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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo January 15th 2013

Yesterday I took a van ride for 14 hours from Yogyakarta to the foot of Mount Bromo, an active volcano in eastern Java. It's 2,329 metres tall, so not the tallest, but certainly one of the most visited. I made friends with a Dutchman along the way and we chatted for much of the ride. We arrived at our hotel around 9pm. Somehow we (having booked the same place) were at one hotel and everyone else was further up the mountain. We paid more. We found out later that our hotel was far better, being clean, and having luxuries like hot water, warm blankets, onsight restaurant, and locatable staff. We were up at 3:30am for our 3:40 pick-up time. One person in our group was late or overslept, but our jeep driver refused to leave him ... read more
Getting ready for sunrise
This is sunrise?
It's cold

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo September 27th 2012

Vi havde bestil en tre dags vulkan tur mens vi var paa Borneo. Her blev vi hentet af privat chaufoer kl 8.00 i Yogya. Turen startede lige med 12 timers koeretur gennem rismarker, skoen natur og elendige veje. Vi ankom til vores hotel op af vulkanen Bromo kl 20. Her fik vi lige lidt aftensmad som bestod af en pakke nudler mums, inden vi lagde os til at sove vi skulle op kl 03.15 for at vi kunne naa op paa toppen og se solopgangen. Og ja billederne taler vist for sig selv. Herefter gik turen videre i bil i 9 timer og vi ankom til nok verdens klammeste hotel kl 16. Efter en laekker frokost bestaaende af to chokolade boller hver og en pose chips, traengte vi lige til en laekker aftensmad bestaaende af en ... read more
ihh det er koldt men flot
op af Bromo krateret masser af aske
aktiv, sidste udbrud i 2010

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo July 28th 2012

after long hours in the car we finally reached our destination, cemoro lawang on the crater rim of bromo... read more
bromo at dawn
the stps up to bromo crater
bromo crater

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo July 20th 2012

De volgende dag begon en eindigde met de busrit van ruim 13 uur naar het gebied rond vulkaan Bromo op Oost-Java. Daar werden we om half 10 's avonds gedropt, om na een snelle maaltijd meteen ons bed in te duiken. Want: de wekker zou om 3.00 uur gaan... En hij ging. En we zijn opgestaan. Hebben ons als een soort slaapwandelaars ingepakt 5 resp. 4 lagen kleding ivm de meer dan winterse temperaturen op dit tijdstip bovenop de berg. Met een jeep werden we naar het begin van het kraterdal gebracht, waar meerdere vulkanen vanuit oprezen. Met twee zaklampen gewapend, als enigen in de verre, pikdonkere omgeving lopend, begonnen we om 4.00 uur onze avontuurlijke zoektocht naar de vulkaan, die een uur zou duren. Met een werkelijk spectaculaire sterrenhemel boven ons, daalden we alsmaar naar ... read more
Maar deze keer
De verkeerde vulkaan

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo June 29th 2012

We checked out the hotel at Banyuwangi to cath the train to Probolinggo from where we would continu to see Mount Bromo and its crater. The morning train had already left, so we had to take the next train (economy) at noon, that was gonna take between 5 and 6 hours to bring us to Probolinggo. Still a few hours to go so we went back to the hotel to relax by the pool and left again later for a second time... great hej this kind of travelling, luckily we had plenty of time! We got on the train, a very slow train that stopped in every little station... It took more then 6 hours and we were all very tired by arrival. The train was like a true market place, at every stop hawkers got ... read more
life outside the train
some views

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo July 16th 2011

On Saturday the 9th of July, the group were packed, fed, watered and ready to go by 8:30am!! Not my usual Saturday morning but this is far from normal life. As I have come expect, no journey is short and this coach trip was no exception. The only difference was that the coach was comfortable and, at every possible opportunity, people would get on the coach and walk up and down the isles selling there wares. This consisted of mostly snacks and drinks but there were the occasional newspaper. After buying a large pack of coconut sugar coated peanuts (yum) and finding that the middle few layers were cardboard (D'oh), I learned a valuable lesson; check what you buy is what you think it is before the woman gets out of sight - It was only ... read more
Garden Bathroom
Garden Shower
View from cabin

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo July 11th 2011

by Jan After spending 10 whole days in Jogja, it was time to move on, if we wanted to see some other parts of Indonesia. We booked a tour which included the transportation to Mt. Bromo, accomodation for a night and a transportation to Bali the day after. We got picked up in front of a hotel close to where we were staying at 9 am, as agreed. It all started off really well. The mini van was already more or less full when we got picked up, so I sat next to the driver, while Polona got a seat in the last row, next to a Polish couple who didn't understand that they are supposed to share the three seats with another person. The 350 km drive took us more than 12 hours as there ... read more
The two of us at 4 am
Waiting for the sun rise
Sun coming up

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo June 30th 2011

I ended up booking an organised tour to Bromo because I thought it would save me a lot of time and hassle. It took about 12 hours to get to my hotel and after having dinner and a little read I had an early night because I had to wake up at 3.30am to catch my jeep to the viewpoint. Next morning after a short jeep ride and a 15 minute walk I reached the viewpoint where there were about another hundred or so tourists eagerly waiting for the sunrise. We could already see the outline of Mount Batok and Mount Bromo and as the sun came up the view just kept getting better and better. Every 10 to 15 minutes Mount Bromo would let out some more smoke and ash which meant that the view ... read more
Mount Batok
Horseman in front of Bromo

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo February 20th 2011

few days left till Pierre going to leave Malang.. no wonder we used any spare time we have to be on some trip together.. and this time we went to see Bromo which already in eruption for about 2-3 months.. actually Bromo is an active volcano which always smoking, but about 3 months back then, it's started to explode!! had no idea how bad is the eruption till we reach there.. these time I only knew the news from newspaper only, not on the real place!.. now, let me share you this eruption story.. hoho.. Happy weekend!!.. :* why happy weekend? well, cause we went on weekend! hah, what a lame sentence :d.. so, before I already planned to do some backpacker style using public transport via Tumpang town, then rent motorbike there for only 100000IDR ... read more
:D yay him for taking us passed holly bumpy road
prairie! :D

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo February 4th 2011

Today's distance: 40km Time on bike: 4 hrs Yesterday's distance 35km Time on bike: 5 hrs Total distance: 825km First off, the news: "Mount Bromo's eruption in Indonesia's East Java province on paralyzed tourism industry as hotels were closed due to thick ashes, detikcom online news reported on Friday. Hotels of Lava View, Cemara and Bukit Cemara have not received any guest in the past couple of days as ash on the streets was as thick as 15-40 centimeters." I had no idea about this reality until about halfway up the volcano on a bicycle, while stopping off to chat with locals over a coffee. At that point, since there were only another 10 steep kilometers to go, I wasn't about to turn around. As it happened, there was one hotel still in operation: Yoschis Hotel. ... read more
Approaching Mist
Crater View
Crater View 2

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