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Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Ambon December 12th 2016

There is a Dutch tinge to Ambon and the surrounding islands. An umbilical cord connecting it with the former colonial power. This umbilical cord takes the form of family. Everybody I meet has an uncle, aunt, nephew, grandfather, brother or sister who lives somewhere in The Netherlands. Names of cities and towns fly by, Frankie who lives in Venlo, Jaap who lives in Almelo, Tony who lives in Amsterdam. Older folk speak Dutch to me spontaneously when I tell them where I am from. For good or for ill, Holland is quite popular out here. Which, if you think about it, is rather strange, seeing the atrocities we committed. The reason so many Moluccans and specifically Ambonese live in Holland has to do, as is often the case, with the past. We have to go back ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Ambon December 30th 2015

Ed eccomi qui ad Ambon seduto al tavolino di un caffe' con una busta di tabacco a buon mercato, carta, penna ed una fumante tazza di pregiatissimo Kopi Luwak; cosi' va la vita nel lontano Oriente, dove con una tazzina di liquido ottenuto dai chicchi di caffe' defecati da un quadrupede ci si puo' bere lo stipendio ricavato da una dura giornata di lavoro di un nativo del posto... Sapore intestinale dolciastro, aromi di animale rinchiuso in gabbia, residui di alimentazione forzata: e comunque non riuscirei a distinguerlo da un Kimbo qualsiasi! Cosi' va la vita nel lontano Oriente... Scappato da Singapore, lasciata con successo Jakarta, quasi alluvionato a Makassar (e scippato miseramente nel bel mezzo dei mari del Sud) il Mercante e' riuscito finalmente a raggiungere le lontane e mitiche terre delle spezie, le Isole ... read more
Pulau Saparua - vista dal vecchio forte olandese
Pattimura, eroe delle Molucche
Isole Banda - Noce moscata rivestita dal Macis

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Ambon April 29th 2011

So the morning Emma had been looking forward to had finally come. We hired a bike each to take us to the airport - again one building next to a runway about the width of a dual carriageway.But before this we had to get through checkin. We had read some of the small print on the ticket over the last few days and started worrying over the *no change of name* clause in it. We started to think that the fact our names showed as Friedrich and Christina might cause a problem. As it was a domestic flight our passport shouldn't be needed but so far we usually got more attention at airports than most as we were Bulé (the local word for foreigner which is usually shouted to alert everyone we are in a shop ... read more
Sheer joy
Our friend Phillip
Cramped conditions

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Ambon January 14th 2011

We left our big backpacks with the owner, Pete, at Beta Hotel so we could travel light to Puala Saparuha for a few days. We caught the Bemo to Tulehu then jumped on an Ojek – (motorbike taxi) to the port where we located the correct ferry, bought a ticket and prepared ourselves for the long wait while cargo was loaded on. We managed to find out that the ferry left at 1pm and would take two hours – all by speaking Indonesian – hope you’re all impressed! Once on Saparua we were pounced on by Ojek drivers and Bemo drivers all eager to take our money. One quoted us 50,000 rupees to take us to our chosen destination. The average price should be 5,000 rupees per journey. We surprised him by saying ‘tidak’ the ... read more
On the Boat to Kota Saparua
Cloves Drying on the Roadside!
More Cloves drying

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Ambon January 10th 2011

Now all our plans were in place it was time for some chillout time. We jumped on a bemo (small bus) and headed to Pintu Kotu a small bay about half an hours drive from the city. After waiting for an hour at in the bemo station gradually waiting for the bemo to fill up with locals and their shopping - namely huge washing up bowls filled with wet fish, produce and other evil smelling stuff we set off. There was barely an inch of spare space. Ten minutes into the journey, the driver who was chain smoking, pulled over and loaded two huge platic containers of petrol into the open bus doorway, petrol was leaking from the caps and hot ash was dropping onto it from the cigarette precariously balanced on his bottom lip as ... read more
Rocky Headland, Kota Pintu
The family that seemed to love us just because we were English!
Crushed into a tiny Bemo

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Ambon January 7th 2011

We've reached the halfway mark of our travels and it's time for the difficult bit. We will need to speak Indonesian as much as possible and expect to get stared at a lot as very few Europeans venture as far as Maluku where the Banda Islands are. We flew to Makassar, Sulawesi on 3rd January, the hope had been to get the Pelni Ferry to our final destination the Bandas. It had been impossible to get a schedule before hand so we had to just hope we wouldn't have to wait too long. Unfortunately when we arrived in Makkasar it turned out that a ferry had left just 3 days ago and the next one was probably on the 22nd but no guarantees. Makassar was not a place to hang about, a very noisy, dirty city ... read more
Market Day, Ambon
Market Day , Ambon
The Church, Ambon

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Ambon January 4th 2011

Our first week in the Maluku region, near the city of Ambon. We had time to kill for 6 days before the boat left to the Banda Islands. Not a bad place with swimming and coral right outside of our guesthouse room so we could easily go snorkelling in the waters.... read more
Traditional Dress
Beach near our guesthouse

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Ambon September 25th 2010

tanggal 29 Juni 2010 saya dan teman perwakilan dari puskomda kalbar akan berangkat menuju Ambon bang fadhli,aris,hambali,dan ...kami berangkat dari pontianak jam 14.00, cuaca saat hujan tidak menghalangi kami untuk berangkat ke supadio menggunakan mobil pribadi bapak bang fadhli. tidak lupa sebelum kami berangkat menghantarkan kami hanya di Masjid Muhtadin. kami pun berangkat sekitar setengah jam kami sudah sampai di bandara supadio. kamipun langsung cek ini untuk menyimpan bagasi, eee...ternyata pesawat yang akan kami tumpangi delay selama 2 jam lebih. kami pun menunggu di ruang tunggu sambi menikmati istirihat di room wait. hee... jam menunjukkan 18.00, waktunya shalat maghrib, secara bergantian saya berdua shalat magrib duluan, sedangkan bang fadli menunggu barang kami. beberapa lama kemudian, para penumpang yang pesawatnya pun di panggil, karena pesawat sudah mendarat.kami pun b... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Ambon September 10th 2009

Lieve mensen, Ook al ben ik alweer 1,5wk terug, toch nog de vraag van een aantal, om het af te schrijven. Bij deze dus. Zondag na de kerkdienst in Seilale gingen we met de hele familie picknicken op Santai Beach. Met zn allen betekende op dat moment 28man. En aangezien niemand een auto heeft, moest er een truck worden geregeld. Bobby had een hele mooie rooie gecharterd waar we met zn allen in pasten! Dat was echt super tof! En eenmaal aangekomen genoten we van een heerlijke middag met zalige hapjes, dobberen op het water en vooral, het gelach en de vrolijkheid van iedereen. Die avond moesten Lena en ik al bijtijds ons mandje in want Mahia stond voor de maandag gepland. Het dorp waar mijn opa oorspronkelijk vandaan komt. En aangezien het een behoorlijke klim ... read more
Ik op Latuhalat beach

Asia » Indonesia » Maluku » Ambon August 22nd 2009

Lieve mensen, Inmiddels zijn alweer een aantal dagen van gebeurtenissen en ervaringen verstreken… In rap tempo val je van de ene blijde gebeurtenis in de andere. De volgende dag gingen we vroeg uit het hotel weg om een kerkdienst bij te wonen in Seilale. Bij aankomst was iedereen al op en top in zondagse kledij. Vooral de kleine nichtjes weten hier duidelijk voordeel uit te trekken. Prinsessenjurkjes blijven niet gespaard! Na de dienst gingen mijn vader en ik op stap met 3 neefjes, 2 nichtjes en aangetrouwde neef. Een lange wandeling stond op het programma, dus mijn zilveren ballerina’s werden verruild voor gympen. Via een hele lange, vrij steile trap kwamen we aan dan aan op een klein strandje waar de boot van mijn oom Arnold ligt. Hij is visser van beroep met peddels dus zonder ... read more

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