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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta June 25th 2012

Kuta is located on the south coast.The difference with Kuta-Bali is this is not a party town. After 1h30 min in the "taksi" and some research of the best guesthouse for us, we settle down at G'Day Inn. Jess and his wife + little Vanessa (2y old) have been very nice with us. Mostly quiet except at 5am when the Mosque starts and at 5pm when the football kicks in, people deal with their day-to-day task: fisherman, smoked fish, surfing... Most tourists come here to surf. We were surprised and sad and eventually annoyed by young children age between 8 and 10 trying to sell their bracelets each night when you are eating at the local warung (cafe) or whilst you are trying to relax on the beach but it is all part of the game. ... read more
our mates at the homestay G'Day Inn
 the homestay G'Day Inn
the bathroom

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta April 12th 2012

2 weeks surfing in Lombok started with a few nights in Kuta with Ben Rawling before heading to Gerupuk for nothing but surfing at a surf camp. Waves were really fun on the 1st week. Got some nice photos.... read more
1-IMG 7315
1-IMG 7724
1-IMG 7793

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta January 23rd 2012

The other Kuta Beach…. I’m spending the weekend in Kuta! Not the big, famous beach in Bali, but the small quiet beach on the neighboring island of Lombok. It has rained this whole weekend, which is a bummer, but that has given me a lot of time to reminisce, to think about tourist development, and to make some comparisons. This is what I’m musing about as I walk around this small village…. I made my first trip to Bali somewhere around the year 2000. I spent the better part of the three weeks wandering through the smaller villages and less developed areas. I don’t know why, with so many famed tourist destinations, I spent my first trip to a new place on the road less traveled – but, it was the right choice. I found Bali ... read more
Made - My Balinese Friend
Bali Carvings
Dance - a Must-See in Bali

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta October 29th 2011

From Flores we made our way back westward, over six days, through Sumbawa and Lombok, to Bali, for our flight to Darwin, Australia. The most notable aspect of our short time in Sumbawa was Ben riding on the roof of a mini-bus for two hours, with about 15 locals, none of whom seemed to speak any English. Sadly, no photos are available. Only the mental scars. After an arduous 27 hour journey that took in two ferries, the aforementioned minibus, a comfortable coach and a bemo (a mini-mini bus - often found providing transport to the Indonesian public), we arrived in the chilled out coastal village of Kuta, Lombok. Some of you will know Kuta, Bali. The Lombok namesake could not be much more different. It is wonderfully traffic and trouble free. Whether this will change ... read more
Ben in a shallow Kuta bay
Beach hawker
Balinese Museum, Denpasar

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta July 31st 2011

I spent a total of 6 days in Senggigi just relaxing and not doing very much at all. It is quite touristy compared to the other places I have been to in Lombok, with many hotels, restaurants, bars, and the usual touts. It has some nice but not great beaches and a little snorkeling which I didn't try because the current was too strong. A lot of the restaurants had bands playing in the evening and I found them to be very good. I finally bought a mask and snorkel which I should have done a couple of months before to save me money every time I rented one. I stayed in a nice little hotel with a nice clean room for $9 a night without breakfast just 100 metres from the main area. Senggigi beach ... read more
Wedding reception - Senggigi
Saf and his nephew
Tanjung Aan

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta July 16th 2011

Avec Catherine, on décide de s'éloigner de la folie estivale de Bali pour partir vers l'île de Lombok. Après la longue traversée en ferry, on passe la nuit a Mataram puis nous dirigeons vers Kuta Lombok, au sud de l'île. Kuta Lombok est aux antipodes de Kuta Bali. Ou plutôt, c'est Kuta Bali il y a une vingtaine d'années. Une grande plage de sable blanc donnant sur une mer turquoise, des paillottes pour se restaurer et profiter du paysage, le long d'une petite rue en terre. L'endroit est principalement fréquenté par les surfeurs ou par les touristes en quête de tranquilité. Nous on est dans le coin car j'ai entendu dire qu'il y aurait une colonie de requins marteaux sur un spot appelé "Magnet". Le lendemain matin, je parcourt la route sinueuse qui se rend sur ... read more
En scooter sur les routes de Kuta !
Banc de raie diable a cote de moi
Ceramiste a Banyumulek

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta April 20th 2011

The best thing in Lombok is everything is cheap. We spent only about US$ 300 for our 3-day & 2-night trip except the airplane tickets. We ate a lot, drank a lot, took a snorkeling tour, had spa massage, bought some souvenirs,,, what else??? Maybe that’s about it. Actually you don’t have to spend a lot as long as you stay inside of the hotel facility, because you don’t have many things to spend on. Eating, drinking, swimming, and sleeping are probably the activities you do at the hotel. Yes, the place is definitely for relaxing to enjoy the slow time of Indonesia. But I don’t think you have to worry about using a lot of money to have extra enjoyment on the island. Everything is definitely cheap outside of the hotel as well. I can ... read more
Sunset is so beautiful
Unknown flower
Yummy waffle cake and ice cream

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta April 14th 2011

We just stayed inside the hotel, Qunci Pool Villas Hotel ( without heading our anywhere, because we didn’t have much enough time to explore the island. But we still had a great time out there. Lombok Island has many interesting spots such as Gili Island ( You should visit those places, if your itinerary isn’t tight and allows you to take some adventures. ... read more
@ the poolside
The beach
@ the poolside

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta April 10th 2011

Hello, and welcome to another blog! The observant readers will have already noticed that this one comes from the same island as the last one - namely, Lombok. This is because I have really slowed down over the last week, settling in a small town called Kuta. Pretty much every traveler who comes here comes to surf...I've been no exception, getting out once or twice a day every day for the last week. My days have started taking on a familiar, but not boring, routine. Up at around 8am for a banana pancake and Lombok coffee (unfiltered, so slightly chewy...still excellent though). Then jump on a motorbike and head to a surf spot at around 9am, spending around 3 hours trying to catch some waves before paddling or taking the boat back to shore. I'm normally ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta March 6th 2011

Week 7 – Adventure to the island of Lombok Day 47, November 28th, we hung out at La Joya. Said goodbye and sent Chris, Kate, Tanya and Evan to Nusa Lembongan. Clare and Hunter headed to Ubud. Relaxed at La Joya. Went surfing at Uluwatu. Natalie decided she wanted to paddle out. Tried to take a short cut but current too strong. Went around to paddle to Temples. Nat got caught in a set midway but continued on and ended up getting a wave in at Temples. To celebrate we had a beer at The Edge bar and enjoyed another perfect Uluwatu sunset. We went to ULU Thai and enjoyed a delicious dinner that was the best Thai we had during our trip. The other Thai restaurants had been pretty terrible. Day 48, November 29th, was ... read more
stunning Uluwatu sunset
Best Thai at Ulu Thai
Sea Turtle rescue

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