basic bamboo cabin. Islands are kind of our natural habitat ;-) Island hopping, flying and ferrying have occupied us the past month. From Tioman (Malaysia) we hopped to Singapore (which is an island), from Singapore via Bali to Sumbawa, and then Flores, Lembata and finally Alor where we are now and from where we will hop over to Timor tomorrow. We left Malaysia via the huge and efficient border post at Johor Bahru in a local bus crossing the river into Singapore. We both had not been in Singapore for a very long time and it was both ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Munduk July 19th 2019

I first visited Ubud 26 years ago. Back then, there weren’t any Starbucks stores, there were rice fields in the middle of town, and the market sold produce, not penis shaped souvenirs. Despite it becoming overcrowded and overbuilt, Ubud has never lost its grip on me. One of the hazards of visiting Ubud is that you get sucked in and you never explore other parts of Bali. In my four prior visits, I’d only made a handful of day trips out of Ubud. This time round, I decided to venture further afield. I’d heard positive reports about the mountain town of Munduk, northwest of Ubud, so we decided to head there for a couple of days. Our driver Ketut picked us up and headed north. Our first stop was the Bedugul Botanic Gardens for Trixie to ... read more
Ulun Danu Beratan Temple
Banyuwala Waterfalls
Yeh Sanih Natural Springs

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 17th 2019

I wasn’t planning on returning to Ubud so soon after my 2017 visit, but my friends Ryan and Anthony were getting married there, and my friend Trixie was also attending the wedding, so we decided to make a trip out of it. As this was my fifth time in Ubud, I didn’t really try to see or do many new things... I just let Ubud suck me in as always. So, here are some photos - with commentary - about what I did and saw in and around Ubud.... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kintamani July 16th 2019

Apart from Tana Toraja, one other place in Indonesia known for its unusual death rituals is the village of Trunyan, which is located along the shores of Lake Batur, about an hour north of Ubud. This village is unique because, unlike other Balinese who typically cremate their dead, they leave their dead out to decompose next to a sacred tree. The tree is said to mask the smell of the decomposing corpses. I’d been to Bali four times before and I’ve always wanted to visit this site, but each time I put off going there because it was difficult and expensive to get to. This time round, with Trixie in tow, I bit the bullet and booked a trip with a local tour company. Our driver and guide met us near our accommodation at Penestanan, and ... read more
Trunyan Cemetary
Trunyan Cemetery
Trunyan Cemetery

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