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The high sulphur content smoke coming out from the crater  

The high sulphur content smoke coming out from the crater

In Search of Bluefire

September 30th 2020
Ijen crater had been on my wish list but prior to 2017, it was not easily accessible. Thanks to the local government who renovated and expanded the green, international airport, today, Banyuwangi is easily accessible from Jakarta. Unlike any other volcano craters in Indonesia, the 722 meter diameter crater is the largest one in Indonesia; it also well known for the blue fire. Ijen crater got popul ... read more
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Indonesian Flag The Dutch began to colonize Indonesia in the early 17th century; the islands were occupied by Japan from 1942 to 1945. Indonesia declared its independence after Japan's surrender, but it required four years of intermittent negotiations, recurring hos... ... read more
4th October 2020

In search of bluefire
Surreal image of one of the most toxic locales on the planet. I hope the wind did not change to cover these hikers in sulphurous cloud...yeeka!!!
5th October 2020

In Search of Blue Fire

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