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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta April 3rd 2018

A new day, a new place! Thamarind Resort, Gili Gede, Lombok,Indonesia We woke to the sun streaming through the window of our bungalow and the smell of cooking. It was time to go out and discover our new surroundings. The breakfast that was included turned out to be nice, scrambled egg, toast ( that was actually toasted!) Tea and fresh fruit. A good start. After breakfast we swam out with our snorkels and were happy to discover that there was a lot of coral still intact and a drop off teaming with fish. This was exactly what we'd been hoping for. Back on dry land we explored our surroundings, there were three bungalows like ours and the rest were just square bamboo huts with a mattress on the floor. Apart from the lumbung house that we ... read more
Thamarind resort
The jetty to Ko komo hotel ( a very posh one)

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta March 27th 2018

Time to move on. As Sharon and Scott have taken off to Australia for a few weeks we decided it was time for us to move on too. We spent a night in Krabi on the mainland Thailand before flying down to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From there we were due to get the 3.35 pm flight to Lombok, Indonesia arriving just before 7pm. We had a taxi arranged tto meet us to take us to the ferry port for a boat to the island of Gili Gede. ( pronounced ... G'day) However the flight was delayed by first an hour then again for another hour and a half before taking off. Meaning it would be almost 9pm when we landed. On arrival at Lombok airport the front and back doors were opened. We were slap bang ... read more
Living like a princess
Tradition Indonesian bathroom
Thamarind resort

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta September 12th 2017

To save money we got a 6 hour train from Erwin's home town to Surabaya and stayed over for one night in a hostel ready for our flight the next day. The hostel was great for us, cheap and private. Small cabins for 2 or 1 people were arranged in dorms with blackout blinds and storage for all our massive bags. They even had free breakfast, however, this was totally ruined by a crazy lady in a wedding dress, full makeup and a tiara (it was not her wedding day) attempting to convince us to give her asylum in England and wanting to book the same flight as us home! Surabaya airport was not one of the most official places we have flown from, rules were pretty relaxed here. You actually wait outside the terminal on ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta November 14th 2016

Von Nusa Lembongan fahren wir mit dem Schiff etwa zwei Stunden nach Lombok. Dafür müssen wir zunächst mit einem völlig überladenen kleinen Boot durch die Meeresenge zwischen Nusa Lembongan und Nusa Ceningan schippern, da unser "großes Boot" zu tief liegt, um dort anzulegen. Allerdings ist unser kleines Boot auch so voll, dass erstmal alle Einheimischen versuchen uns anzuschieben, weil wir nicht vom Fleck kommen. Letztendlich können wir nur ablegen, weil alle Passagiere in den vorderen Teil des Schiffes gehen und so das Gewicht etwas besser verteilen. Mitten auf dem Wasser steigen wir dann um auf das Boot, das uns nach Lombok, die noch etwas unbekanntere muslimische Nachbarinsel von Bali bringt. Im unteren Bereich des Bootes gibt es eine- dank Klimaanlage völlig unterkühlte- Kabine mit Fernsehern und allem möglichen Schnickschnack, aber man kann auch oben sitzen. Hier ... read more
Kuta Beach
Neue Freunde am Kuta Beach

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta July 16th 2016

Hee lieve lekkere zongebruinde vakantiegangers, Zoals ik in mijn vorige blog al had geschreven zou het een verassing zijn vanuit welke exotische bestemming dit blogje geschreven zou worden. Dus bij deze zal ik jullie heel verrassend mededelen dat ik nog steeds op dezelfde plek ben. Ja, het plan was 2 dagen en ondertussen ben ik er dus al meer dan een week. Wat een ontzettende gezelligheid. En natuurlijk super avontuurlijk enzo. Surfffffff Nadat ik 7 weken had gespendeerd in de binnenlanden van Java was ik langzaamaan wel toe aan een beetje zon, zee en strand. Want hoewel het in Indonesië natuurlijk super duper heet is, had ik in mijn eerste 7 weken nog niet zo heel veel zon gezien. Daarom had ik dan ook besloten om een ticket richting lombok te boeken, wat volgens de verhalen ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta June 18th 2015

Lombok is breathtakingly beautiful. Rolling hills in vibrant shades of green bow down to serene beaches, aqua blue water and spectacular surf breaks. Mount Rinjani towers over it all, mocking those who scramble up volcanic scree for a glimpse of her view below. The Islamic call to prayer echoes out four times a day, declaring that 4.30am is high time to rise and give praise. Tourism in Lombok is Bali's younger sister. Still young but growing fast, she's found her feet, is learning every day and is impatient to catch up. She's bright and knows how to work with what she's got; as her natural assets draw the crowds she converts her traditions to attractions, Salak village tours and traditional weaving demonstrations entice visitors to try and buy wares, at a 'good price' of course.... read more
Learning traditional weaving
Being tourist
Being asked to pose with local ladies at leisure on the beach

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta August 3rd 2014

We arrived in Kuta Lombok at about 10am after an early flight from Surabaya. We were happy to arrive early as accommodation has been hard to find during the high season here. We showed up at our preferred homestay and they had one room left available. Our first impression of Kuta Lombok was very positive. This is truly backpacker beach heaven with beach bars, good restaurants and miles of endless white sand. It's touristy here but not as crazy as I imagine the Gilis and Bali will be. It feels like the place has not yet been totally discovered and it is thankfully not covered in big resorts yet although apparently developers are sitting on land here already. Our first day was very unproductive as we spent most of the day alternating between the beach bars ... read more
Kuta Lombok
Kuta Lombok
Kuta Lombok

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta August 3rd 2013

Salam zusammen, wenn ich eine fluggesellschaft wär dann Lion Air, oder besser gesagt chaotisch unzuverlässig nicht immer sauber aber man kommt doch ans ziel mit mir oder ohne mich .... irgendwie halt.. irgendwann und dehydriert, jeder der engerern freunde kennt meinen/unseren trockenen Mund .Es gibtwieder viel zu berichten von chaos trippenden javanesen verwinkelten Gassen die längste Kao San Road und vieles mehr oder war es doch meer. Nach einer kurzen aber sehr erholsammen Nacht und ständigen Kämpfen gegen die vom surfen doch schon leicht angeschagenen Muskeln, ja der rücken Krumm das Hirn Stumm ...öähh ... sabber .. wellen.. horizont.. denken was ist das. Leben im moment im Präsenz wartend und schaukeld auf seinem Board. Nicht urteilend über das Set welches über dich hereinbricht und doch dankbar, sehr dankbar diese Momente leben zu können.Wellenr... read more
lava..lava..und das Meer
Besuch einer ngo

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta December 18th 2012

Tuesday morning I went surfing the first morning with a group from the homestay (Miles, Dan, Rafael, Tom and me) at Gerupak Bay. A 7km drive from Kuta but one that is over pretty poorly kept roads, where it is safer and easier and more comfortable to drive on the soft gravel shoulder than on the road itself. Got to the bay and rented a boat (an outrigger canoe) to take out to the surf break. We ended up at "Insides," one of the five breaks in the bay. I had never surfed off a boat before and it was a really cool experience. It gave a whole new perspective on the motion of the wave itself and the paddle out was so much easier! The break was pretty crowded but I still managed a few ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta August 12th 2012

So nice, they named it twice... okay not really, that's just me. But it was a fantastic little beach town that we could have definitely spent another day or two in. How many times have we said that? It is extremely hard to leave each of these gems we find along the way, but moving on to see more of them is just as exciting! Kuta, Lombok: surf town, friendly locals, weird sand. The sand was not tiny stones like we are used to in Canada, it wasn't powdery like the Gili's, it was more like little balls. Must have something to do with the coral reef that is about 300m from shore. We had one whole day in Kuta and we spent it walking around looking for a monkey forest. There are little kids everywhere ... read more
Private Beach

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