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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta January 5th 2011

Hi Guys, Happy New Year or as the locals say Selamat Tahun Baru Bali to Kuta, Lombok. A couple of hours on the ferry! Now when we read about Kuta and it said no ATM's it should have given us an indication it was out in the sticks. Also lack of home work we got off the ferry to be greeted by cowboy taxi drivers to be told it was 2 and half hours to get to Kuta. Oops I misread that and thought it was a 40 min ride. When we arrived at the hotel in the back of beyond the taxi drivers told us to be careful of Mafia on this part of the Island. Gulp! The hotel was quite nice but the area left us out of our comfort zone. We were booked ... read more
Kuta, Lombok
Senggigi, Lombok
Senggigi, Lombok

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta August 25th 2010

Not Kuta Bali but Lombok,the island on the east reached by ferry(4.5hrs) and then bus(2 hrs)thats if you take the right one! we didn't..saw Sengiggi town on the north west of the island,for 5 mins. Yet again we got the wrong bus,but we got to see a whole lot more of the island! They say that Kuta Lombok is like what Kuta Bali was 30 years ago, I think they're right.The town is under developed at the moment although I see there's lots of land for sale. The locals have shops and houses along the main beach road.This is where the children especially hawk their wares,bracelets and sarongs mostly. There are no taxis,ATMs and Petrol station or Police. I had to pay a driver to take me to Praya 1 hour away for the ATM,took a ... read more
Cattle Kuta Bay
Mawi Beach
Coconut Blog

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta July 22nd 2009

Nun vier Tage in Kuta Lombok. Ganz im Süden. Ein Teil von dem sich vor allem Wellenreiter viel versprechen. Man sieht einige aufgeschürfte Knie durch den Ort humpeln und dazwischen mich als einen der wenigen Badegäste. Es ist hier alles extrem klein, vielleicht gibt es 7 Lokale, eine Bar, einen Minimarkt. Mit dem Moped kann man hier wirklich einsame Strände erkunden, die Gegend ist ansonsten menschenleer. Jeder Einheimische begrüßt einen mit “Hello”. Man schreit “Hello” zurück und damit endet meistens die Konversation. Ein Lächeln schenken wir uns jedoch immer. Das Essen und das muss ich offen schreiben ist grauenvoll. Die Speisekarte enthalten zwar mehrere Seiten aber alles außer Reis sollte mit der Notiz “gewagt” vermerkt sein. Sie schaufeln halt Ei, Reis, Saucen, Krabenchips, Gemüse lieblos aufeinander und daneben liegt meistens ein Stück Fleisch, welches auf de ... read more
Strand Kuta West
Strand Kuta West

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta September 15th 2008

With the diving course finished and the surf breaks too shallow for Matty and not much else to do we pushed onto our next destination Kuta Lombok which is extremely different to its sister Kuta Bali, its a dead quite place in the South of Lombok extremely dry and if you don't surf not much to do as Nibbler found out. Getting there was an absolute mission but also fun we first had to boat from Nusa Lembongan to Bali this boat pulled in the engine and upped sail as soon as we were out of the breaking waves because petrol is too expensive quite an experience. This is where we met another cool couple from New Zealand and Australia Kylie and Bryant. We then had to get a Minivan to another port before boarding an ... read more
Kuta Lombok
Kuta Lombok
Kuta Lombok

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta April 20th 2008

Lombok, what can I say? Just the name of it conjures up mystery and mystique. We had built up an idea of the place before we arrived from fellow travellers; we were given the impression that as the country was strictly Muslim the atmosphere would be repressive and less accepting of tourists. Well it must have been national friendly week as we found it to be the opposite. The people were friendly, helpful and far more understanding than some of the people we had met over the pond in Bali. Even the street sellers took the first no for an answer which was a big change. Lombok is starved of tourists which made for a less practiced approach in dealing with the people from the West. As a result the daily encounters, maybe at a ... read more
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Photo 3
Photo 4

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta April 1st 2008

014 - Indonesia - Lombok 04/01/08 - 04/07/08 Is that a dollar sign on my face or are you just happy to see me? Indonesia is a country filled with lush green landsapes, white sand beaches, tourqoise waters, and amazing surf. Coming from six hustle and bustle days in Singapore, Hannah and I were ready for some laid back island life. More importantly, after six surf-free weeks I was itching to get back on a board and and paddle into some world renowned breaks. The surf would not dissapoint, but the people of Indonesia would take some getting used to. If there's one thing that Indonesians know it's that Western tourists equal easy money. And, they learn this at a very, very young age. Our first stop in Indo was Mataram, the capital city of Lombok ... read more
With Nyoman in Mataram
At our favorite satay restaurant
Bintang High-Five!

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta March 31st 2008

014b - Indonesia - Lombok Side Story 04/01/08 - 04/07/08 Lucy and Rawan Our first full day in Kuta-Lombok I was recovering the first night out in a while. I got out of bed around noon and thought I would walk to the market and see what the town consisted of. Not much. The small one lane road outside our hotel was lined with small stalls selling the exact same sarongs and t-shirts, beyond them was the vibrant teal ocean. I was pointed in the direction of the market and began to walk in the hot mid day sun. Walking past the bamboo thatch houses I saw women tending children and drying fish on sticks, men sleeping on raised bamboo beds in the shade, and chickens and cows grazing in front lawns. The store was about ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta March 30th 2008

014a - Indonesia - Lombok Side Story 04/01/08 - 04/07/08 Boss Man Boss is a 21 year old native Indonesian that works at the Segara Anak Cottages in Kuta, Lombok. He's one of the guys that keep the grounds and the rooms clean, and he was also the one that showed us to our room on the first night. I nicknamed him Boss after negotiating the price of the room down with him even though he had to first ask permission from his boss (I got the room down to about $8 per night instead of $9!). Once we checked in to the hotel Boss and I started to chat. After being annoyed with our aggressive hotel worker in Mataram, it was great to speak with someone that didn't have dollar signs gleaming in his eyes ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta January 25th 2008 i have managed to seduce a good looking boy and have stolen his computer. it may sound ridiculous and far fetched but i assure you its true. we all know that capitalization and punctuation are for well educated bloggers...and as an underpaid, overworked snowboard instructor we know that educated is something i am not. as we were... back at the ferry "terminal" in Lembar, Lombok...Tristan and I were starting to feel quite at home in our new found Indonesian province of choice. even though the taste of banana pancake lingered from an early breakfast, we found ourselves starving waiting the 2 hours for the twelve o'clock ferry back to Padangbai. its funny, in Lombok i don't remember eating with utensils. the locals just eat with their hands, and of course their is a finger dish ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta September 1st 2007

Aamulla lähdettiin Trawanganilta niin aikaisin kohti Kutaa, että hotellimme ravintola ei ollut vielä edes auki. Onneksi ystävällinen hotellin respatyöntekijä Rizal järjesti meille aamupalat suoraan huoneisiimme. Pienen odottelun jälkeen hypättiin julkiseen puupurtiloon ja matkattiin Lombokin mantereelle, Bangsaliin. Siellä sitten koitettiin etsit Bahar-nimistä kaveria, joka oli Rizalin serkku ja jolta saataisiin edullinen kyyti Lombokin Kutalle. Ongelma oli se, että ei oltu saatu yhteyttä Bahariin aikaisemmin ja nyt piti vain löytää kaveri ja toivoa, että hän olisi valmis heittämään meidät. Bangsalissa ongelmaksi muodostui kuitenkin suuri joukko natiiveja, jotka tulivat kauppamaan kyytejään. Kaikki olivat luultavasti saman firman kavereita, mutta silti jokainen tuli eteen pomppimaan ja kysyi kuinka paljon oltiin valmiita maksamaan. Bangasalin kaverit niittä... read more

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